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Or newbies to the programming world, the biggest dilemma is deciding where to start or what are the most popular languages ​​to master professional benefits. Sometimes professional coders also face a situation where learning a new language seems more fruitful.

Whatever the reason, here is a list of the most popular programming languages ​​worldwide to discover which languages ​​dominate the lists. This list of the main programming languages ​​is based on data from the TIOBE Programming Community Index, a popular indicator of the popularity of programming languages. 

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July 2020 Title: C Beats Java

The TIOBE Community Programming Index is updated monthly and the July 2020 results are here. In June, we were finally able to see a change in the three most popular programming languages ​​where C outperformed Java and claimed first place, moving Java to second.

Meanwhile, Python continues to hold its third position with a very small drop in popularity. In general, there are almost no changes in the 5 main languages, as they all maintain their position compared to the previous month and gradually increase their popularity each month. Now let's take a look at the other big changes:

Programming language All Time High For R

Once again, the developers show their interest in the R programming language that is mainly used in the field of data science. In one year, R rose 14 places on the list, from 22nd to 8th. This is the highest position ever obtained by R on the TIOBE index. This can be largely attributed to the growing growth in data science jobs and the adoption of R by more programmers.

A few months ago, it looked like Python had won the statistical programming battle, but it's clear that R's popularity continues to grow as a result of Python.

Rust continues to grow steadily

It's been almost a decade since Rust first came out. Now Rust has finally reached the top 20 on the list of the most popular programming languages. Last month it was placed at number 20 and this month it rose again to position 18. However, this is not a big surprise as Rust has already been voted the most beloved by Stackoverflow for the past five years. followed.

This can be attributed to the fact that Rust is a system programming language that was designed in the right way. Rust essentially eliminates problems like memory security in other languages ​​like C / C ++ while typing statically .

We've previously seen D, Lua, and Julia trying to beat C and C ++, but Rust seems to be the first to really get close.

Scratch is catching up

Scratch, Apple's programming language, has been growing steadily in recent months as it manages to move up one position at a time. This time, Scratch was ranked 17th just above Rust.

The 10 most popular programming languages ​​in 2020

The following list contains the top 20 programming languages ​​and how they performed compared to last year's scores. After that, the top 10 languages ​​have been individually described shortly:
Jul 2020Jul 2019ChangeProgramming LanguageRatingsChange
33 Python9.09%-0.17%
44 C++6.21%-0.49%
55 C#5.25%0.0088
66 Visual Basic5.23%0.0103
77 JavaScript2.48%0.18%
1312Assembly language0.94%-0.45%
2017Classic Visual Basic0.66%-0.0035

Now let's talk about those who managed to get the top 10 spots on this list:

1. The good old C programming language

As one of the oldest programming languages, C remains one of the best programming languages, thanks to its portability feature and early adoption by tech giants like Microsoft, Oracle and Apple. It can work with almost any system and is ideal for operating systems and embedded systems.

Since it has a relatively small execution time, C is the perfect choice to keep such systems tight. Highly recommended for beginners, C is essentially the universal language of programming languages ​​and has spawned spin-offs like C ++ and C #, which are also very popular.

Job Opportunity: Software Developer, Application Developer, Tester

2. Java - continues to dominate

Java continues to top the lists of the most popular programming languages ​​in recent years. According to TIOBE data, Java has secured first and second position more than any other language for approximately two decades.

Many well-known companies use Java to develop software and applications, so if you are familiar with Java, you certainly won't have to struggle to find a job. The main reasons for Java's popularity are its portability, scalability, and large community of users.

Job Opportunity: Web Developer, Application Developer, EJB Programmer, Software Developer, Tester, etc.

top programming languages 2019,top programming languages 2020,top 10 programming languages of the future

3. Python - on the rise

The past 15 years have seen a steady growth in the popularity of Python. Also this year, Python has seen a significant increase in the index and is considered one of the most popular programming languages. It has managed to make its place in the top 5 of the TIOBE index in recent years.

As the primary language behind some of the most promising technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and robotics, Python has built up a huge fan base in recent years. You will be surprised to learn how easy it is to learn Python and this is the reason why many experienced developers choose Python as their second or third language.

Jobs: engineer software , software developer, developer web , quality control engineer, science data

4. C ++ continues to dominate

This object-oriented programming language was developed in the 1980s and is still found on many systems, from desktop web applications to server infrastructure. The C ++ is always in demand because of its flexibility, its performance and its multiple contexts in which they can use.

A career in C ++ would generally involve developing high-performance, task- focused office applications . Competition in C ++ can provide a deeper understanding of how they work the languages of programming and help develop skills of handling low - level memory.

Job opportunity: operating systems and compilers, database engines, gaming industry , financial platforms , embedded systems.

5. C # - The favorite of game developers

C # is a modern object-oriented programming language that was developed by Microsoft to compete with Java, which was widely used by enterprise software developers at the time. It was designed to develop applications on the Microsoft platform and needs the .NET framework in Windows to work.

You can use C # to develop almost anything, but it 's especially good for Windows desktop applications and game development. After seeing a steady decline in popularity in recent years, C # finally seems to be gaining ground as it has moved up one position this year, pulling Visual Basic .NET away.

Career Opportunity: Game Developer , Application Engineer

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6. Visual Basic .NET

Although Visual Basic .NET continues to rank sixth as last year on the list of most popular programming languages ​​for 2020, there is an overall drop in language scores. It is one of the Microsoft OOP languages ​​that combines the power of .NET Framework-based classes and the runtime environment.

Derived from VB6, it is well known for developing GUI applications that make programmers' work easier and improve productivity. For coders, VB .NET provides a quick and easy way to create desktop applications for the Windows platform, as well as web services and web development.

Job Opportunity: Senior Engineer, Software Developer, DevOps Engineer, QA Automation Engineer

— Guide to VB.NET

7. JavaScript is essential

JavaScript has not only consistently managed to secure seventh place among the best programming languages, but there is also a slight drop in its overall scores. All software developers these days use JavaScript in one way or another. Used with HTML and CSS, it is essential for front-end web development that creates interactive web pages and dynamically displays content to users.

Over 90% of websites use this language, and it's one of the easiest programming languages ​​to learn to start with. So there will be plenty of opportunities if you master JavaScript. However, you will need to learn other languages ​​and support frameworks to pursue a career as a front-end developer for desktop, mobile app, or game development.

Job Opportunity: Web Developer, Software Developer, Application Developer, UI / UX Engineer

8. Programmers R loving it

The demand for the R programming language and the number of people using it have increased rapidly in recent years. For several months, he has struggled to find a place in the top 10. But, based on his TIOBE ranking, R has improved significantly from 13 places from 22 to 9 over the past year. For data scientists, R represents the number one choice for statistics, graphs, and data visualization analysis. It has become a Big Data tool and finds its uses in machine learning, as well as in certain areas of scientific computing. The scope and future of R programming looks quite promising, and it is certainly a stable and profitable career option for those interested in data science.

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Job Opportunity: Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Big Data Engineer

— Complete Introduction to R

9. PHP for web development

According to TIOBE, after being replaced by JavaScript and rising to eighth place in the index of the most popular programming languages ​​in 2020, PHP has stabilized. PHP is mainly used on the server side for web development, which represents about 80% of websites on the Internet. Facebook started its journey with PHP and its role in the WordPress content management system makes it very popular.

PHP offers various frameworks like Laravel and Drupal to help developers build applications faster with more scalability and robustness. So, if you are looking for a career in web development, PHP is not a bad choice to start with.

Job opportunity: web developer, application developer

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10. Swift

In 2010, Apple began developing a new programming language called Swift that can compete with Objective-C in some areas, particularly when it comes to type security and improving performance in hardware. Swift is said to be over 2.6 times faster than Objective-C and over 8.4 times faster than Python. And the very first version was released out in September 2014. Since then, Swift has grown steadily and with the release of Swift 5.0, the language continues to be adopted by various iOS and macOS developers. Swift is now the official language of Apple and anyone looking for a career as an iOS / macOS developer should learn Swift.

Job opportunity: iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS

Learn Swift Programming Step by Step

It is time to choose the most popular programming language.

I hope the evaluation of the programming language in this article will help you choose the right career path based on your interests and type. software development you want to enjoy. Each language has its pros and cons, so take your time to weigh each option and choose accordingly. Most importantly, make sure you have a good understanding of the language you choose for programming. In the meantime, enjoy coding!

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