3 Reasons Why Nuclear Energy Is Terrible!

Three reasons why we should stop using nuclear power.

 First: the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

 Nuclear technology has made a violent appearance on the international scene: only a year after the very first global nuclear explosion test in 1944, two major cities were destroyed by just two bombs. After which, reactor technology slowly evolved in a way to generate electricity, but it’s always been intimately linked with nuclear weapons technology. It's almost impossible to develop nuclear weapons without access to reactor technology. In fact, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty aims to spread nuclear reactor technology without spreading nuclear weapons with limited success.

 In 40 years, 5 countries have developed their own weapons without the help of reactor technology. The point is that it can be very difficult to distinguish a secret nuclear weapons program for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. In the 1970s, major nuclear powers sold peaceful technology to smaller countries, who then developed their own weapons. The path to deadly nuclear weapons is still paved with peaceful reactors.

Photo by Ra Dragon on Unsplash

 Second: nuclear waste and pollution. 

Spent nuclear fuel is not only radioactive, but also contains extremely toxic chemicals like plutonium. It only slowly loses its dangerousness over tens of thousands of years. And there is also a process called reprocessing, which means the extraction of plutonium from spent nuclear fuel. It can be used for two purposes: to build nuclear weapons or to use it as new fuel. But very little is reused as fuel, because we don't have the right kind of reactors for that. A milligram would kill you; a few pounds make an atomic bomb; and even a low-key country like Germany literally has tons hanging around like that, because reprocessing looked like a good idea decades ago.

Where will all the waste go?

 After throwing them into the ocean was banned, we tried to bury them but we can't find a place where they will be permanently secure for tens of thousands of years.Over 30 countries operate nearly 400 reactors, handling several hundred thousand tonnes of nuclear waste and only one is currently serious about opening permanent storage of civil waste: Little Finland.

Third: accidents and disasters.

 In 60 years of using nuclear power plants, there have been 7 major accidents in reactors or places dealing with nuclear waste. 3 of them were mostly contained, but 4 released quantities significant radioactivity in the environment. In 1957, 1987, and 2011, large areas in Russia, Ukraine and Japan have been made unfit for human habitation for decades to come. The death toll is highly disputed, but is likely to be in the thousands. These disasters happen with nuclear reactors of very different types, in very different countries, and a few decades apart. Looking at the numbers, you might as well wonder, "Is it 10% of the global energy supply worth a devastating disaster every 30 years? Would 30% be worth another Fukushima or Chernobyl somewhere on Earth every 10 years? What area should be contaminated for us to say 'enough'? Where is the limit?"

 So should we use nuclear energy?

 The risks could outweigh benefits, and maybe we should stop looking in this direction and abandon this technology for good. If you want to hear the other side of the debate or a short introduction to nuclear energy, click here. Our channel has a new sponsor: Audible.com. If you use the URL http://audible.com/nutshell, You can get a free audiobook and support our channel. Producing our videos takes a lot of time, and we fill a lot with listening to audio books. For a very entertaining book, we recommend "Into Thin Air" by Jon Krakauer. He's a great writer, and the story is very absorbing and true. Go to http://audible.com/nutshell to get the book for free. Many thanks to Audible for their support to our channel and you to watch! Subtitles made by the Amara.org community

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