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VPN (Virtual Private Network) is like a layer that protects your identity and makes it anonymous on the Internet. It even allows you to visit websites that were previously inaccessible.  

But all of this is only true if you have a really good VPN app . Ironically, there are plenty of bogus free VPN apps for Android that will collect your data and put your digital security at risk. Therefore, Android VPNs are one of those segments where we often recommend users to opt for a paid option.               

If you're still not convinced why VPN is a must for internet browsing, especially at a time when working from home is all the rage and bad actors are exploiting the lack of security measures in work at home setups, here are five Reasons why you should start using VPN apps on your smartphone .    

5 reasons why you need a VPN on your Android device:

A VPN encrypts the connection between your device and the server. We won't go too deep into how VPN works here, but essentially, it protects your data sent over the internet from ad trackers, eavesdropping, and even your network provider. On the surface, here's why you need an Android VPN app:            

  1. ·   Geo-spoofing your location while browsing the internet.   
  2. ·   Avoid censorship in your country. VPNs or Android VPNs in general can be used to access blocked websites in your country.  
  3. ·   To stay safe while browsing Google.
  4. · Protect your data from hackers while using public Wi-Fi.
  5. ·  Protect your data from government and internet service providers.

That said, it's not that all mobile VPN apps are bad; otherwise we will not write this article in the first place. Without further ado, let's take a look at some of the best authentic free VPN apps for Android.

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7 best free VPNs for Android in 2020

A free VPN will often cover overhead by limiting certain features, displaying in-app ads, or providing weaker encryption. Some even sell user data to third-party applications. However, we have refrained from adding VPNs that have a bad reputation.    

1. Windscribe VPN    


Everything is great about Windscribe Android VPN except that it has a data limit of 10GB / month on the free plan. But other than that, it is one of the best free VPNs for Android.      

The free VPN offers more than ten servers worldwide. It is super fast and users can choose from four protocols, including OpenVPN UDP / TCP, IKEv2, Stealth . On top of that, the Android app offers Split Tunneling, where users can choose which apps should go through the VPN encrypted tunnel. The app claims to have a no-registration policy and users can see the full record in Windscibe settings .                    

While streaming location-limited content on Netflix isn't an issue, the 10GB data limit can become a huge bottleneck. We think it is one of the fastest free VPNs for Android. However, it should not be used to transmit content.     

Why use Windscribe VPN ?      

·                                            High network speed

·                                            Four protocols to choose from

·                                            Ideal for torrenting  

 Download Windscribe VPN    

2. ProtonVPN  


People often recommend paid VPNs based on the belief that nothing is free. However, ProtonVPN defies all stereotypes by providing a free Android VPN with no hidden charges, ads, data limits, or secret sale of user data.      

The popular Swiss company, which also has a free encrypted messaging service, offers a free and open-source Android VPN that comes with RSA AES-256 and 4096 encryption, DNS leak protection, and supports two VPNs, IKEv2 / IPSec and protocols. OpenVPN . In the free version, you can choose from three locations, namely the United States, the Netherlands, and Japan, and you can only connect one device at a time.      

Still, there are more than enough features in the free VPN app, like Kill Switch, which prevents the device from making connections when the VPN is accidentally turned off, and Split Tunneling, which excludes IP addresses or VPN traffic apps. The best part of the app is that it offers a seven-day free trial in advance. Network speed is a big problem, especially in the free version, and there is no streaming support.    

Why use ProtonVPN ?    

·                                            No data limit

·                                            DNS leak protection

·                                            Free seven-day trial with no credit card information required

 Download ProtonVPN  

 - vpn for android apk,opera with vpn for android,vpn app android kostenlos,what are vpn apps,x vpn app download,express vpn apps download

3. Hide.me  


Hide.me is another reliable mobile VPN app that Android users can use for anonymous browsing. The Android application has a quick button "Activate VPN" directly on the home page. The free version has a data limit of 10 GB / per month.       

Hide.me offers recommended network speeds through a VPN. It's safe to say that this is the fastest and best free VPN of all the apps we've listed. You also get ten out of ten by taking a charge of transmission . In addition to Windscribe , this is the only free Android VPN that streams Netflix app content without any buffers.                        

Hide.me says it offers up to five locations in the free version. However, free users can only choose the "Unlimited Free" server and cannot choose their connection manually. Please note that not all "Free Unlimited" servers support Netflix streaming. Hide.me supports up to two protocols in the free version: OpenVPN and IKEv2.                 

In addition to that, it comes with the necessary features like Split Tunneling and Kill Switch.

Why use Hide.me VPN ?        

·                                            No registration required

·                                            The fastest VPN

·                                            Buffered Netflix support

 Download Hide.me VPN    

4. Opera browser with free VPN


Opera VPN is completely free and comes with the Opera browser. You can choose from three virtual locations, including America, Asia, and Europe. It is the best free and unlimited VPN for Android because there is no data limit or subscription.         

Unlike a real VPN app, it will not protect users while using other browsing apps or search engine apps, it can only be used in Opera browser. However, it does a great job of protecting user data while using the Opera browser. The free VPN works with streaming services like Netflix. However, the problem is that users will have to watch movies and TV shows in browsers.      

One of the biggest problems with Android VPN is the low speed of the network. In general, it is useful when you want to surf the Internet using a VPN occasionally, but we don't recommend it for everyday tasks.  

Why use Opera free VPN?

·                                            No data limit or registration required

·                                            There is no separate app and it works in the browser

 Download Opera Browser with a free VPN    

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5. TunnelBear  


TunnelBear is another free and highly secure VPN app for Android devices. The only caveat to using the free version is that TunnelBear only offers 500MB of data per month, which is very little compared to Windscribe or free VPNs with no data limits. You can get an extra 2GB by inviting friends and tweeting about the app, but that's it.                      

If you can live with it, this is one of the most secure and free Android VPN apps ever. They perform independent security audits every year. TunnelBear uses the OpenVPN protocol combined with AES 256-bit encryption. The app also comes with a unique feature called GhostBear that hides the fact that you are using a VPN.                  

Other standard features include a kill switch and a split tunnel. The free VPN also offers servers from more than 22 countries. Overall, TunnelBear is without a doubt the best free VPN for Android if it weren't for the annoying data limit.        

Why use TunnelBear VPN ?      

·                                            The best most private private VPN app

·                                            More than 350 servers from more than 22 countries.

 Download TunnelBear  

6. Hotspot Shield


Another of the best Android VPNs that you can use to remain anonymous is Hotspot Shield. It offers an intuitive interface with few parameters; however, regular VPN users may find something wrong. You can register at first, but you don't have to.      

Unlike the other best free VPNs we've mentioned here, Hotspot Shield has several limitations. For example, users of the free version can only use a US server.There is also a data limit of 500MB / day, but we would say that it is relatively better than some, like TunnelBear . The Netflix app does not allow you to view restricted content, at least on the free version server. On the plus side, there is a power off switch and an option to add reliable WiFi networks . You can also set it to connect automatically whenever your device is connected to WiFi not secure , wireless networks or WiFi insurance .                                     

Three main problems with Hotspot Shield are that, first of all, the free version limits Internet speed. Second, the app pays the bills through intrusive advertising. Finally, although the application has a policy of not registering in the newspaper and does not collect browsing data, the exchange of anonymous data with advertisers.                

Why use Hotspot Shield VPN?

·                                            No registration required

·                                            Data limit of 15 GB per month

 Download Hotspot Shield

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7. ZoogVPN  


ZoogVPN is another popular free VPN for Android with a zero newspaper policy, and the company really thinks . The Android app offers 10GB of data per month and users can choose from three VPN servers in the free version.        

The app does not include the standard VPN shutdown switch or split tunnel feature. But on the plus side, it comes with " ZoogVPN Shadowing", which allows users to continue using a VPN undetected by their country's strong firewalls. The mobile VPN application works under the OpenVPN protocol ( OpenVPN UDP 1194 / TCP 443).                

Network speed is good for causal browsing, but is affected when watching HD video. We were unable to view restricted location content in the Netflix app, at least on the servers provided in the free version. Other than that, the Android app we were using had a problem where the app would log us out if we accidentally close it. Also, the application will not allow us to connect until we close the VPN service in Android settings.       

Why use ZoogVPN ?    

·                                            Present the amount of data used

·                                            Option to hide VPN traffic

 Download ZoogVPN  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best free Android VPN for Netflix?

Hide.me and Windscribe are our best options if we are to choose the best free VPN for Android for Netflix. While both offer laudable network speeds, watching location-restricted content on Netflix won't be an easy task yet . Netflix is ​​too good to catch VPN users, so it will be a fluke. Not to mention the data limits, which would be a big problem.                       

What is the fastest and best free VPN for Android?

Hide.me will also win the title of the fastest and free Android VPN. VPNs are wired in such a way that users see a drop in network speed, be it a free VPN or a paid VPN. However, based on the results of our tests, Hide.me manages to give a relatively better network speed than others.             

Why don't we mention the Turbo, Hello app and other popular free VNP apps for Android?    

There are many red flags around these free mobile VPNs. First of all, many don't provide a link to their privacy policy in their app description. Few people reportedly share private data, despite a "no-record" policy.    

Are free VPNs secure?

You may have heard that people recommend having a premium VPN over free apps. There are several reasons, but it all comes down to the fact that there is generally something noticeable under the hood. The VPN service is an expensive business and several free VPN applications sell our data to pay the bills. Also, some on the Google Play Store are there primarily to collect user data.      

What is the best and safest VPN for Android?

Tunnel Bear is one of the free Android VPNs that is extremely secure and takes user privacy very seriously.



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