9 best parental control apps - monitor children's phone - parental control on ipad,parental control on google,parental control on chrome

Best parental control apps - Samsung parental control apps,parental control apps for youtube,tmobile parental control apps,nintendo parental control apps,parental control in youtube,parental control on youtube

Of late, the use of devices ( most inconvenient smartphones ) has become; we tend to use them a lot. As adults can go crazy using it (we all know how loved Snapchat , Instagram and WhatsApp have become for us ), kids should follow in our footsteps, too. This is when we need parental control apps to monitor children's phone use.                                

So, I'm back with another list of apps where I will list the best cell phone monitoring apps for parents in 2020, to keep an eye on how your kids use the smartphone .    

How to monitor your child's phone?

Monitor the smartphone of your child can be done in two ways; The first method is the traditional method in which you go through the child's device and try to understand how he uses it. However, it has drawbacks like (a) it is a problem, (b) it is not exact and (c) you may not know the truth because there is an option called delete.            

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The second smart way is to use a parental control app, and the following list will help you choose one. So, read on for more information:  

The 9 best parental control apps in 2020: Android and iOS  

Best Parental Control AppsPlatform
Norton Family parental controlAndroid, iOS
Kaspersky SafeKidsAndroid, iOS
QustodioAndroid, iOS
Google Family LinkAndroid, iOS
MMGuardianAndroid, iOS
Safe Browser Parental ControlAndroid, iOS
Screen TimeAndroid, iOS
ESET Parental ControlAndroid
FamilyTimeAndroid, iOS

1. Norton Family Parental Control

Norton has one of the best parental control apps for Android that can be used to monitor children's phones . The app asks you to register first (on your and your child's smartphone ) and to agree to some terms and conditions before you begin.     

During setup, you must select the monitoring level, which is different for different age groups. You can set up accounts for each of your children and the two accounts remain separate to make monitoring easier.  

Selecting one of the accounts will display three sections, namely alerts, activity (location, time on smartphone , social media, video, apps, etc.) and rules. You can enable or disable the various rules defined to monitor the phone. In addition, the application allows you to block your children's devices when necessary.         

·                                            Advantages : various activities can be followed  

·                                            Cons : sometimes it can be late  

·                                            Availability Android and iOS           

2. Parental control and GPS for children: Kaspersky SafeKids 


The best Kaspersky phone monitoring app has a familiar startup process; You must create an account and accept the different terms and conditions. Then you need to install the app on your and your child's smartphone to make it easier to monitor the child's activities.                  

The application has four sections: Summary, Alerts, Activities, Settings and Additional to facilitate access to various options of the application. The free parental control app to monitor kid's phone allows you to track your child's location, internet usage, app usage etc. you can activate these customizations according to your choice.       

In addition to that, you can configure PIN or fingerprint authentication to keep your application safe. You can even lock the app on your child's device from uninstalling it. Additionally, the app can be upgraded to multiple plans to access new and improved features.    

·                                            Pros : easy to use application with many features  

·                                            Cons : setup takes time  

·                                            Availability Android and iOS           

- parental control on ipad,parental control on google,parental control on chrome,Samsung parental control apps,parental control apps for youtube

3. Qustodio  

Qustodio is parental monitoring application that allows parents to know the use of the smartphone of your child and even limit it . While closely monitoring your child's activities, you can use parental controls such as restricting the use of the web, games and applications. You can also block calls and messages, and track the child's social lifestyle and location. Additionally, you can configure an emergency panic button.                

To get started, you must accept the terms and conditions and log in. Once you're done, you'll get a preview of the app for a better understanding. The app also provides you with an example for kids so you can get an idea of ​​how it works, so it can become the best free parental control app.     

The app lists all children's activities, screen time, and usage of each app, based on what you allow or deny access to. Also, the app can be upgraded to its premium version (to be paid) for more features.  

·                                            Advantages : the child example option  

·                                            Cons : Lacks several features in the free version  

·                                            Availability Android and iOS           

4. Google family link

In addition to creating digital wellness tool for mobile smart Android , Google also offers parental control application to monitor children 's phones.       

The Google Family Link app allows you to set screen limits, set day or night usage restrictions, and allow or block apps based on your choice. The application, to the same multiple applications to monitor the phone child , required to accept the terms and conditions, create an account and install the Google Family Link application for children and adolescents in the device of your child.         


Furthermore, the application allows you to customize parental controls. Although the application is easy to use and you don't have to do much to use the parental controls, setting up accounts can be a hassle, since it took me a while to set it up and finally use it.    

·                                            Pros : clean user interface  

·                                            Cons : long setup procedure  

·                                            Availability Android and iOS           

- tmobile parental control apps,nintendo parental control apps,parental control in youtube

5. MMGuardian  

MMGuardian is another parental control app that includes a number of parent cell phone monitoring features. This includes limiting the use of the app, blocking calls and messages, just like the Google Family Link app.    

There is also an option to filter children's web content. An interesting feature is the alerts function, which will let you know if a new application is downloaded to the child's device. This intriguing feature is the reason why this app is on my best list of parental contro

Furthermore, the application has a function that detects the presence of any inappropriate medium on the device. To select one of its functions, you only need to select the options present in the application and you are ready to use them. However, some features will only be activated if you upgrade to the premium version of the app, paying money.    

·                                            Advantages : alert function  

·                                            Cons : some features are not enabled  

·                                            Availability Android and iOS           

6. Safe Browser Parental Control

Applying parental control Safe Browser Provides parental controls on Android and iOS, so it allows mainly tracking adult websites or porn.          

Therefore, the application responds to one aspect of smartphone use , namely the use of websites. It helps you block pornographic or adult websites and allows you to filter websites by creating black and white lists of websites.            

Also, the app has a parental lock feature, which allows you to lock apps on your child's device so that you can restrict the use of the app. However, you must download the Kids Place app on your child's device. The app enables cloud-based management for added convenience and enables voice navigation, which is an easy way to use the app. Also , like other parental control apps, the app has a subscription option for additional features.        

·                                            Advantages : voice navigation  

·                                            Disadvantages : suitable for functionality  

·                                            Availability Android and iOS           

- parental control on youtube,parental control on netflix,parental control nintendo switch

7. Screen time

The application allows you to limit screen time, in addition to providing some parental controls for Android and iPhone . The app follows the usual setup process; You must be logged in, download the kid's version of the app on your child's device, and enter the supplied PIN code to start using it.             

The application allows you to control the use of the smartphone of your child and limit accordingly. But the feature that sets it apart from other parental control apps is that it allows you to provide your child with household chores. If they do the tasks well, they may have more screen time to use the applications. Tasks can include tasks or any task you want them to do. Ultimately, this will lead to a mutually beneficial situation for you and the child.                  

Additionally, the app allows you to set pins, track the child's location, upgrade to the paid version of the app, and has a free play mode that allows the child to use the device normally, without restrictions.

·                                            Advantages : possibility to define tasks  

·                                            Cons : allows limited options  

·                                            Availability Android and iOS           

8. ESET parental control

It is one of the best parental control apps for Android on this list. The application is designed to see how your child is using the web and sets usage limits if it finds anything suspicious.       

Like the various parental control apps, ESET requires you to create your profile and download the app to your child's device for easy tracking. The application is divided into four main sections: Home, Locator, Rules and Devices.  

As you go through the entire setup process, you can track your child's activities and restrict usage accordingly. In the Locator section, you can access location tracking. In addition, the application has a premium version to enable functions such as web monitoring and reports that summarize the child's activities in one month.    

·                                            Pros : simple user interface  

·                                            Cons : Restriction on some features  

·                                            Availability Android     

parental control for chrome,parental control in chrome,parental control google chrome

9. FamilyTime  

FamilyTime is another application to monitor the use of the smartphone of your child and offers some functions to do so. This is the reason why it can be considered as the best free parental control app for iPhone and Android.        

After going through the usual registration process, all you need to do is add your child to the app and start monitoring their activities. The app also requires that you download the kids version on your child's device. You can view the device usage summary, go to settings to change them, and even set a pin for your child's device.    

In addition to tracking and setting time limits on the screen, you can even speak to support for expert help. Plus, it can track your kid's location, making it one of the best phone monitoring apps .        

·                                            Benefits : Talk to Support function  

·                                            Cons : Monotonous  

·                                            Availability Android and iOS           

How to choose the best parental control app for children?

The minimum criteria for the best parental control apps are website filtering, screen time limits, location tracking, and an app blocker. Other useful additional features include geofencing , which warns when your child's device leaves a "safe" area designated as school or home. Some of these apps even allow you to block calls, view call logs, as well as text messages your child sends and receives, but only on Android.        

But you also have to decide how much content to filter based on your children's ages. If your child is under the age of 12, you definitely want to be able to block objectionable websites through a cell phone monitoring app. But you can also consider an app available on Amazon Fire tablets.    

If you're a parent to a teenager, you might agree that they search (to some extent) objectionable things online, but in a way that you know. Some parents prefer to know who their teens are talking to in the messaging apps and see that they are ready to do it on a Friday night. In such cases, you should opt for a service that monitors your children's Windows or Mac devices, as well as their smartphones .     

parental control in google chrome,parental control iphone 6,parental control iphone 8   

Frequently asked questions about parental control apps

Is also one control software parental ?        

Yes, in addition to the mentioned list of the best free parental control apps for Android and iPhone , there is also parental control software. He comes from the Norton family, Qustodio , Kaspersky , etc. If the software is right for you, you can go to the respective company website and download one so that you can control your child's phone. A couple even allows you to read a child's text messages, but neither allows you to spy on a call, since it is illegal. And most allow you to monitor your child's phone from the web interface of a desktop PC, as well as from your own smartphone .                        

How can I monitor my child's SMS for free on iPhone ?    

To monitor the iMessages of his son on the iPhone , synchronize it with iCloud : Open the iPhone of your child >> Settings >> Touch username >> Select iCloud >> Enable the Messages tab . This will start downloading all messages from your iPhone kids to the selected iCloud . After that, you will need another Apple device like a spare iPad or iPhone to view the messages. Sign in with the same iCloud account and wait for the sync to complete.                                                                            

How can I monitor my child's SMS for free on iPhone ?    

You cannot read your child's text messages on Android devices unless you are using parental control apps for Android, which are generally paid software. You can check the list above for such software.       

How to put parental controls on an Android phone?

On the device where you want to enable parental controls, open the Play Store app. In the upper left corner, tap Menu >> Settings >> Parental control . Now activate the parental controls and create a PIN code. Touch the type of content you want to filter. Finally, choose how to filter or restrict access.                     

How can I protect my child on the Internet?

To protect your child from online abuse and exposure to age-inappropriate content on the Internet, you can try some of the best parental control apps for Android and iPhone that I mentioned in the list above.    

The best free parental control app for Android and iOS in 2020    

Since knowing how your child uses the smartphone is important (you must protect him from cybercrime and more), I hope my list of the best parental control apps can help you keep an eye on your child.    

As a reminder, there are several such apps in the app stores and my list of the best parental control apps includes the most popular ones with good ratings.

Let me know which is the best parental control app for you and if you have any suggestions please comment below!    

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