When it starts raining diamonds on the earth.

Some places in the Solar System have quite expensive rain that falls on its surface. Why not see if we can bring that home? It rains diamonds on Saturn, Jupiter and perhaps also on Uranus and Neptune.
On Saturn, it's the combination of lightning, carbon, and atmospheric pressure that causes diamonds to drop from the sky. First, dramatic lightning storms convert methane in Saturn's atmosphere to graphite.So very high atmospheric pressure turns the graphite into diamonds. The uncut gems then rain down into Saturn's center until liquefied by the planet's extreme temperatures.

 Now that we know the recipe,How would we go about achieving this on our planet? Diamonds are some of the hardest materials found on Earth. The only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond.

Let's face the reality:

Now imagine those precious stones falling from the sky. It would be nothing like that. More like this A shower of diamonds would bring total destruction to Earth. The falling gems would be small as a stone, or small as a baseball. But because of its sharp and jagged edges, and because of the speed at which diamonds would fall from the sky, Even the smallest diamond hitting your car would be like hitting it with a baseball bat. They would break all the windows in your car and the windows in your home. They would damage streets and roads.And they could hurt or even kill you.

Meteorologists would have a hard time predicting a jewel storm. If you wanted to stay safe, you wouldn't leave your house without a helmet, or maybe even in metal clothes.It would be awkward to walk with them, but at least you wouldn't be killed by a diamond. Saturn produces nearly 1 million kg of diamonds each year.

What would you do with so much diamond?

If Earth had such a rich supply of gems, they would cease to be so rare and desirable, and their market price would plummet. You could at least afford to give your girlfriend A large diamond engagement ring. But diamonds would not only be used in jewelry. Due to their abundance, we would start using them for anything we can think of. We would build houses of diamonds,By designing diamond furniture, we could even pave our paths with diamonds.

Will  you survive to witness it ?

What a brilliant world it would be. Unfortunately, getting hit by a diamond would not be your biggest concern.As we learned earlier, an important ingredient for a diamond shower is methane. On Earth, the amount of methane in the atmosphere is equivalent to two cups of water in a pool. Also, to convert methane to graphite,And then in diamonds, Earth's atmospheric pressure would have to be about 1,000 times higher. If diamonds rained down on Earth, you wouldn't be around to see it.
All of humanity would be crushed and allowed to suffocate.

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