What would happen, if you use 100 % of your Brain?

You  can do everything! Paint a masterpiece in just a minute, learn all languages ​​in an hour, build a multi-million dollar company overnight, and take over the planet tomorrow! Or is it because you are not using your brain to its full potential?  this is what your brain would be at full capacity.

Does brain size matters?

The brain, to mention the smallest amount, is very complex. We have studied it for hundreds of years, and we are still learning more of its secrets today. But be careful! Rummaging through the exploration of facts sometimes causes fiction. Brain size is related more to proportion than to intelligence. As an example, here is your brain next to that of a whale. Your brain is smaller than that of a whale because your body is smaller. However, her brain is structured in a way that allows her to survive and succeed.

We have seen what really smart people can do. They inspire us through art, music and literature; they modify the percentages in sports; They are available with tools to make life easier for us; and that they help organize society as a whole to make us more powerful for better or for worse. With access to the full capacity of your brain, you are limitless. So what does one do?

What will you do first?

First things first, finally you can unravel the Rubik's Cube that has been collecting dust on your shelf. You can invite your genius friend to a chess game. Checkmate in two movements. When you have finished being a smarty, you will be trying to find a real challenge. You will no longer be excited about the things that ordinary people are excited about ..

Are we missing something?

What happens to your body when you dedicate all of your brain's energy to a creation, a cure, or a patent? Your lungs breathe, your heart beats, your food is digested, and your blood circulates, that's all from your brain. Whether or not you access 100% of your brain's capacity, you can't use it.you would be limited by the survival needs of your body. Remember that once we ask, the ten things could be a myth; and it probably comes from direct confusion. Your brain has 10% neurons and 90% glial cells. There are different types of neurons that support various functions, but in general, your neurons allow you to process and transmit information, while your glial cells surround your neurons, providing support and isolation. Your brain even has as many neurons as Albert Einstein's! Maintain healthy habits; That's the smartest thing!

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