NEWS - Corona hitting in America; Record more than 55 thousand new cases in a day, know- condition of other countries

Corona hitting in America; Record more than 55 thousand new cases in a day, know- condition of other countries

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Washington, agencies.  The epidemic continues to increase in America, the world's worst affected by the corona virus. A new record of new daily cases has been recorded in this world's most powerful country. On Thursday, more than 55 thousand new infections were found. It is also being reported as a global record of new cases in a day. In the US, 52 thousand people were found infected on Wednesday. In 37 out of 50 provinces of this country, the epidemic is sweeping its way. A sharp increase in new cases is being observed after the restrictions have been relaxed. Due to this, plans to further relax the lockdown in many provinces have been postponed.

In the US, 55 thousand 274 new cases were found in one day. Earlier, Brazil had a record of new cases in one day. On June 19 last, a record 54 thousand 771 cases were found in this Latin American country. California is becoming the new epicenter of the epidemic in America. The rate of new cases has increased from 37 percent to 56 percent during the last two weeks in this province. The number of corona positives is increasing rapidly in 37 provinces, including Florida, USA. In Florida alone, more than ten thousand new cases were found on Thursday. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has made it mandatory to wear masks as the infection progresses. On Thursday, about eight thousand infected were found in Texas. The total number of infected people in America has exceeded 28 lakh 37 thousand. So far, more than one lakh 31 thousand have died.

Britain will finish quarantine for 50 countries

Britain is going to end quarantine for people coming from more than 50 countries. The British government reported on Friday that quarantine would be scrapped for people coming to England from more than 50 countries, including Germany, France, Spain and Italy. However, the US is not relieved in this. This relief will be effective from July 10. Relief is being given to the countries in which there is low risk of corona. The government last month made a two-week quarantine mandatory for people coming to Britain from any part of the world.

48 thousand new cases also found in Brazil

The epidemic in Brazil is increasing rapidly after the US. The Health Ministry said on Thursday that 48 thousand 105 new cases were found in the country during the last 24 hours. Due to this, the number of infected people has crossed 15 lakh. Whereas during this period, the number of those who died due to the death of 1,252 victims has increased to more than 62 thousand. The day before, more than 46 thousand new infections were found in Brazil.

Bangladesh : The number of deaths due to the death of 42 victims has increased to 1,968. So far, a total of one lakh 56 thousand 391 people have been found infected.

Russia : The number of infected people has crossed 6 lakh 67 thousand after receiving 6,716 new cases. 9,859 victims have died from Corona.

SINGAPORE : Officials are now calling for caution in granting second-stage relief in lockdown if community infections increase.

Kazakhstan : Two more cities, Oskemen and Semay, are set to re-lockdown from Sunday to curb the Corona epidemic.

Pakistan : Out of two lakh 21 thousand infected, one lakh 13 thousand recovered. For the first time, the number of recoveries exceeded the active case.

Mexico : In the last 24 hours, due to the record 6,741 new cases, the number of infected people was 2.38 million. More than 29 thousand died.

Peru  : The death toll from Corona reached over ten thousand. While the number of victims has also exceeded two lakh 92 thousand.

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