NEWS - General Secretary Guterres' efforts at UNSC received support, curb appeal to stop violence

General Secretary Guterres' efforts at UNSC received support, curb appeal to stop violence

New York (UN). The Security Council has passed a unanimous resolution in support of the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres's appeal of a global ceasefire. It called on the warring parties to stop the violence for at least 90 days. This has been done so that in these times of crisis, the affected people can be helped to save lives. This was appealed to by a UN chief in March this year. He said that all the fighting and fighting should be diverted to invest in efforts to deal with the corona virus crisis. He said that the epidemic has so far taken more than five lakh people.

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In this regard, resolution number 2532 was unanimously passed in the Security Council consisting of 15 member countries. The Security Council has called for an immediate abolition of violence under all circumstances in this resolution in its agenda. The UNSC has also given its support to the efforts being made by the UN to deal with the problems. The resolution passed by the UNSC stated that the scope of the deadly corona virus epidemic is unprecedented and could threaten efforts to maintain international peace and security. He said that the current crisis may stall the progress made so far on the path of peace building and development. Especially in the countries where there has been a decrease in violence and who are succeeding while trying to overcome it.

France and Tunisia drafted this resolution passed by UNSC. The proposal has been passed 111 days after the World Health Organization (WHO) defined Kovid-19 as a worldwide pandemic. Germany's Permanent Representative at the United Nations, Christophe Hysgan, said that it is a very strong indicator of unity in the Council and also a sign of hope that we are sending to the world from the Security Council. Germany has taken over the chairmanship of the Security Council for the month of July and on the very first day they announced 15 votes in favor of this resolution.

Through this resolution, the Security Council has called on all parties involved in armed violence to stop violence for humanitarian relief for at least 90 days to ensure life-saving support in a safe, uninterrupted and sustainable manner. However, it has been clarified in the proposal that the extremist groups will continue operations against the Islamic State (Daesh), Al Qaeda, Al Nusra Front and other militant groups, which the council has identified as terrorist groups. The Security Council has urged the Secretary-General that the 13 UN peacekeeping missions must ensure that they continue to provide support to their host countries in dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

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