NEWS-Indian Embassy talks to US officials on student visa issue

Washington,  The Indian embassy has spoken to the immigration authorities on the issue of changes made in the US regarding student visas. The embassy said that these changes would make it difficult for Indian students studying there. On July 6, the US Immigration Department announced that if there is an online session in the fall season, foreign students will be sent back from there and student visas will not be granted for the new semester.

Photo by Amanda Bartel on Unsplash

Indian students have increased difficulties in US

The Indian embassy said in its statement, "These new modifications have come at a time when it is time for the new academic session in many universities and colleges to begin. This is likely to create problems and difficulties for Indian students who want to study in America. The Indian Embassy further stated that on July 7, 2020, Harshvardhan Shringla, Foreign Secretary at the Indo-US Foreign Office, spoke to the US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs David Hale about the problems faced by the Indian student raising this issue. Of.

According to Homeland Security Department data, currently more than 1.1 million foreign students have active student visas. According to ICE, F-1 students engage in academic course work while M-1 students do 'vocational coursework'.

Student Visa Day is celebrated every year in America

Student Visa Day has been organized by the US Embassy every year. On June 12 last year, a new digital tool for free and unbiased information on higher education in the US was also unveiled. The purpose behind this day's event is to help deserving Indians study in America. The International Education Exchange plays a central role in the India-US relationship.

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