Iraq Explained -- ISIS, Syria and War-US interference-Inside story-Islam vs humanity

At the moment when the Iraqi problem seemed solved Because we haven't heard about it for a while, here we are again in chaos and terror.

What happened?

 In 2003, the United States invaded Iraq, accusing it of dealing with terrorism and to have weapons of mass destruction. At the time, the country was ruled by Saddam Hussein, a brutal dictator. He was part of the Sunni minority, And suppressed the majority Shiite. Iraq was conquered fairly quickly, But the US had no solution for the country. The previously oppressed majority Shiite took over, and started to oppress the Sunnis, because it is clear that suppressing another religious community is a good idea ... Editor's note: Suppressing other religious communities has NEVER been a good idea

Photo by Levi Clancy on Unsplash

The track of events:

Unsurprisingly, a Sunni rebel uprising took place and terrorist groups like Al-Qaida have entered Iraq and local forces, often Sunni paramilitaries started to attack the American forces and we formed a new Iraqi state culminating in a bloody civil war in 2006. Since then, Iraqis have experienced religious segregation. Through this tragic irony, the invasion of the US led to the formation
-> declare war
-> win the war
-> chaos
 -> put the wrong person in power
 -> do not solve the cause of the war
-> do not apply the law
-> ignore the safety of citizens
-> more vilolence
-> the same terrorists that the US wanted to eliminate.

The two branches of Islam:

 Because Iraq is now a paradise for terrorism. To better understand this complicated conflict, we need to understand the relationship between the two main branches of the Islamic religion. Sunni Islam and Shiite Islam. The Sunnis represent 80% of the Islamic world and the Shiites approximately 20%. and extremists on both sides don't really like each other.

Saudi Arabia and Iran are the most powerful actors in this religious conflict. The two have no separation between state, religion, and domestic issues, On the other hand, they have a lot of oil money. And they help groups that fight other religious orientations. And one of these terrorist organizations, supported by Saudi Arabia, was the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or the ISIS for short.

Agenda Involved:

 In 2010, the Arab Spring arrived and changed the whole situation in the Middle East. In Syria, the dictator Bashar al-Assad did not want to abdicate and started a civil war against his own people. Over the course of the war, foreign groups joined the fight, mostly for religious reasons with one objective: to build an Islamic state in the region. and one of them, the hitherto little known was the IIE, which became The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS. They have fought in Iraq for years and have thousands of well-trained fanatic soldiers. They already control regions in northern Iraq, and were very committed to building their religious state.

 They changed the game in Syria and no one expected that. IS was so violent and radical, that soon; it was a war against all the other armed factions in Syria. They attacked and killed members of other terrorist groups. In the territories they control, they build an Islamic state with rules so strict that even extremists from Al Qaida and Saudi Arabia. (Editor's note: the map is not entirely accurate.) were shocked and withdrew their support. IS has been charged with multiple killings against civilians, countless bomb suicides, hostage-taking of women and children, execution of their prisoners and beheadings.All kinds of medieval horrors that we prefer not to illustrate.

Crime,violence, and Robbery:Richest organisation

 And this lovely bunch of friends recently decided to conquer more territory in Iraq .Since the US left Iraq, Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has monopolized power and is trying to discriminate against the Sunnis as much as possible. The government of Iraq is seen as corrupt, incapable, and he is hated by a large part of the population. The Iraqi army, made up of around 300,000 soldiers, was created using taxes up to US $ 25 billion, but she’s not even loyal to her government and has retreated despite their majority by completely abandoning the cities one after the other.

Because ISIS announced that anyone opposing them would be killed, they proved they were serious In June 2014, they conquered much of Iraq, including Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq. They stole millions from the banks of the captured cities, making them the richest terrorist organization on the planet. They are constantly working to establish a super-medieval religious state.

Iran and the United States have even considered working together to combat them. Which shows the horror of the situation. The events in Iraq further show that exploiting the people you have defeated, then deprive them of their power, of capital, and of a budget for the reconstruction of their country amounts to planting the seeds of the next violence. Either way, you have to break this circle.

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