Is Reality Real - The Simulation Argument

We humans are incapable of knowing the true nature of the universe, unfiltered Our senses and our brains can only distinguish a fraction of the world We must therefore use concepts and tools, to know the true nature of reality Technological advances have expanded our knowledge of the universe But they also made us realize the existence of disturbing possibilities In the future, simulating universes may become possible .

How can we know that it is not already the case?

What if we were not creators, but creations? Is it possible that we are not real without even knowing it? If our current understanding of physics is correct So it’s impossible to simulate the entire universe, with its trillions and trillions of things However we don't need it We only need enough universe To deceive the occupants of our simulation And make them think they're real Who needs billions of galaxies We only need the space that our subjects are allowed to explore The vast universe could only be a plane projection, and they would have no way of knowing it .

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What about small organisms like cells or bacteria? 

We don't really need them. When you use a microscope, what you see could have been instantly created In the same way, the atoms of the chair on which you sit Do not need to be simulated with quadrillion atoms. We just need the outermost layer of it, it could be empty inside, until you decide to break it You might feel that your body is full of gurgling organs But it could be empty, until you open it. The minimum required for our simulation is only the consciousness of our virtual humans .Our subjects just need to think that the simulation is real .

Are we then simulated? 

Well, maybe, but there are a few conditions that must be met Of course we have no assurance of what we claim So please don't take our statements for gospel words Based on a modified version of The Simulation Argument, by Nick Bostrom We offer five guesses If they prove to be true, you, dear spectator, live in a simulation. First guess It is possible to simulate consciousness No one knows what consciousness is For the sake of argument, suppose you can create consciousness by simulating a brain Brains are quite complex If you count each interaction between synapses as one operation Your brain performs about ten power of seventeen, that is, one hundred million billion operations per second Suppose we need ten power twenty operations .

To simulate a second of human consciousness. But we don't want to simulate that one man We want to simulate all of human history at once So that we can go from one period to another. Let's say we want to simulate two hundred billion human beings, with an average lifespan of fifty years. A year is made up of thirty million seconds, multiplied by fifty years Multiplied by two hundred billion human beings Multiplied by ten power twenty operations So we need a computer capable of handling one million trillion trillion trillion operations per second. More operations than there are stars in the observable universe. Such a computer simply cannot exist Unless that is the case Second guess Technological progress will not stop anytime soon. If we assume that technology is advancing in the same way that it has done so far.

Then there should exist at the other end of the galaxy a civilization with an infinite computing power.Beings with such an advanced level of technology that we could barely tell them apart from the gods. A computer that can handle a trillion trillion trillion operations is serious business But there are concepts for computers, which could handle this. "The Matrioshka brain" is the theoretical megastructure Composed of billions of parts orbiting a star Feeding on its radiance. A computer of this scale would have enough of power to simulate several thousand If not millions of humanities at the same time. Other technologies, such as future high-end quantum computers, could drastically reduce their size.

 So it would be possible to do this with a structure the size of a big city, or even smaller But only if there is still someone to build this computer Third assumption Advanced civilizations don't destroy themselves If there is a time when all civilizations destroy themselves, this discussion ends here Looking into space, you would expect the universe to be filled with millions of alien civilizations But we don't see anyone. The reason could be the "Big Filter" The Great Filter is a series of barriers whose Life must overcome obstacles Such as nuclear war, asteroids, climate change or a black hole generator. If Life is self-destructive by nature, then there are no simulations .

We explain this in more detail, in our video on the Fermi Paradox. Fourth guess Super-advanced civilizations want to create simulations When we talk about post-human civilizations, we don't know what we're dealing with To think of knowing the design of beings as powerful as the gods is rather arrogant Imagine the smartest ants on Earth living next to an amusement park She's curious to know what humans are up to, so you try to explain to her Unfortunately the ant just doesn't understand The concept of a roller coaster, queuing, vacations and fun Doesn't make sense for an ant living an ant life The same is true between post-human beings and us In relation to them, we are ants. Generate simulations for fun or science, may seem an absurd idea to them.

 However, if they want to generate simulations and the first three assumptions also prove to be true So the chances that you lived in a simulation are not zero Fifth guess If there are many simulations, then you are probably one of them If there are simulated civilizations, it is likely that there are many After all, we assume that post-human beings have access to virtually unlimited computing power So, if it generate simulations, it would be convenient to make millions or even billions of them. If there are billions of simulated universes.

 There are probably trillions and trillions of simulated conscious beings Which would mean that the vast majority of all conscious beings who have ever existed Are simulations .So, for every flesh-conscious being, a billion simulations exist. Since we have no way of knowing whether we are simulations or not .The chances that you are a of 999,999,999 simulations are rather high So, what you consider to be reality, may not be real at all. You could really be A simulation. All of this is based on many assumptions. That we cannot not really testing yet This is why many scientists do not agree with all this experience. So don't burn your house down to check for glitch .

If you are a simulator, not much changes for you You could be on a small planet turning in eternal nothingness Or a simulation inside a computer Your existence does not become more or less frightening or bizarre All we can hope to do is try to have a good life and have a good time. And hope that if we are actually simulations in a supercomputer No one will trip over the power cable I think I just unplugged the simulation But, if it doesn't matter, are we in a simulation? What if you are a simulation? 

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