NEWS - Politics may start in the US on chokehold, three police officers oppose sharing pictures

Politics may start in the US on chokehold, three police officers oppose sharing pictures

Washington, Agency. Three police officers were dismissed on charges of sharing photographs of chokeholds in the US state of Colorado. These police officers have again shared the photographs of the chokehold used on a black person last year. 23-year-old African-Eliza McClain was killed in an encounter with police on her way home last August in Colorado. The police officers who have been fired for sharing Chokhold's photographs were identified as Jason Rosenblatt, Erica Marero and Kyle Dittrich. Jaron Jones, a fourth policeman involved in it, resigned on Tuesday. Once again in America, politics can begin regarding the chokehold.

Photo by Andrew "Donovan" Valdivia on Unsplash

Indeed, chokehold is a strategy in which an officer puts his hand around a suspect's neck, blocking airflow. Trump's statement comes at a time when the White House is busy preparing an executive order on policing. After the death of Black Jazz Floyd, a debate has begun in the United States on the chokehold system. However, it is not yet clear whether Choksej's action in this order will end. Following the death of George Floyd, reforms in the policing system in America have begun to intensify. In this episode, US President Donald Trump has said that the police choke system should be abolished except in special and unusual circumstances.

At that time, Trump had said in an interview to Fox News channel that I do not like Choksi. He said that this practice should end in the police. Explaining the particular situation as a scenario, Trump said that if one of the police officers is alone and he is struggling with someone to maintain law and order then he may have to resort to that strategy. In his interview, he acknowledged that this was a very difficult situation, but sometimes called Chokehold's strategy mandatory.

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