NEWS - Taliban not leaving Al Qaeda, Pentagon said; Promised to break the relationship in the agreement

Taliban not leaving Al Qaeda, Pentagon said; Promised to break the relationship in the agreement

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Washington, Agency. The US Department of Defense Pentagon said that the Taliban is not abandoning Al Qaeda despite its promise. He is continuously committing incidents with this terrorist organization. In an agreement with the US in February last, the Taliban promised to break their ties with Al Qaeda.

CNN quoted the Pentagon's report on Wednesday as saying that a peace deal was signed between the US and the Taliban in February. After this, Taliban violence increased in Afghanistan. He is targeting the Afghan army and police convoys. However, this terrorist organization has survived attacks on big cities or American and coalition troops.

Taliban is regularly working with terrorists

According to the report, Al Qaeda is regularly working with Taliban militants in an attempt to weaken the Afghan government and target US forces and Western interests in the region. Despite recent progress in the peace process, the Taliban maintain close ties with al-Qaeda.

In an agreement with the Taliban, the Trump administration promised that it would withdraw 8,600 US troops from Afghanistan by mid-July. This goal has been achieved. In return, the Taliban promised to hold peace talks with the Afghan government and end their relations with Al Qaeda.

At the same time, before this, US Secretary of State Mike Ponpio asked the terrorist organization Taliban to follow the peace deal. At the same time, the American soldiers were also advised not to attack. Let us tell you that in February a peace agreement was signed between the US and Taliban in Qatar's capital Doha. It was decided in the agreement that if the Taliban reduces violence, then America and its allies will withdraw 12 thousand soldiers from Afghanistan in 14 months.

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