NEWS - This statement from the FDA may heat up US politics, Trump's vaccine statement denied

Washington, Agency. Stephen Han, the US Food and Drug Administration FDA commissioner, has refused to offer a deadline for the corona epidemic vaccine. His statement came at a time when US President Donald Trump had told the people of the country on the occasion of American Independence Day that at the end of this year we would prepare a vaccine on the corona epidemic. This statement by the FDA Commissioner has emerged after Trump's speech. After this statement by the FDA Commissioner, the opposition in the US can open a front once again against Trump. In the wake of the US Presidential election, once again politics can prevail. At present, no statement of President Trump or the opposition has come on this.

Photo by Library of Congress on Unsplash

Will decide on the basis of data and science

The news agency Xinhua told that they said that I cannot guess how long this vaccine will be available. We are increasingly working for vaccine development. It is also progressing. He said that we will provide you correct and accurate information. We promise to the American people that we will decide on vaccines based on data and science. Hahn said he was extremely interested in the current efforts to develop the corona virus vaccine. He said that I hope that it could be accessible by early next year. This vaccine will work for your safety.

Bole Trump - Scientists will discover vaccine by the end of the year 

On the occasion of 244th Independence Day of America, Trump said that we have full faith in our scientists. We will discover the corona virus vaccine by the end of the year. President Trump said, "I thank the scientists across the country who are working day and night to develop and distribute life-saving drugs." He said that about four crore people have been tested in the country so far. He said that therefore the number of corona patients in the US is also high. Trump said that this number has not been tested in other countries, so their numbers are limited. He said that many countries do not even have excellent testing facilities.

Total number of infected more than 28 lakh 39 thousand

The total number of infected people in America has exceeded 28 lakh 39 thousand and so far one lakh 29 thousand victims have died. Curfew has been ordered in Florida's most populous city of Miami due to the epidemic.

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