NEWS - Trump, who lashed out at internal enemies on Independence Day, said that he will protect the country's values ​​from the Left.

Washington, AP. President Donald Trump said he would protect the country's values ​​from internal enemies, leftists, robbers and agitators. His speech, delivered on American Independence Day, the day of solidarity and celebration (July 4), was as rousing as political rallies. On the occasion, Trump witnessed a demonstration of paratrooper jawans, greeted health workers and others fighting the Corona virus and lambasted his critics and those who allegedly insulted the country's history.

Photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash

Will not allow crowd to drop statues

Trump said, "We are in the process of defeating the radical leftists, agitators, robbers and people who have no idea what they are doing." We will never allow an angry mob to demolish statues, annihilate our history, and trust children to be heard. We will save, protect, and live the American way of life that began in 1492. This approach came when Columbus discovered America. However, he did not say anything about the people who lost their lives due to Corona. In the US, nearly 1.3 million people have died due to corona virus infection.

People watching fireworks

Authorities across the country had requested the American public to keep their enthusiasm for the Independence Day celebrations under control and not to go into the crowd as cases of infection are increasing in the country. In contrast, Trump called upon people to participate in a 'special evening' equipped with fireworks. Although the crowd gathered at the National Mall to watch air-shows and fireworks at night, it was less than last year. Most people wore masks and people were also seen following the law of physical distance. People were not wearing masks in the South ceremony of the trump and they were also sitting close to each other.

Our history is not a burden, so that we can get rid of

Trump also did not miss this opportunity to attack his opponents. Taking a dig at those who destroyed the statues, he said, "Our past is not a burden, to get rid of." White House press secretary Jude Deere said that Trump's visiting physicians, nurses, law enforcement officers and military personnel and administration officials were at the ceremony at South Lawn. He said that this program was dedicated to the frontline workers and the public who showed great courage and vibrancy in the era of global epidemic.

Columbus statue downed

In Baltimore, Saturday night, protesters threw water into the statue of Christopher Columbus, a US explorer. The protesters used a rope to topple the statue. According to local newspaper The Baltimore Sun, the statue was established in 1984 and overseen by the city's local body. Let us know that earlier incidents of dropping or damaged Columbus statue have also been reported in Miami, Richmond, Virginia, St. Paul, Minnesota and Boston. In Seattle, two women protesting police vandalism were hit by a car. While one woman died in the accident, the other woman is struggling with life and death. The person who hit the collision has been taken into custody by the police.

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