NEWS - UN warns about fast and processed food, it can cause cancer

UN warns about fast and processed food, it can cause cancer

New York (United Nations). In the running life, we all have become very dependent on processed food or fast food to satisfy our hunger. But they are also very harmful for our body. Doctors and scientists are often exposed to this. But now the United Nations has been warned about this. Actually, China which is used in such food items is more likely to get ovarian or ovary cancer.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Scientists of the United Nations have said that there is a correlation between transphrates and ovarian cancer. This means that this substance causes such cancer. In fact, fried foods and processed food are used by companies for long-term preservation, including Transfats. It is an unsaturated fat which can be both natural and artificial. Let us tell you that ovary cancer is at number 8 in deaths due to cancer in women.

Transfatts are commonly found in fried foods, food made through large-scale machines, and snacks that are used for light refreshments. Processed and fast food is prepared by mixing hydrogen in liquid vegetable oil through an industrial process to make it long-term useable. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has published the results of a study in which more than one and a half thousand patients suffering from the disease were studied.

Earlier, some other limited studies have predicted a relationship between industrially made fatty foods and ovary cancer, but no firm findings have yet been determined. Inge Hoebkhartse of the World Health Organization's (WHO) Cancer Research Agency reported that this is the first study in Europe in which the relationship between industrial 'trans fatty acids' intake and ovarian cancer is shown.

The scope of research on the effects of trans fatty acids on cancer has so far been limited, although an earlier study suggested that industrial 'trans fatty acids' intake could lead to difficulties such as obesity and inflammation. According to the research agency, both of these factors are risk enhancers for ovary cancer and it is at least partially understandable that these fatty acids and ovary cancers are related.

According to the UN, in the year 2018, more than three lakh cases of ovary cancer were reported and more than one lakh 84 thousand deaths were reported. It is ranked 8th in terms of total cancer cases and also for deaths due to cancer in women. Identification of prevention measures has been considered necessary for prevention in view of the increasing cases of ovary cancer. Scientists at the research agency say the findings of the latest study are in line with recommendations by the UN Health Agency (WHO) to remove industrial truss fatty acids from food. According to him, the risk of ovarian cancer can be reduced by reducing the intake of processed foods, fast foods prepared at an industrial level. Also, it is possible to prevent many other diseases including cancer.

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