Why Marijuana should stay illegal-Unbiased dissection of facts and reasons

Around the world, marijuana is becoming decriminalized or even becoming legal. But, is it a good idea? Debates on the internet often downplay the harmful sides. So, let's look at the three biggest arguments against legalizing marijuana.

First argument:

Cannabis is a hard drug. In the last decades, The marijuana has been modified to become more potent. Nowadays, marijuana is so powerful that it is a hard drug that can cause psychosis. The main ingredient in marijuana is THC and there is evidence that THC is linked to psychosis. Regardless of other risk factors. Marijuana also contains a substance called CBD that appears to counter this effect. It has even been tried as a treatment for psychosis and anxiety. But by the way, you have been getting producers to lower the level of CBD in marijuana in recent decades, while increasing THC level. Samples have shown that the THC level increased from 4% in the 1990s to almost 12% in 2014. The proportion of THC compared to CBD also changed from 1:14 in 1995 to 1:80 in 2014 .It is difficult to say how accurate these tests were.Recent research shows that the more you use marijuana, the higher your risk of developing psychosis.

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How high are the risks of psychosis for the general population?

British study found that while marijuana use increased significantly between 1996 and 2005, the number of cases of schizophrenia (a type of psychosis) remained stable. The risk of developing psychosis from marijuana remains higher for people who already had a high risk of using it before they even used it. For these people, cannabis seems to affect the acceleration of the process, not to cause it. According to what we know right now So the reasoning is that if so few people have access to marijuana, the lower the risk of developing psychosis. Currently you can answer that it is precisely because marijuana is illegal that more people will end up with psychosis.

Prohibition makes illegal drugs stronger and more powerful

You can transport more production with less space and sell it at a better profit! This is what happened during the alcohol seizure in the United States where hard liquors have become the norm And the same thing is happening with marijuana today. Imagine a world where liquor is the only existing alcohol . You have the choice between drinking nothing at all or becoming drunk than you would like to be. This is what is happening to many marijuana users these days. People did not stop drinking during Prohibition and statistics show that the laws do not deter people from using marijuana. We cannot remove marijuana, but we can make it safer. If marijuana became legal. There would be more possibilities for consumers and producers could for example increase the level of CBD Although people do not drink a bottle of vodka after work, many people would not refuse a "work after beer" marijuana version.

 Argument 2:"gateway" drug

 Marijuana is a "gateway" drug. If it is legalized, there will be an increase (a spike) in the use of more dangerous drugs. A 2015 study found that 45% of regular marijuana users had used stronger drugs at some point in their life. Legalizing marijuana could increase this trend. As young people take legal marijuana, they may try other harder and more potent drugs. But it appears that the real gateway to the use of hard drugs comes much earlier: Cigarettes! A study found that teens who started smoking cigarettes before their 15th birthday had an 80% higher chance of using hard drugs, unlike those who did not smoke. And a 2007 study showed that adolescents, between 12 and 17 years old, who smoked cigarettes were 3 times more likely to drink excessively, 7 times more likely to use drugs such as heroin or cocaine and also 7 times more likely to use marijuana.

How could legalizing multiple drugs stop hard drug use?

First, it is important to recognize that people do not use drugs because they are illegal or not. If you want to buy a drug, you will always find someone who will be happy to sell it to you.

Why do people have an unhealthy relationship with drugs?

Studies show that certain conditions make people more vulnerable to drugs and addictions: A difficult childhood; early trauma; A bad social position; depression or even genetic factors.The drug they are addicted to is more often a matter of luck. Created addicts use drugs as an escape from their problems. But drugs never solve these problems and instead become a new one . But punishing people for their mismanagement of their problems does not change their nature. So there are certain arguments that we should take a different approach.

The case of Portugal:something worth considering

In 2001, Portugal had the biggest drug problem in Europe. So it was worrying enough to attempt something radical. The possession and use of all illegal drugs has been decriminalized. You will no longer be arrested. Instead, the authorities began a major drug addiction campaign. People with small quantities were referred to a help desk and received treatment and a reduced sentence. Drug use as a chronic disease, not a crime. The amazing results! The number of people who tried drugs and continued using them dropped from 44% to 28% until 2012 The use of hard drugs has decreased as has HIV, hepatitis infections and overdoses. Making drugs legal would globally help society more than it would cause it to be wrong.

Argument number three:

Marijuana is addictive and unhealthy. It must remain illegal in order to minimize the harm it can do. While marijuana addiction is more psychological than physical, it remains an issue. The demand for marijuana addiction treatments has more than doubled in the past decade. Almost 10% of people who have tried marijuana have become addicted. This problem is also linked to higher THC levels. A 2017 study looked at the influence of marijuana and Dutch coffee shops over a 16-year period. For every 1% increase in THC, An additional 60 people began rehab worldwide. In terms of harmful effect on health, some studies have linked marijuana use to blood pressure and lung problems. While a 2016 study found that marijuana use was not not related to physical problems except greater risk for gum disease. Studies show that marijuana use damages adolescents' brains and diminishes their intelligence but when other studies take alcohol and tobacco into account in the results, the latter become inconclusive. Overall, research shows that taking drugs during brain development is bad for you. The truth is that at the moment, we don't yet know how bad marijuana is for your health. We need more funds for studies, which is hard to get as long as marijuana remains illegal.

We can put what we know in perspective: 16% of people who consume alcohol become alcoholics and 32% of people who have tried cigarettes have become smokers. We are sure that alcohol affects the brain, destroys your liver and causes cancer while cigarettes clog your arteries, destroys your lungs and also causes cancer. 3.3 million people die from alcohol abuse each year, while smoking kills more than 6 million people. No one is suggesting that tobacco and alcohol are harmless, since they are legal. Moreover, no one seriously proposes to ban them even if they are extremely dangerous. The legal way is a way to have better control over them. Particularly when it comes to protecting the youngest. It is often more difficult to obtain legal drugs for adolescents than to purchase them illegally Official merchants face hefty fines and license withdrawal if they sell it to underage children. Legalization creates incentives that dealers can never exploit.

So making marijuana legal doesn't mean approving it, it just means taking responsibility for the risks involved. It could also pave the way for new studies on the subject that would show us how harmful marijuana really is. And on whom. To conclude, marijuana is a drug. And like all other drugs, it has negative consequences on a good portion of the population that consumes it. It is not harmless The best way to protect society from these negative consequences is its legalization and regulation (Responsible legalization!)

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