28 Days Later (2002) Film Explained

 Cambridge University laboratory is shown as the movie starts. The scientists were experimenting  for the search of a virus at this place.This virus was not detected completely till now. They also had some chimpanzees in their laboratory.So that results may be got after injecting this virus in them. The chimpanzees were got violent after being injected with this virus.Meanwhile, animal liberation activists visit there. Actually, they belong to secret organization which was running for the rights of animals.And it frees those animals which are kept under the secret experiments.

The chimpanzees were being tortured and teased in this laboratory. They were bound here unlawfully.Getting the information about it, animal liberation activists come here to free them.They are forbidden by one of the doctors of laboratory as they begin to free them. He says, You don't know which disease they are growing in them!!They have been injected with a virus. And they may prove dangerous if you go near them.But they unlock the door of cage ignoring them. Being violent, those chimpanzees bite that girl while attacking.At first sight, that girl awkwardly stands within a few seconds ,her eye's colour is changed and she starts blood vomiting.

That blood is also touched with her other group members and they are also infected like that girl.This virus used to cause of the aggressiveness of anyone whose body was infected by it.This virus had dual infection on the human body as compared to the chimpanzees.Because there is a great difference between the brains of human beings and animals. A severe aggression leads human beings to madness and later transforms him into zombie.This virus is transferred to others through blood and saliva. The doctor of laboratory tries to end that girl.But that girls kills the doctor due to her wrath. Afterward, the virus had begun to spread rapidly.Firstly, the whole city was infectious due to this and later the whole country came in its grip.A character named Jim is shown after 28 days of this incident who stabilizes his condition in London hospital after being in coma for a long time.

He finds the entire hospital empty when he checks. He is left astonished. Coming outside, he discovers no human being.There was a prevailing stillness and the parts of the walls were covered with the posters of the missing people.And the city was deserted. He enters the church in worried condition.But he observes that inner condition of the church is worse than outside. There were the dead bodies of people who were dead before many days.He was unable to understand as what is goin on. Meanwhile, father of church proceeds to him while stumbling.His mouth was bleeding and the strange voices are being heard. Zombies also proceed towards Jim with Father.Jim is frightened seeing it. 

Two men come there when he is running fearfully. They burn the zombies.As a result, Jim is survived while zombies are burnt to death.  Those two  men take Jim there where they were living hiding themselves.Unmasking them, they are revealed a boy named Mark and other is girl named Selena.Jim tells them when they ask  , He used to deliver the courier riding on the bicycle. He had an accident with a vehicle.Afterward, he cannot remember any more! He has encountered it coming into senses today.Moreover,  he says, I don't know that what is going on! Then they both tell him, A virus has spread throughout the city.And the whole city has been infected. Government and army could not take any step regarding its cure. Everything has been ended.And Jim is the only survivor in the previous 6 days that they have got.They inform, No one survived even in their family. 

Jim wanted to search for his family.They visit his house the next day. Jim notices that his parents had committed suicide. And they had a photo of Jim in their hand.There was a written statement at the back side of that photo. There was written, Jim, we left you sleeping. Now we are sleeping with you. Don't wake up!He starts weeping while reading and got upset. But he had to embrace this reality that his parents are no more.Three of them stay at Jim's house. There may prevail darkness while returning back.Because zombies are more active at night time. Two zombies attack them when they are sitting at night time.They were Jim's neighbours who had transformed into zombies. 

At last, they finish them.Mark is bitten by a zombie during this fight which  makes him infectious. Selena ends Mark unwillingly so that he may not harm any other person.Only Selena and Jim were survivors. Going outside, they notice a building where the light was fluctuating.They understand that there is also the survivor except them. They are being chased by zombies when they are moving upstairs of that building.A person takes them to his house after saving them when zombies are about to attack them. This person's  name is Frank who is living in a house with his daughter Hannah, hiding from the zombies.He allows both of them to stay with him. He  informs them about the military broadcasting which was in process a few days ago.It is being told through it, that this virus has a cure. And the people are being helped through this. They have also mentioned their address so the people may secure themselves.But Selena does not trust saying, Why are they rescuing them? This message was recorded but there was not another choice except its acceptance.

Afterward, they move to a place which was told by the military broadcasting.They notice a tunnel while driving on the way. Jim says, It is unsafe to go through this tunnel.But Frank says, This way may lead there in a short time. There were also many other passing cars in the tunnel.Frank is driving speedily but his car's  front wheel is punctured. They notice many zombies are proceeding them when they get off to change the wheel.After that, they hurriedly replace the wheel and drive off the car before the zombies arrive there.They reach that site after 2 or 3 days. But they find no one there. Observing it, Selena suggests to return back, having a sight of it.They are nearly to return back, getting disheartened. Then Frank observes a crow which was eating a dead body.Observing it, a drop of blood of that dead body is dripped into the eye of Frank. He was also infected by it.

His daughter Hannah is pushed away by her father when she tries to go near it.Jim was nearly to kill him but he is killed by a soldier. That soldier takes them in his vehicle.Meeting with Major Henry, who assures them as they are secure here because they had  built the boundaries for their security.And no zombie could get access here. If any zombie intrudes, the siren will be echoed alerting them and they will kill him.But they still had not fixed remedy for it. Later, Major Henry takes Jim to meet army officer Mailer who was infected a few days ago.And he was chained at a place. The purpose of his chaining was to count the days of survival of zombie without food.And they may get more information regarding it. They hear a sound of blasting while dining at night.

They come to know the intrusion of zombies in their site. Going outside, they kill everyone.They notice an army officer, who misbehaves with Selena as they come inside. Jim is about to hit him but Major Henry sends him outside.Then it is revealed that it was the broadcasting of false information so they may provide shelter to the people and seduce ladies.Knowing it, Jim begins to flee from there taking Hannah and Selena. But Major Henry blocks their way calling his soldiers.Jim loses his consciousness. But there is one more soldier who is sincere who tries to rescue all three, helping them.But army officers lock them into a  room after catching Jim and others.Here Feral informs Jim, Major Henry has dragged into the insanity! This virus cannot be spread out at the distance of 100 miles.

Because this virus cannot move farther crossing water and mountains. But they don't understand it. They just want to build their own World here.Army officers bring Jim and Feral into a forest in order to kill them. Jim escapes saving his life while Feral is shot by them.When Jim falls down as being wounded. Then he notices a flying jet in the air.Then he remembers as Feral was saying, There are also such people outside who are not infected.On the opposite side, Selena and Hannah were seized by them. Jim plans to rescue them while activating the siren which is near the  camp.Major Henry moves to that place accompanying his rest of soldiers in order to kill zombies.But Jim ends the other soldier and  Henry escapes from there. Then Jim pursues him to the camp.And he frees Mailer there who was the same infected soldier. He also makes other people infectious after getting freed.

All begin to escape saving their lives. As a result, Hannah and Selena are separated from there.They are caught by an officer in a car but Jim kills him instantly after arriving there.Selena suspects Jim thinking as he has transformed into the zombie but  it remains only suspicion. They start liking each other.But Hannah strikes on Jim's head coming there. She acted as such thinking he is going to attack on them.Three of them are seated in a car after escaping from there., Major Henry was already in the car when they check after opening the car door.Henry fires his gun seeing Jim and says, You have killed all my officers! But Jim remains alive.Hannah reverses her car dodging him. 

Mailer was coming from the back side, he quickly drags Major Henry from the car, breaking the back car window glass.He ends Henry. Afterward, all three escape, saving their lives.Selena injects Jim because of his injury from a gun shot. Coming into the senses,  he finds himself in a small house.Hannah and Selena were also with him. They hear the sound of a flying jet  from outside.They run outside cheerily and signal to them spreading a white cloth as they are here.They feel pleasure because they are rescued. In the same way, the movie also completes  here.

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