A Quiet Place (2018) Film Explained

A quiet place is a horror movie. In the first scene, a desolated place is shown that is  market .And Air blows gently. Inside the lone market, everthing seems in disordered formThen a family members appear one by one,as a running child is seen who is the youngest son of this family.On the other side,a deaf girl named Regan is barefoot , walks .After a while their mother comes and takes a medicine jar from a shelf.Taking medicine from jar She gives it to her youngest son.After that the same small boy  takes a toy from another shelf but loses his grip.Regan catches that toy coming forward hurriedly to avoid any sound.here We know Regan is a wise girl.Afterward,Youngest son goes to his father Lee who communicates through a sign language and asks him to bring his mother from inside.

No one uses words but sign language.Because any sound may put their lives into danger by a horrible creature.Regan with father Lee puts video camera and other things into a backpack.soon Regan's mother comes with her elder son Marcus.She asks to return  home before darkness.Then the same youngest son comes holding a space shuttle toy, father Lee takes away toy and removes its battery preventing any sound.Then family goes outside but youngest son retakes battery from table while leaving.All family memebers are  barefoot. This family takes its way to their house passing through a forest.And thier Youngest son is at the end.suddenly, family members hear the space shuttle toy's sound.It is known that Youngest boy has activated the toy fixing its battery.

Father Lee immediately runs to save the life of his son, but horrible creatures kills him before he comes.Now family youngest son is dead.In this story, people try to survive in this WorldWhere the people become victim by the blind, sound sensitive and horrible creature.This family had already warned all members to keep silent but youngest son is killed by this creature.Family members communicate with one another using sign language.Now it is shown, more than  2 years are passed, laying Regan is seen  in the  field, opens eyes and accompanies her mother.

Whereas Lee observes them on CCTV monitor sitting in a room.And text is visible here as survive, blind, medical support.It is about horrible creature.And there are many Newspaper. Lee tries to contact with outside World but always fails in it.Lee comes outside and his elder son is turning the  steering wheel of still car.Looking at his father, Marcus goes inside to his mom who seems busy in making dinner silently.Then family dines together making no sound.Sitting around the table all family members catch the hands of one another to pray as they will live together forever.All take dinner. Regan and brother play a game and accidently drop a thing which spreads fire creating noise.

Lee immediately extinguishes fire and looks up.He asks his kids to be quiet.It is a night time,At the same time, bird's sound comes outside and  Lamp also shakes.Lee's son apologizes weeping because that thing is fallen by himHorrible creature reaches there but leaves without causing  any harm.Because Lee manages everything.Now Lee makes a hearing amplifier for his deaf daughter Regan.Next day he spreads sand in front side of house.Then Regan is seen walking on his tip toeand moves to the downstairs of house,suddenly someone catches her firmlyShe is afraid but soon fear releases knowing he was his father.Who  instructs Regan through sign language  you cannot go downstairs and know! why?Regan gesticulates ,I am not a kid and will not make a noise.

Lee tells her giving hearing amplifier but Regan knows ,it will not work as ever and she will not be able to hear.handing over device to her ,Lee leaves.Later, Lee goes to take Marcus to teach him skills .While talking with his mother, Marcus shows unwillingness to go.Actually Marcus is afraid from horrible creatureBut his mother assures through sign language about his safety on the part of his father .And It is necessary for you to learn these things ,he just wants to tell how can you care me and yourself.when I will grow old having no teethThen she smiles and Marcus is relaxened and goes outside.

Then Regan comes there and says to gothrough gesture.But Lee prefers her stay at home  so that she may help of her mother.Regan insists but gets angry when is not taken.She moves into  her house in anger and sets her hearing amplifier checking it is working or not.Regan misses her  brother killed by horrible creature ,Regan prepares her bag to go outside.On the other side, Lee teaches his son fishingFlowing water in river creates much sound.Lee catches a fish and Fish flaps creating sound.And Marcus is scared  thinking horrible creature may hear us.

But Lee tells him  through gestures that water noise is louder than any other sound, so they cannot detect this slight sound.You are safe here.Then Marcus talks about Regan "why did you not allow Regan to come.Then he asks, Do you blame her for youngr brother's death. Lee negates it.Marcus also says, Regan  feels guilty what happened. Lee more tells that no one is guilty, Regan is my daughter.Afterward, father and son move to forest and encounters a frightened old man with the laying deadbody on the ground which is full of blood.Lee warns old man to keep quiet.

But old man shrieks with grief, Meanwhile Lee immediately takes Marcus aside and  hide behind a tree.Then Horrible creature kills old man reaching there.At house, Regan mother's foot is pierced through a nail on stairs.so she feels bitter pain,a glass frame is fallen down from her hand and creates a loud noise.Then She hurriedly  frees her foot from nail ,coming down she switches on the red signals..Because she knows horrible creature has awakened due to this sound.That horrible creature is visible at the upstairs of basementShe is disturbed but keeps silent.She has been weeping but does not utter a sound.This horrible creature sounds continuously.

Returning,Lee and Marcus find their house red lighted.It is understood that Regan's mother is in danger.That horrible creature is searching her,using its sense of hearing.Suddenly , alarm bell rings it moves towards it.Outside the house,Lee  gives a torch and rocket to Marcus and asks him through gestures to go aheadAnd says I need you so create a louder sound.Your mother also needs you.Marcus is afraid but agrees .That horrible creature is still inside the house.Hurriedly, Marcus blows up a rocket which creates a fire work with loud sound.This creature moves towards this sound hearing it.Lee enters inside with his gun, finds his  wife safe and new born baby is also in her hand.

Marcus is still outside the house.But Marcus immediately begins to run and thinks horrible creature is chasing him.And he passes through field ,In darkness  Regan reaches there and looks at the torch of Marcus .At that time, horrible creature is exactly at the back side of Regan,Regan sets her amplifier so that she may hear sound but hears only the whistling sound. creature also tries to hear the sound but cannot.Afterward,that creature goes away from there.Now Regan moves to that torch and begins to  picks , someone catches her hand.She is much afraid but Marcus does it.

Both embrace each other.At home, Regan's mother is fine,while new born baby is locked into a sound proof box adjusting oxygen mask.Regan's mother asks about Marcus but Lee consoles him saying Marcus is at that place where he blew up the rocket and he is alright.While Regan's mother says,Regan is enough intellegent to care herself.She also takes promises of Lee about the protection of her children.Then, Lee goes outside.Now Regan is alone at home because Lee has gone outside.A little time passes.Her baby is also with her.It is shown,water pipe is broken and water  fills the basement where Regan's mother is present with her baby.Suddenly, that horrible creature reaches there and in water ,it is detecting the sound.Regan's mother is much afraid finding that creature in front of her.But cannot utter a sound and she has also fear of baby crying that could alert horrible creature.

On the other side, Regan and Marcus are at the place of grain soil,And they light the fire making it an indication for their father.Then Regan wants to leave this place but Marcus disagrees.suddenly Marcus'foot is trapped  in a place while walking and he is dangled catching a hatch door.Regan stops him to move because hatch door creates sound as such.After a time Hatch door is broken and door with Marcus falls on floor creating sound,And as such ,horrible creature's attention is diverted from Regan's mother to this noise and it moves towards it.Marcus is fallen down so Regan also jumpes there after Marcus and traps into corn.She feels suffocation.

Coming out ,Marcus drages her out catching her hand.After a while horrible creature is before them but both keep silent putting the hatch door over them.So that creature leaves them finding nothing.At last,Lee finds his kids after a search.The sound of horrible creature is again heard.He instructs both kids to hide themselves into a pick up truck.And they go.Taking his axe, Lee approaches to that horrible creature and attacks.But horrible creature throws Lee away.Marcus  calls 'Dad' from pick up truck but quickly goes into it.Then Creatures becomes alert hearing the sound of dad and moves to pick up truck .It breaks the window glass of truck shaking it forcefullyOn the other side , wounded Lee holds his axe again courageously diverting its attentioon towards him.

And gesticulates Regan and Lee just wants to tell that he  always loves  her.And He has always done it.Looking at it,Regan smiles in pleasure.Regan's mother observes everything through CCTV monitors.Suddenly Lee shouts and horrible creature moves to this sound leaving kids' pick-up truck.and  kills Lee. Lee sacrifices his life for the safety of his family.It is shown,Regan's mother with family enters into house with a gun.And Regan goes to her father's CCTV monitor's room, she misses her father weeping. Coming to her ,mother also weeps.New born baby is in Marcus' hand.Instantly,Lamp  is shivered. horrible creature again comes into house,Regan's mother points her gun over it.No one utters a sound maintaining the silence.

But hearing radio connectivity sounds, that creature moves and breaks all monitors.Regan observes the text written there as what is the weaknss? It is about this creature.Regan is still hearing the whistling sound from her amplifier.She observes that horrible creature feels irritation.Here we know that whistling sound is the weakness of horrible creature which disturbs it.Regan adjusts it in microphone as a result that horrible  creatures avoids it and runs.and that Horrible creature leaves .After some times, horrible creature comes back but is dead after falling with the gunshot on its head fired by Regan's mother.Then  Regan and her mother still observe through CCTV cameras those running  horrible creatures are still outside .Regan's mother gives a sign and smiles.settles the gun and Regan adjusts the hearing amplifier in the micro phone.So it is clear that Regan has come to know about horrible creature's weakness and they are safe now.

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