A Werewolf Boy (2012) Film Explained

 In the starting of the movie, we see an old lady named "Sarah".She was living abroad.Now she was coming back to her country.To visit her old house, she takes her granddaughter with her.She loved this house.Because she had many memories associated with this house.But some people wanted to purchase it.She wasn't happy with this.Then we are shown the past when Sarah was 17 years of age.A man used to live in this house before them.He kept a lot of wolves and dogs in a locked room.One day, this man was going to give them their daily feed.As he opens the last lock of the door, he dies.After some days, Sarah's family shifted here.It consisted of her mother, her younger sister, and Sarah herself.

They came to this deserted place because Sarah had a lung problem.Due to this, she also skipped school.Before it, Sarah's family lived at her father's friend's son's home.He was a bad guy.Sarah also disliked her.No one befriended her therefore, she stayed sad.One day, she was weeping in her room when she feels that someone is outside.She tries to make her mother and sister awake but they don't get up.The place where that man had kept the animals, the noise was coming from there.Sarah reaches the same door scaring.As she opens the door, someone pushes her and vanishes.

She was unable to see it.Hearing her scream, her mother and sister also come there.The next day, villagers tell them that there are many wolves.So, there's no need to worry. Just be careful.On the same day, when Sarah was working on the ground,she feels someone watching her behind the bushes.Sarah's mother shakes the bushes in fear.A boy of 18 or 19 years comes out of it.He wasn't acting like a human being.He was walking like the animals.He was staring at the potatoes laying there because he was hungry.Sarah's mother gives her a potato and he starts eating it wildly.After eating all the potatoes, he still doesn't go away.Then Sarah's mother calls all the villagers and the police try to capture him.He starts growling.Noone including the police agrees to take him with them.

So, Sarah's mother adopts him.Getting home, she bathes him and feeds him the food.She names him "Chul-Soo".Sarah was upset because of his arrival.She asks her mother that when he'll go?Sarah's mother tells her that as someone will come to bring him, we'll let him go.In the night when Chul-soo was sitting in his room,he starts looking at the moon through his window.He starts howling like the wolves.Sarah's mother comes and scolds him so that he may sleep.The next morning, Sarah was taking out her books from some boxes.But she was unable to move these boxes..Chul-Soo was seeing this.He moves forward to her.But Sarah gets scared that he might hurt her.She starts crying and pulls his hair.But Chul-Soo came there to help her.He lifts up the boxes so that Sarah could take her book.Here, she acknowledges that he was helping her.At the same time, that bad guy (son of their family friend) also comes there.He says; What you have done to this house?You people can't do anything. Let me lift it up.As he says this, he tries to lift a bo up but it doesn't even move.

It was one of the boxes that Chul-soo lifted up easily.That bad guy comes forward to Sarah and asks, What will you do after getting an education?Eventually, you'll get married to me.You will only do my work.Saying this, he grabs Sarah's hand harshly.Chul-soo comes there and on the contrary, he grabs his hand so harshly that he goes away getting scared.At first, Sarah didn't like Chul-soo but seeing him doing this, she thanks him.When Sarah was checking her books, she finds a book for dog training.She knocks on an idea seeing this.She thinks that Chul-soo acts like animals.So why not I learn the ways from this book to train him?Because they all were upset because of his habits.When everyone was eating, Chul-soo used to eat their food as well.The next day, Sarah boils some potatoes and takes them to Chul-soo.She tells him the way to eat it.Now Chul-soo also started to follow her command.He started acting the same as Sarah told him to do.On dinner, he eats according to Sarah's commands.When Sarah asks him to stop, he stops and when she asks him to eat, he starts eating.

The next day, Sarah gives him a haircut.Teaches him to brush his teeth and ties his shoes.Then they all go to the market together.When they are standing outside a shop, a huge iron piece was about to fall on them.before it could harm anyone, Chul-soo saves all of them.And that iron piece falls on him.But amazingly, it doesn't harm him.Then they get home.Sarah started becoming happy.At first, she felt alone but now she had a friend.They ate together and used to play together.When Sarah used to go to her room to sleep, Chul-soo also used to sleep in front of her door.Sarah teaches him to read and write.Chul-soo was also very happy with this.Then the scene changes and we are shown that bad guy again.He was going with her friend in a car somewhere.He was intoxicated.Many goats were in front of him.His car hits a goat which causes its death.Chul-soo comes there and places this goat in front of his owner.He doesn't say anything to Chul-soo because he knew that Chul-soo didn't do it.The next day, that bad guy comes to Sarah's house.He asks Sarah to go to dinner with him.

But Sarah refuses it.He holds her hand harshly and asks her to go with him.His three friends also come out of the car.He grabs her hand more forcefully.Sarah bites his hand so he throws her away.Chul-soo was seeing this scene.Here we see that his body is transforming into a werewolf.His hair, his nails, his teeth, all were becoming like wolves.He moves forward and injures that guy's all friends.He was about to kill that guy too, but Sarah stops him.So, he stops.The next morning, that boy comes to their house with the police.He asks Sarah to tell them about Chul-soo's transformation from human to wolf.Sarah says I didn't see anything like this.Rather you were forcing me.He shows the keys to the police and says why would I enter my house forcefully?He blackmails Sarah that one of You or that boy will stay in this house.Sarah sighs and says Yes what else can you do except doing worse with us?My father started a business with your father. You took over it after my father died.

Sarah's mother calms her down and says keep silent, we have no choice but to stay here.Sarah goes to Chul-soo and asks the reason behind everything.She asks him to tell the truth but he stays quiet because he was unable to speak yet.Police arrest him and take him with them.Sarah becomes upset but her mother asks her not to get worried as everything will get alright.As the police had no evidence against Chul-soo so they free him.The next day, Sarah and her mother were cleaning that room.Chul-soo is kept there.Then that bad guy comes and says you have to marry me.Therefore you'll have to act upon my words.This boy will not step out of this room.Sarah's mother brings some items outside the house.It belonged to the previous house owner.From a letter in these items, that bad guy reads his address and goes to meet him.On the other hand, we are shown Chul-soo and Sarah playing on a hill.As she ran, Sarah's health began to decline because she had lung disease.

Chul-soo doesn't get anything and he takes her to the home on his shoulders.But no one was around.So, Chul-soo takes her to the forest with him.As the night falls everyone was worried that where Sarah went.They head to the forest in order to search for her.As they reach the forest, they see Chul-soo and fainted Sarah lying there.Chul-soo and Sarah are brought home from there.Chul-soo is tied in that room in a harsh way.On the other side, that prideful boy met a man when he went to meet the house owner.He was the friend of the house owner.He said that they did an experiment in a result to which, this beast was made.If we hadn't arrived on time, it would have eaten Sarah.Therefore, we want to take him with us.But the police say No! we will keep him under our observation.

If he transforms again, we'll shoot him immediately.Sarah's family gets upset due to this.Police were having an eye on him and takes his blood samples.When reports come in, it turns out that his body temperature is higher than that of a human.His muscles are strong as an elephant.He was kept under observation.Then we see that Sarah goes to him and embraces him.Police and that house owner say that certainly, he didn't live in human beings.But he wants to adapt their feelings and habits.For how long we'll keep him here? So, we set him free.That proudful guy comes and says that it can never happen.He says that Chul-soo killed a goat.He takes the police to her friend, with whom he was that day.She also tells a lie that she has also seen Chul-soo killing that goat.Then that man is called whose goat died.He confesses that his goat died but says that he didn't see Chul-soo doing this.

That bad guy becomes angry at him and says I'm saying that I've seen him.Police say that we'll check that place later.Goat owner goes to that prideful boy.He says that I didn't find any scar on my goat rather her ribs were broken.I'll like to see your car too.So bring your car with you.He leaves after saying this.But that boy pursues him and kills him.Afterward, he goes to Sarah's house and destroys the fuse.The light turns out and security cameras turn off.Later, he goes to Chul-soo's room who was making a sketch of a guitar.He goes to him and says that he is sorry for his mistake.

He says that Sarah wants to sing on a guitar but someone broke her guitar.In fact, it is at the house of that goat owner.In fact, he's the one who broke the guitar and left it on his house.Chul-soo goes to find the guitar in his house.But as the light comes, the police don't find him there.Suddenly that bad guy comes and claims that Chul-soo has escaped.He also killed a police officer.But in fact, he was the killer himself.He says that he went to eat goat's meat there.They all reach his house and asks Chul-soo to surrender.But Chul-soo shows them the sketch that he came here to find the guitar.But that bad guy points his gun on him.But Sarah covers him.He says if you didn't take aside, I'll shoot in reality.Then he starts the countdown.That boy was about to hit Sarah.He starts hitting him brutally.

Chul-soo doesn't tolerate this and he again transforms into a werewolf.He jumps on that boy and kills him.Everyone starts shooting him.But he runs to the forest with Sarah.Sarah says that she believes himand then she faints.Chul-soo covers her and lets her sleep.The next morning, when she wakes up, she hears somebody calling her name.Because her family was searching for her.Sarah was going but Chul-soo follows her.But Sarah slaps him and asks him not to follow her.At the same time, she starts weeping and says sorry to him.Here Chul-soo speaks for the first time, Don't go!But Sarah didn't want him to come otherwise police would kill him.Therefore, she leaves him there and goes.And Chul-soo keeps watching her go.Sarah goes to them and they wanted to keep this case hidden.

So they decide to leave this place before the reporters come.Chul-soo is left alone there.Later, we are shown Sarah's family leaving from there.Then Sarah leaves a note in Chul-soo's room that I'll come someday.Because she knew that Chul-soo loved her a lot.They had become great friends.After it, they leave.Now many years later, the present time is shown.She has become an old lady now and she's standing in front of this house.Sarah says that she wants to spend a night here.She goes to sleep inside with her granddaughter.She hears the same voice again as she heard the first time.When she goes outside and goes to that room, she sees that Chul-soo was also there.He gives her a note.Sarah embraces her and sleeps.The next morning old Sarah leaves the house with her granddaughter.She receives a call from that buyer but she refuses and says that we don't wanna sell it.Then we are shown Chul-soo was standing at a distance watching all this.He knew that Sarah came here.He starts building a snowman as they both used to build in their childhood.The movie ends here. Thank you for watching. :)

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