Annabelle Comes Home (2019) Film Explained

 The movie that is being explained is 'Annabelle Comes Home'.Movie starts exactly on that scene where Annabelle movie was completed. A mother gifts a doll to her daughter, purchasing it.Because her daughter was the lover of dolls. But she soon hands over it to Ed and Lorraine  Lorene.Because Annabelle doll was possessed with the evil powers. And it was trying to enchant that girl.Ed and Lorraine lead to their house, taking Annabelle doll.But they have to choose another way for their house due to the occurrence of an accident.They stop before a graveyard on the way because of having a problem in their car.And Ed was repairing the car. At the same time, Lorraine encounters a girl soul on the back seat of the car.She was that girl who was the victim of car accident a while ago.

 That spirit utters, I like your doll!Otherwise, Lorraine  also encounters many spirits there. And all spirits had come from that graveyard.One of the spirits attacks Ed pushing him at the mid of the track so that Ed may be  crushed under the front coming truck and be dead.But Ed saves himself. Here Ed and Lorraine  are sure that everything is being done by Annabelle doll.So they return to their house without delaying the time, taking that doll. Bringing into their house, they begin to take Anabelle doll to their artifact room.There were some belongings regarding their  cases.

 And these things had a evil demonic power in them.Annabelle doll is put on the chair. And something mysterious begins to happen because of the presence of Annabelle doll.As the mysterious movement of other things and the running of clock backward. It was really strange.So they lock it in glass case which was brought from the church. And they also make it blessed by Father.Here the Annabelle's power is revealed as it tempts every type of spirits towards it, either good or evil .

And empowers them to attack its victim. afterwards, a time after 1 year is shown.Where Ed and Lorraine 's daughter named Judy is shown who was reading a newspaper while taking her breakfast.There was a news of Ed and Lorraine . People were commenting about them as they are fake.They pretend to fight the demonic forces for the sake of money. A question was also asked here.Are they heroes or hunters? School children used to tease Judy taking the name of her parents.So Judy had no  bosom friend. Next day, Ed and Lorraine  had to visit the out of city to tackle a case.They hire a girl named Mary as a caretaker of Judy. Mary drops Judy at school.

Judy encounters a Father's spirit at the school who was continuously staring at her.That spiriit was also pursuing her. One thing is revealed here because Judy owned some powers like her mother as to feel and see spirits.After that, Mary is seen with her friend Daniela in the market. Because, it was Judy's birthday and  some things were required to make the cake.Mary and shopkeeper had affair between them.Their conversation exposes that Daniela was much interested to visit Ed and Lorraine's house for a cause.While picking up Judy, Mary and Judy observe the statue of Father whom spirit had been visible before Judy.Judy again notices the Father's spirit while returning. 

Mary and Judy were busy in making a cake.Then Daniela enters their house from the backdoor. Daniela has a ringing bell in her hand and she asks from Judy, Is it any bell to call spirits?But Judy clears, No, it is an ordinary bell fetched by her mother.Actually, Daniela was much interested in the work of Ed and Lorraine and she wants to discover the things in their house.So she gifts Judy a roller skate. when Judy and Mary go outside from the house, Daniela gets a chance to discover the house as being alone.Daniela tries to open the artifact room of Warrens but its door was locked.Then she tries to contact the spirits outside the door but of no vail and door does not open.

She reaches the office of Ed while searching the key of that door. She discovers the key of artifact room behind the photo frame.And she unlocks the artifact room using that key. Her purpose behind it was to call the spirit of her dead father.It is obvious, no place was better than this artifact room. Then she enters the artifact room.Daniela touches the present artifacts in the room. At the same time, Annabelle doll is fallen in that glass case.Whereas there was a label of 'Warning' on that glass case. In spite of this warning, she unlocks Annabelle's glass case.After this happening, fire alarm is activated because of the burning cake of Judy.Daniela runs, forgetting to lock of the glass case. 

Here it may be estimated that Annabelle doll was  completely freed now.Now it can do anything using her demonic powers. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. Mary checks through keyhole but no one is there.She is astonished on it. But Mary opens the door and observes a child girl,Who says to her, I want to play with Annabelle doll! Suddenly that child girl is disappeared from there.It was obviously the eye-opener sight.Daniela observes her father's spirit.Following her, she enters the house. Judy also steps into the house, pursuing Daniela.Judy sees an Annabelle doll which is on the chair in a room. There is started the mysterious happenings.Judy finds a note under the bed. 

This note has a written statement, Miss me? She also notices a walking shadow there.Suddenly, 'The Bride' appears before Judy. She is about to attack Judy, taking a knife.Judy saves herself while shouting and showing the Cross. The sounds of her screaming are heard by Mary and Daniela.Marry encourages Judy, coming to her. Here Judy reveals to Mary as she has the ability to see the spirits.Mary responds her, It is not necessary that all spirits are evil , some are good.Daniela discovers the file of Ed and Lorrain which is about the ghost hunting.That file had the record of many demons. There were also the video tapes about exorcism performed by Ed and Lorraine.Daniela plays a tape on the projector but Marry immediately turns it off because Judy was feeling afraid.

They decide to play a Feeley Meeley board game. Doorbell again rings while playing the game.Now, that shopkeeper is at the doorstep. Marry goes to check but was not allowing him to come inside.Mary and Daniela celebrate the birthday of Judy at night. And the same boy was playing guitar outside.Where that boy is attacked by a wolf like demon. That boy escapes to save his life.Daniela again goes to that artifact room . It is observed that artifacts of that room were moving now.Daniela tries to appear her father's spirit through the kept bracelet in the artifact room and gets success.She encounters her father's spirit in the mirror fixed at her back side.Suddenly , he shouts her taking the form of demon. 

Daniela tries to leave but is locked now.Because the door was locked. Here it is also revealed that it was not the spirit of her father but an evil spirit.Later, then a glass of milk is fallen down from the table while changing its place and tap recorder itself turns on.Then Annabelle doll is seen with Judy. 

Daniella  notices a television screen in the artifact room,Screen predicts , In which direction will Daniela look at ,next? Mary gets many coins in the house.Suddenly, she sees a demon which was actually a 'Coin Demon'. It drags Mary to and fro, attacking her.Switching on the light, Mary runs to Judy's room before it kills her. Judy faces the Annabelle doll in her blanket.At the same time, Annabelle doll is seen in the shadow of the blinking light which continues to take the form of different demons.Finally, it is transformed into a menacing  demon and attacks Judy.

 But Mary saves the life of Judy exactly after opening the door.Mary tries to contact Ed and Lorraine. But a demon was speaking through call in the voice of Lorraine.Demon says, It wants to talk with Annabelle. And Annabelle needs their spirits.All fixed bells of the house themselves begin to ring. Immediately, Mary and Judy also come into artifact room.Kept typewriter in the artifact begins to work itself. There was only a phrase was  typing which was, 'Miss me'.They all three leave the artifact room hardly. But Mary faces the breathing problem, coming outside.Because she suffered asthma. Judy goes out to take Mary's inhaler because it was in the car.And Judy is attacked by wolf demon outside. But coming there, that shopkeeper saves Judy while attacking on  wolf demon.

Then it is seen that 'The Bride 'had bewitched Daniela. And Daniela was completely under control, wearing the dress of Bride.Now they had only a solution to avoid such troubles, if they keep Anabelle doll in the same glass case.But Annabelle was missing. Then the spirit of Father comes on the scene again which was being observed by Judy.Guiding Judy, he takes her to the direction of house where Anabelle doll was present.Here it is known that Father's spirit was benevolent. And it becomes evident here that all spirits are not evil but there may be benevolent spirits.Playing Feeley Meeley, Mary and Judy search the key of that room where Annabelle doll was present.Mary enters that room , there were many evil demons. They try to horrify Marry.Marry throws Annabelle doll outside the room in a great difficulty after taking it from here.And Judy runs to keep Annabelle doll to that glass case but possessed Daniela attacks Judy on the way.Mary and Judy confront Daniela  and Judy plays on the projector the video of exorcism performed by her parents.

Watching this video, Daniela's evil spirit is also driven out . Now she had freed from the possession of 'The Bride'.Now all three girls try to keep Annabelle doll into the glass case, going into the artifact room.Where many demons struggle to make their plan unsuccessful. Then Judy was keeping the demons away showing a Cross.And Daniela successfully keeps Annabelle doll into the glass case. After all, everything comes to its normal routine.Then the same shopkeeper also arrives there. Judy tells, This boy had rescued her from the demon outside.

Mary is very pleased, they all 4 spend their time there. And Ed and Lorraine also come early in the morning.Judy reveals the whole occurred incidents to her parents and they cool down their daughter.Everything comes on the soothing routine and they celebrate the birthday of Judy. And the movie comes to its end pleasingly.

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