Apocalypto (2006) Film Explained

 The ancient era is shown in this movie.It is observed that some tribesmen are conversing with one another in a tribe.They are also hunting the wildlife along with it.They had set a trap there in order to catch those animals.The animal was entrapped while placing its foot on it.And they used to eat it collaboratively.But a boy who is also the main character of this movie hears a sound.Turning back, he notices a coming another tribe from the dense  forest far away.The tribesmen ask them coming near, Why are they advancing here?They tell, Our place has been dominated by another tribe.They are killing our men. So let us pass from there!We are going in search of another tribe.Finding a land, we  may stay there. In return, they offer them 4 big fish.Please keep them and let us pass. And they are all afraid.The protagonist of this movie also gets upset. But his father says , Don't be afraid.

Because we are audacious. Afterward, he moves to his house.Then his wife and a son come on the scene.He was still upset but his wife is wise.She says to him, Everything will be alright!He dreams while falling asleep there.He dreams of a torn abdomen of the same tribesman.He has caught the intestines in his hands.He awakens in fear while dreaming it.He hears the mysterious sound outside his house at the same time.Going outside, he catches the glimpses of brightness.He understands, there is something wrong.He quickly brings his wife and son outside.seeing them, a tribesman tries to attack.But he immediately moves to a well, taking his wife and son.And he struggles to descend them into the well while fastening.At the same time, another tribesman arrives there but the protagonist throws him into the well after killing.Then he hides the rope tying it with a rope as he descends his wife and son into the well with it.So that he may ascend them from the well after that.He begins to fight with another tribe, coming from there.His tribesmen had not tangled with anyone ever before nor they had any knowledge about it.So they are unable to confront another tribe and surrender.

Another tribe subjugates all of them while enslaving.Then the leader of another tribe is shown.His representative was with him.That representative begins to attack protagonist then the chief says, Stop!I need him alive! But the representative of the  chief was in full rage.So he kills the protagonist's father before him.As a result, protagonist becomes red with rage. He heads towards him.

But the same man makes protagonist unconscious while attaching before his attack.And protagonist falls at the exact place.Next morning, it is shown that protagonist restores his senses.And other tribesmen are taking these tribesmen with them while binding them.Meanwhile, protagonist stares at that well where his wife and son were secured.But the representative of that tribal chief notices this and begins to suspect.Going to the well, he finds his own tribesman into the well who was dead.Peeping into the well, he finds no one.And he proceeds, taking them. Their tragic journey starts here.This tribe pass mountains, forests, rivers and many other place while enslaving  this tribe.

They also passes a  village there. They observe a wide spread disease there.And  many lying dead bodies are everywhere.They also encounter an infectious little girl who says to the tribe chief,You are nearly to end! But tribal chief ignores her.There was a different story as they approach in their own tribe.There was a great celebration , it was being enjoyedBecause they had brought the prisoners and men with them.There were also standing people here along with it.Who begin to talk about the bargaining of them.In fact they wanted to enslave them, making them to perform their duties.These prisoners are painted with the blue colour.It is shown that people were being sacrificed for the happiness of  whom they used to worship.Lying at a place, a man's heart is pulled out after cutting his body.And many people become the victim as it is.Then there is turn of the protagonist.He is also laid down. But the darkness begins to prevail in the surrounding because of the solar eclipse.

And they all stop it here. Then the tribesmen bring changing in their plan.And they take all the prisoners into an open area.They are said, Let's play a game!There is a forest in the opposite direction of this open area.We will liberate that person between both of you who succeeds to reach at that side of the forest.Then leader murmurs his son's ear, Go and take your position at the opposite direction of the forest!So that you may kill him if someone is able to reach the opposite side of the forest.chief asks them to run after saying it.At the beginning, those prisoners were much confused . What could they do except it?So they start running. But the tribesmen begin to shoot their arrows on them along with it.And they also get hurt with the arrow.Then there is a turn of the protagonist and one more prisoner.They are compelled to run. And they begin running awkwardly.So they may avoid the arrow attack.

Anyhow, one of the prisoners receives the shot of arrow.And going ahead, protagonist is also hit by the arrow.chief's son runs so he may kill him.But the prisoner behind him catches his foot.And he says loudly to the protagonist of the movie, Go! you may escape.Go away from here! But  chief's son moves ahead after killing him.And he captures the protagonist.The protagonist attacks him , breaking off his arrow's front side.As a result, chief's son is dead at that place with the shot of the same arrow.Now protagonist is worried thinking what step should be taken .And in which direction should be run. Because tribesmen of that tribe had surrounded that place.Standing up, he immediately runs towards the forest.Now chief flies into rage, seeing his son.As how did he dare to kill my son?The protagonist had to reach his wife and son at any rate.He moves to the forest knowing that it belongs to this tribe.They may not search me out through my trails.So he climbs up a tree. 

Tribesmen go in the forest in his search.But he is out of sight.Protagonist's blood is dropped on a tribesman while walking.Shortly after, leader witnesses that drop of blood on his shoulder.He tells everyone, He is on one of the trees.And he must be searched quickly. On the other side, he is shown sitting on a tree.At that moment , a panther cub approaches there.But its mother was also present there.And it starts running after the protagonist.Other tribesmen also reach there hearing the noise as both are running.And a man goes after the protagonist to catch him.But female panther kills that man.The rest of the tribesmen end the female panther, coming there.

Everyone was frightened except chief.Because they had recalled the words of that little girl.One of their tribesmen also meets his end.So they were thinking as they may not become the victim.Suddenly chief says coming there, Why are you afraid?We are the owners of this forest and familiar with every corner of it.Contrarily, the exhausted  protagonist is shown, reclining with a tree.Unfortunately, his blue colour is left on that tree.Tribesmen come to know, arriving there as he is in the surroundings.A coming poisonous snake stings one of the tribesmen as they are conversing with one another.Now they cannot take a single action.The cannot save him. So they move ahead, leaving him there.Taking the advantage of it, the protagonist goes forward from there.And he observes a mighty waterfall in front of him.Now he could neither go back nor move forward.But he had to do something here.Now he could be dead while jumping off.There was no benefit for this struggle if he retreats.

So he jumps off , putting his life at risk.Fortunately, he reaches other side of the waterfall.Now he had reached his forest.Now he was feeling bold and sturdy at this place.Somehow, another tribal chief also reaches there.But protagonist says to him furiously, It was the forest of my ancestors!My ancestors hunted  here and fostered us at this place.I hunted in my forest and my offspring will also hunt here!What can you do? Move towards me if you have courage!Saying it, he begins to flee. One of the tribesmen says to the chief,We should leave because It is their region.Chief is got angry saying, I have lost my son and you are uttering this.Immediately, he kills him with a dagger.And the rest of the tribesmen are afraid and they had to be with the chief at any cost.Thinking it, a man jumps down.But he is dead while crashing with a rock.While fearing, other tribesmen also jump down.

Some of them reach at the bank while others cannot.Further, the protagonist is shown who was entrapped in the bog.He frees himself with a force.But his whole body had gone muddy.He says after Being touched with his forest's mud, I will not run anymore now!Because no one ever had won the fear nor it will never ever happen!I will face them. He gets the  honey bee nest, thinking it.And covering it into a leaf, he throws it on the tribesmen.As a result , honey bees begin to attack them.Having the muddy body, those honey bees cannot harm the protagonist in any way.Then the protagonist picks up a poisonous toad.And plucking the thorns, he  coats them with the poison.And he throws those thorns on the tribesmen, through making a blowgun of a leaf.Then protagonist  moves near to kill him.Hearing the screaming of that man,  representative of chief also comes there.And he catches his glimpses. That man was equipped.But protagonist was empty-handed.So he runs to possess that dead man's weapon.On the other side, that man is also running towards him.That man is nearly to attack the  protagonist.Protagonist targets his head  while picking the weapon of lying dead man.

And that man is ended at the spot.Then it is shown that the heavy rain started in the forest.Protagonist began worrying of his wife and the son.Because that well was filling with water.The chief shoots an arrow on him as he moves ahead.And he falls down. The chief was in extreme anger.Because he wanted to avenge his son's death.So he advances towards him, taking out his dagger.So this was the forest of the protagonist.And it was the same place where they had hunted the wildlife.

And there were still set traps there.Being ignorant of it, so chief places his foot on the trap coming forward,Many thorns fixed on that trap are thrust into the body of the chief.And he is to be killed. But there were still 2 survivors of that tribe.Here the protagonist was taking care of his wife and son,He begins to run  back. But he notices the big ships at the sea.They had reached there while discovering the new land.And another tribesmen were also present there.As the chief had been killed ,So they had no profit in killing the protagonist.They don't harm him so the protagonist begins to run towards the well.His another expectant baby was coming into life which is delivered in the well.He pulls his wife and kids with the rope outside from the well.Then it is shown that they are standing at the shore of the same sea.His wife asks him, do we go there?He replies, No! we will begin our new life, moving into the forest.And we will take a new turn and the movie also ends with it.

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