Aquaman (2018) Film Explained

 It was year 1985.There is a man at the shore of the Sea.He was working in light house according to his daily routine.He saves a girl who came from Sea,who is the Princess of AtlantisBasically, Atlantis is a huge city under water,from which this girl has come.They spend a lot of time togetherand gradually start liking each other.After some time, they get married.A baby boy is born to them after some time.His name is ''Arthur''.He has a power of speaking to all Sea creatures.which means, he can talk to all Sea creatures.Now we see that Atlantean Soldiers come to their house.Their purpose is to take their Princess back to Atlantis.Because they attack her,so, forcibly she has to leave his family and son.because if she hadn't acted the same, the Soldiers might have killed them.To save their life, she goes back with Soldiers.Princess trusts one of his special Advisor.So, she asks him to train ''Arthur'' as a skilled Warrior.So that, he can learn fighting skills like us.''Arthur'' has grown up now.

He is invited to come back to ''Atlantis''.(Advisor says:) ''You're a first son and you can become King there.'But Arthur refuses to do so.because his mother was killedjust because she loved a human and married him,and I am a Half-Breed son, born from them.This reason is useless for me.I'll never come back to Atlantis.and we see here that some Pirates are looting a Russian Submarineand ''Arthur'' saves them here.During fight, the Leader of Pirates is killed by ''Arthur''.Son of that leader, ''David'' is also present there.When David sees that ''Arthur'' that is ''Aqua man'' killed his father,He plans to seek revenge from him.Now we see another main character whose name is ''Orm''.

He is going to be the King of Atlantis.He is also a step brother of ''Arthur'', who lives under water,which means he lives in ''Átlantis''.Before heading forward, let me differ that''Orm'' lives under water and ''Arthur'' lives on ground.''Orm'' meets different Kings,who live in different cities near ''Atlantis'', under water.''Orm'' says to a King that we should attack upper surface (land),because they are polluting our Sea and spreading pollution.but, that King is not in favour to attack habitants of land.but he thinks that if more four Kings support ''Orm'',He'll be entitled as ''Ocean Master'' which means thathe'll become Commander and his decisions will be accepted.While they're talking, a Russian Submarine comes and attacks them.Here, ''Orm'' saves that King andby seeing this, that King intents to support ''Orm''.That King has a daughter named ''Mera'',whose marriage is to be fixed with ''Orm'',but she doesn't want to marry him.She has only a single way to escape,who is ''Arthur''.She thinks that if ''Arthur'' comes here, ''Orm'' won't become King.She goes to upper surface (land), where she meets ''Arthur''.She seeks help from him and asks him to come back in water.because You're elder son so you can become a King.But, ''Arthur'' refuses.After some time, ''Mera'' wins his trust.because ''Orm'' sends a huge wave of Seaand here, ''Mera'' saves ''Arthurs's Father''.By seeing this, he starts trusting ''Mera''and comes under water with her.Here, ''Arthur'' meets his teacher, who has taught him fighting skills

.He was that soldier, whom his mother trusted the most.They tell him that you've to find Trident,it has alot of power and magic in itand if someone finds it, he'll become King without asking him.Because without this Trident, ''Orm'' will never let you become a King.He is very powerful, even if you claim it after defeating him,he'll never let you win.While they're talking, Soldiers of Orm's soldiers come hereand attack them and ''Arthur'' gets captured.''Arthur'' is presented to ''Orm'' captured in chains.''Orms'' blames him that you're the reason of my mother's death,and you're the reason that Queen was hanged to death''Orm'' is his brother and says to ''Arthur'' thatI am giving you a chance, leave this area for goodand never come back in water!but ''Arthur'' angrily challenges him to fight.They both get into a fight here.''Orm'' has higher chance of winning because he is an aquatic habitant.

To defeat ''Orm'' in water is a hard pill to swallow for ''Arthur''.Fight is continued and ''Arthur'' is about to die,when ''Mera'' comes there and saves Arthur.To find the 'Trident', which they're searching for,They go to ''Sahara Desert''.Sahara Desert was the place where ''Trident'' was made.They find a 'holographic message there, who indicates thatthey are supposed to go to ''Italy''.and there they'll find coordinates who'll tell the location of Trident.Trident is basically like a spear, who has a lot of magical powers.On the other side, we see that ''Orm'' meets ''David''.''David'' is the guy who was son of that died Pirate.He wants to take revenge from ''Aqua man''.It's also revealed here that Russian Submarine,which attacked the King of Water,was a result of their mutual conspiracy.It was Orm's plan that David will attack the King and he'll save himAnd that King'll support him out of sympathyOrm gives David, latest ‘’Atlantean Battle Suit’’ which is based on Modern TechnologyWhich can only be used by Aquatic Inhabitants.David tests this technology  and becomes happythat now he can take revenge by killing ''Arthur''.

There ''Orm'', kills another King of ''Kingdom of Fishermen''and compels them to support ''Orm''because King of ''Kingdom of Fishermen'' has died so,he forces the Queen and Princess to fight in first lane of battle.He asks them to collect Army.We see David here, who transforms modern technology suit (given by Orm)into Super-Hero Suit for him.He names it as ''Black Manta''.He becomes very powerful after wearing this suit.We see that ''Arthur'' and ''Mera'' are in Italy to find those coordinates,when ''David'' attacks there.''David'' (Black Manta) and ''Arthur'' get into serious fight there.At last, ''Arthur'' throws ''David'' down the Mountains.During fight, ''Arthur'' has gotten injured.''Mera'' treats his wounds and gives him courage.She says  that You've to become Kind and you can't be so delicate.You have to show courage like a King!.

They set out in search of ''Trident''.During journey, they face many monstersand defeating them, they reach to the middle of the earth.This is the centre of the Earth.They both see theit mother for the first time there,who was ''Queen Atlanna'' who has sacrificed herself by coming in this Trench.Coming to this Trench is equal to Death.But ''Queen Atlanna'' has survived there without any harm to herand she was surviving here for a long time.Now, ''Arthur'' and ''Mera'' are also there and they hug each other.This is an emotional scene.Now they are so near to ''Trident'' but ''Arthur'' can only go alone.''Mera'' or her ''Mother'' can't tag along with him.''Arthur'' steps forward to find ''Trident'' and he finds this ancient Trident.But before this, ''Leviathan'' attacks him.

 Basically, he is care taker of this Trident.''Leviathan'' looks like a mixture of dragon and snake and is huge.He says that Whoever came here, wasn't worthy and I killed all of them.As we got to know in start, ''Arthur'' could talk to ''Sea Creatures''.So, he talks to him. That snake-dragon like creature asks him that, Can you hear me?No one was able to hear me before this.''Arthur'' tells him his worth and claims to be the deserver of this ''Trident'',I'm worthy so, I should rule seven Seas.At last, ''Leviathan'' agrees and ''Arthur'' gets that ''Trident''.After achieving Tridents, Arthur's power increases and his costume changes.All Kingdoms of the Sea are supporting ''Orm'' ,that's why, ''Orm'' entitles himself as ''Ocean Master''which means that, his decisions will be carried out.

There, supporters of ''Orm'' get to know that ''Arthur'' has gotten the ''Trident''.According to rule, holder of Trident will be the real King and the ''Ocean Master''.No question shall be asked from him.Every one gets confirmation that Trident is with ''Arthur''.But ''Orm'' gets angry and says that, Achieving Trident doesn't matter,who's braver and more skilled, He'll be the ''Ocean Master'' and will rule all Kingdoms.Here, once again, ''Orm'' and ''Arthur'' fights on a Submarine.''Arthur'' defeats ''Orm'' in this fight but doesn't kill him and let him alive.Here, ''Queen Atlanna'' comes in front of him.When he sees that ''Arthur'' saved his mother, he accepts his fateand present himself for arrestment by accepting his defeat.Soldiers of ''Atlantis'' captures him and take him away.Movie come to and end here.If you liked ''Aqua Man Movie's'' explanation, then Please Like and Subscribeand tell your Feedback in comment section. Thank you for watching.

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