Axe Giant (2013) Film Explained

 At the beginning of the movie, we are shown a scene of a village.There lived many woodcutters.There was also an old man there.People respected him a lot and obeyed him.The chef of the village cooks food for them.He invites them to eat.But that old man leaves by saying that I’ll join you after some time. I have work to do.After a while, when he returns he sees manipulated dead bodies of other villagers.Their throats were cut.He was analyzing that how it happened?Then suddenly a weird faced giant appears and moves forward to kill him.But that old man runs away from there.But that giant was following him too.He grabs him and cuts his head in a huge blade and that man dies.

After it, we are shown the present time.We are shown a department where criminal children were used to training.So that they won’t do it again.To have a check on them and to counsel them, a sergeant and a female staff member are given this duty.Five children were brought there.They had done criminal activities.They certainly have done something wrong.There was a girl named CB.Her father was Sheriff.The sergeant tells them we’ll go to the forest.We’ll stay there in camps.There, I’ll counsel you all and teach you ethics.If someone refused, he’ll be punished.If someone does as I tell them to do and passes the test as well, then the court will free them too.They leave for the forest then and Sheriff heads to his home.As they reach the entrance of the forest, they see a mad man there.

He was staring at them weirdly.Later, Sergeant gives them their tents and says that you people will have to sleep in these.He goes inside the cabin himself.Then we see a deer in that forest.There comes a polar bear who was about to attack it.But suddenly, a giant appears behind him and starts eating after killing it.In the night, they were taking counseling classes.They were having a conversation sitting beside the campfire.Suddenly that mad man appears again and starts behaving abnormally.Sergeant asks them not to get worried because he was the habitant of this forest.They make him go out of here and then come to their tents.The next morning, they all go trekking.On the other side, we are shown that mad man who was playing Chess outside his house.He was saying, “Now It’s my turn”.

On the other hand, two of those boys get tired of trekking.They move forward to explore the forest.While walking, they find a bull’s skull.One of those boys pulls out a horn from that skull and takes it with him.A girl from their team says that what you people have done?How can you bring any animal’s horn?The sergeant scolds them too and asks them to go back.On the other hand, we are shown CB’s father.He gets to know that a boy dies during training in this counseling department.Because Sergeant made him do excess exercise.Hearing it, he starts worrying.

Being worried for her daughter, he set out for the forest.On the other side, we are shown that giant going to his place.He finds one horn missing from his bull’s skull.He roars loudly.Everyone thinks that it might be a lion.Meanwhile, that mad man comes outside his house holding his gun.Because he knew that giant is really angry.Now giant set out in search of the people who stole the horn.Giant’s eye catches the sight of those people.One of those girls was busy with her cell phone.Giant stands behind her and divides her body into two by cutting her with his axe.He hits the other girl.And then cuts Sergeants body into two parts.Smashing the Sergeant, he heads to the remaining people.They all run to their cabin.They were planning to escape the forest in a van.But unluckily, the key was left behind with the sergeant.Suddenly, a boy says that he knows how to start a van without a key.

They go to the van scaring.But that boy couldn’t start the van.Lady staff brings them to the cabin again.Outside, that giant drags the van so that they don’t leave.And then he waits for them to come outside so that he can catch them.Then that old man is shown.He was rushing to their cabin and the female staff lets him in.He was very nervous.He says that it may not be that you have not tampered with him.Otherwise, why is he behind you?CB shows him that horn which was brought by that boy.That old man passes a proud smile and says you saw what I said.And then he starts telling them a story.He tells them 100 years ago; a man lived in a village.A boy with gigantism was born to him.

His body parts were growing fast.No one was his friend due to this disease.So he did friendship with a calf in a forest.He also grew huge like him with the passage of time.They became really good friends.But in that year, people cut many trees so that no tree was left behind.Animals, far from it, there is not a single bird left here.They regretted their mistake.But they were starving.Because they were unable to find anything to prey on.But one day suddenly, that giant’s friend bull comes in front of them.They don’t understand anything and they shoot it in hurry.Coming to the village, they cooked it and started eating.But when the giant came there, he became outrageous.

Because they killed his friend bull.He started killing villagers with his axe one by one.Later, cut his father’s head with a blade.This scene is shown to us in the beginning.Afterward, that giant ran towards the forest.But villagers captured him.He was captured in a cave and then the cave was blasted.People were grateful that he died and he won’t put them in misery again.But they didn’t know that he survived somehow.He started living in a cave at the top of the mountain.He rose up there.He liked a girl in the village but she hated him.Now he sat still beside the grave of his bull.Then that mad man says that you stole its horn from its grave.So why shouldn't he be offended, why shouldn't he attack you?Hearing it, that boy picks up the horn and takes it outside.He throws it up and says; Take this horn of your bull, Giant! Now leave us alone.As he was going inside the cabin, the giant throws this horn to his side and it crosses his body.He dies.All other people go to their cabin with fear.

That mad man claims that the giant hasn’t killed me yet because I resemble the girl he likes.Here, Sheriff had reached the forest as well.As he sees the dead body of Sergeant, he understands that something’s wrong here.Then he climbs up the tower and try to convey his message through radio.But instead of connecting to his team, the frequency gets connected with the radio of a bar.People in the bar listen to this note.On the other hand, the giant was so offended.He starts breaking their cabin.Then he takes a girl out of it and throws her harshly on the ground.As a result, she dies in a bad way.Then female staff member shoots in his eye.Availing the chance, they run.They were about to escape when that mad man comes in front of them.He asks them to stop.He asks, where are you going?I told you that you should take that girl back to him.And till then, I won’t let you go.Suddenly a boy comes forward to stop him from shooting.But that mad man shoots and unfortunately, that boy dies.

Giant was becoming offensive of seeing this scenario.That what are they doing when I’m here?Thinking this, he throws away his axe in anger.But mistakenly, it hits the head of that mad man.His head detaches from his body.Then they were going to escape the forest.CB was driving and her father was at the back of the car, keeping an eye on the giant.But the giant was also chasing them continuously to attack them.CB’s mind is diverted and they get into an accident.

Now the three of them run and reach a dam.Giant reaches there as well.At the same time, People of the bar and the Police also come there.Because luckily, they heard the voice note of the Sheriff.They start shooting the giant at the same time.Due to this, he gets injured and starts bleeding.Finally, he dies and drowns in the water.Now CB, her father Sheriff, and that female staff member were seeing this through the bridge.CB’s father was so glad that he saved his daughter in the nick of time.But they were also sad for the people who lost their lives.The movie ends here.Thank you for watching.

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