Black Sea 2014 Film Explained

 The story starts with the captain of ship named Robinson.At the beginning, he was serving in the Navy but now he has been working under the company Agora for 11 years.Company's task is to search the wrecked and sunk ships. One day, this company dismisses some of its employees including Robinson.Robinson is depressed because of his sudden termination from his job.

Because he had been segregated from his wife and son during these 11 years.Being busy, he never attends them so his wife had left him.Robinson has a son of 11 years old who lives with his wife.Robinson also has a friend named Kurston in the firm, he is also dismissed from the firm.Kurston is worried, taking a matter because he is debtor. He also takes the anti depression pills.Once they are all in a bar , Kurston reveals a secret to them. Before it , Let us know about 'Black Sea'!Black Sea is surrounded by 5 countries and its depth is 2, 200 meters.Kurston reveals about the search done by Agora in Black sea. Hitler army Nazi was completely destroyed in 1941.

Russia was still safe from the war threats. But Russia had fear of the attack of Germany.Taking the advantage of it, Hitler loaned 2 ton of gold from Russia.Its cost may be estimated as a ship was filled with gold by Hitler, taking the boat from Russia. But that ship did not reach to Hitler.Either it sank into the sea while sailing or was conspired to sink. Consequently, Hitler attacked Russia.Million of people met their destiny during 4 years battle. Afterwards, a research institute searched out a U-boat.They claimed it the same boat where the gold was placed. They took it to Georgia government and revealed the location of U-boat.Georgia government agreed to take it out. 

And a war broke out between Georgia and Russia.And limits begin to cross. Russia was unknown about U-boat location while Georgia was aware.But no one could enter the Black sea until the dispute is resolved. And that U-boat will remain sunk in the sea.Knowing about it, Robinson discusses it with aristocratic man. Because the expense may take peak in this research.And the finance is dire need of it. The person named Lewis is ready to invest for this research.But he wants to take 40% of all gold in return. Robinson agrees while his friend Kurston commits suicide under depression.

Robinson gets an investor for this search. At the beginning, he buys old submarine. In spite of it, he purchases it.There is a Russian friend with Robinson whose name is Blackie. They arrange a crew of 12 people including half English and half Russian, after planning.Robinson selects the Russian because they had taken Russian submarine.And Black sea is occupied by Russia. Russians will prove helpful in order to escape from their countrymen.Minimum 12 persons are required to sail submarine. Those Russians are selected who are expert in their work.Some people are hired for some tasks as to protect the engine, gold and for cooking.They need an experienced diver so they hire a passionate and professional diver named Freezer.They sail in the sea after arranging team and submarine. Robinson, last time, has a look of blue sky and they all sail submarine into the sea after closing its door.Each member of team takes his duty and they go for the exploration of the gold.

Everything is alright till now. Gathering all, Captain provides information to them.He mentions gold saying everyone will be awarded the equal share of the gold from the rest of 60%.Because 40% gold is owned by the investor. Daniels is the assistant of the investor.Daniel advises Robinson, You should not say as such. Having the lust in their heart, they may kill one another.Because their share will be lessoned in this way. And captain should not utter so.All were professionals in the submarine. After a risky search, when they reach near location of U-boat,Suddenly, Russian ship crosses them.

 They save themselves , stopping the engine.Now they plan to bring propeller shaft of submarine along with gold which was exploded in the submarine.They will start the submarine using propeller shaft of submarine, leaving this place. Then they dive outside almost at 2 or 3 meter distance and search the U-boat.U-boat which consisted of 2 ton of gold. Going into it, they also get propeller shaft of submarine.The brought carriage could not carry the heavy weight , they basically had come to take propeller shaft of submarine.Freezer carries gold and also takes the propeller shaft.

 As a result, the carriage is got heavy.It takes force to drag. They are taking that carriage to the submarine but they are blocked.Uncontroling the grip of carriage , all gold is dropped by them. Only propeller shaft is left.Freezer returns with propeller shaft. All are dejected at the loss of the gold. And they try to drive submarine on the surface.But Daniel the assistant of Lewis reveals a secret to Captain Robinson. As it has been conspired.Lewis is not rich investor. Actually, Agora had compromised with Georgia because it is risky for them to take out the boat.

Agora members had planned it and dismissed all the capable employees of the firm.And being compelled,  you all got ready to take revenge and money from this firm.Agora gave 30,00$ to Kurston in order to make you agree for coaching. And you easily entrapped.As you moved on the surface, taking the gold, Agora could take all gold from you, arresting all of you.Hearing it, Robinson is gone mad in anger and he also thinks as company may show its inhuman side!The dropped gold could not be gained again, otherwise, there was also more gold. They bring 3 ton of gold in the submarine.It is beyond their thoughts. Now they will prevent to hand over 40% to Lewis. They are owners of all gold.Each will get 82 Million because 8 people are left, if they are successful to take it out.

Now they will not proceed to their location but beyond it to avoid Agora.Taking gold, they run the propeller shaft of submarine. They are doubtful of its working.They think, Either they will get freed from here or entrapped here  forever for dying.They start the engine of Submarine and it begins to work. They are joyful thinking their future changing high status.Moving at a distance, they come to know something by the helpers who ask them to alert and stop submarine.

They try to stop its working and hardly stop. There is something wrong in the portolan chart, so submarine is caught in the rocks.They could cross these rocks, passing 40 meter. Taking the help of helpers, they try to get free from the rocks.Suddenly,  there is an explosion in the submarine because of something. And submarine is sunk into the sea, it is holed.As a result, water begins to fill in it. They try to hold the pressure of water but of no use.All are dead in this accident except Robinson and his two companions.Robinson saves his companions' lives but himself dies. Because, saving both of them, 1 person was required behind to handle submarine.And he is left behind with submarine in the sea  forever.

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