BloodShot Explained

 Bloodshot is an American superhero movie. In the first scene a soldier named Marine Ray comes on the scene.He is shown fighting and holding a gun. And he is firing on everyone and puts them into death.He notices going inside that a terrorist has fixed his gun on a man.He orders Ray to put his gun down. Afterward, Ray asks, What do you want?Then he demands a helicopter. Ray says on it, if your demand is a helicopter , Let me call!As terrorist gesticulates the phone, Ray kills him getting a chance while firing.And the man under the gun threat is survived. Next scene starts at Aviano air base.Many soldiers are getting off from aircrafts and helicopters.Where Marin Ray slogans, "Neither any mission is much difficult nor any sacrifice is too great" And all raise their voices, 'Duty First'.

In this way, Ray moves to his wife who is standing beside. It is a successful rescue operation.And he departs to Mombasa in Italy with his wife for spending holidays.But they are unluckily kidnapped there by Martin Axe.Actually, Martin is eager to collect the information about  the hostage operation of Mombasa.He asks many things from him. Ray responds, You can ask me anything except it, I know nothing about it.After that, Ray consoles his wife saying, Everything will be alright!But the kidnapper says, Nothing will be alright and he ends his wife.Ray says in depression, I swear, I will fight and end you!  As a result, the kidnapper also kills Ray.In the next scene, Ray is present at that place where he is properly attached with cables.Coming into senses, he falls down removing the cables from him.Meanwhile, a girl KT arrives saying, Everything is going to be OK.

Then a new character Dr. Harting appears and says to Ray, Welcome to the Rising Spirit Technology!He tells, I am Dr.Harting and says that your awakening is a big phenomena.Then he informs Ray, US military has donated your body to us and you were dead.Actually, Dr. Harting brings him for the purpose of superpower making him as his weapon for his organization.Dr Harting tells, You are the first one who has been enliven successfully by us. And it has done beautifully.You are also the first one who availed the second chance. Dr.Harting also tells him that we are building a rare asset for the US. Military.We have experts for making more strengthful soldiers.Experimenting on Ray, Dr. Harting injures the hand of Ray which is healed in no time.Actually, it is a Bio-mechanical construct which is reacted soon. Dr. Harting further informs that many damaged tissues are immediately recovered using this technology.Then KT says, You will never know who are you because you have been classified.

Dr. Harting says, that was your past while it is the future.Then Dr. Harting tells about himself that I was tennis player and also champion. I suffered the disease of cancer at the age of 15 years old.And my arm was detached from my body. Then he shows his strengthful arm to Ray which is fixed mechanically with his body.Then he also tells Ray , if soldiers are deprived of their arms, we will fix stronger arms with them.Then he takes him to his other patients including Jimmy telling they are stronger than past.Jimmy had lost his legs and artificial legs have been fixed with him.While his other partner loses his eyes and cameras are adjusted on him which are directly affiliated with the optic nerve so he can have a sight of things.After awakening in the next scene, he finds himself more strengthful. 

Punching the pillar forcefully, he does not get any harm.Pillar is cracked and he is also able to lift a heaviest dumbbell. Then meeting with KT who is swimming, he says that it  is a nightmare having the loss of my memories.KT offers him a drink. After drinking, his mind has flashbacks and all memories of his wife's murder come into his mind.He hits his hand furiously on the table.

And taking his bag, he leaves outside.Dr Harting is observing everything through the camera and he says, Where is he going?He asks his assistant to open the channel. Then he asks Ray, Where are you going?Ray asks, how are you talking with me? Dr Harting says that there are the billion wireless processes in you which are connected with your brain.You will have to return back. We are your familiars. Ray says, I had a wife who had been murdered so I just want to confirm it.Afterward, Dr Harting asks, Who has murdered? Then Martin Axe name is revealed.

Dr Harting asks him to come back and says, You are  multi million dollar product!But Ray does not care and leaves sitting on the cockpit of airplane.Now the identified location is of  Kuala Lumpur which is Budapest.Now a place is shown where Martin Axe is being taken in the car.

While passing through the tunnel, the lights of that place are switched off and suddenly a truck crashes into another vehicle.Martin Axe sitting in the car says to the men  in the car, Let me go outside!In this way, Ray reaches there and starts firing. Martin shouts to take me out from this car.Ray is shot but nothing harms him. Because he has been converted into superhuman power.His body absorbs all his flowed blood on the ground healing him.On the other side, he is attacked with the bombs and gunfire by the security guards and others. But he remains in a safe zone.Reaching towards Martin Axe's car, he kills him. In the next scene, the airfield is shown.Where Ray reaches there by his jeep where scientist's patients KT, Jimmy and Macus are waiting for him. And he is brought back to the lab again.

He tells Kt, I have killed my wife's murderer. I have accomplished my task.And all bring Ray back in Rising Spirit for reprogramming.Ray is again under experimentation in the lab wiping out his memory.Actually, Dr Harting is programming his mind creating the false memories about his wife's death. These are false and make the part of his programming.It is done for the elimination of rivals in the Rising Spirit. Removing his present memories, Ray is reprogrammed.Now Dr Harting talks to Kt. She says, we are going to wipe out his memory. Dr. Harting says, What we did was for a cause.It declares that Dr Harting was using Ray independently as a weapon.

Now the next target of Harting is Nick Baris who will be killed by Ray according to plan.Kt says, Ray is a soldier but Harting takes him as a dead soldier. And he deserves it.Now Ray's wife Gina's killer name Nick Baris is set in the mental program of Ray. So Baris becomes his next target.Now Ray again goes taking a car. And Dr Harting repeats his preplanned sentences as where are you going? We are your familiars.Then it is asked, for whom you are going after? But now it is told, I am going after Nick Baris.Now Ray reaches East Sussex of England by aircraft where Baris resides.

While working in his office, Baris receives a briefcase having an EMP bomb by his programmer named Wigans.Dr Harting is keeping his eye on everything through his camera. Ray begins to attack on everyone. Reaching to Baris , he blames him for the murder of his wife.Baris says, It is a lie that you are not understanding. Ray finishes him. And going outside, he loses his senses.Baris's programmer Wigans takes him inside when Ray is unconscious.Dr Harting lab displays the 'Signal Lost' message. Coming into consciousness, Ray is nearly to attack Wigans.Then Wigans says, I am your well wisher. Thinking about it, why is his wife's murderer is  different at every time!!Wigans is also surprised on it. Ray tells him the name of his wife 'Gina', then he injures his own hand and squeezing blood from his hand, he hands it over to Wigans.Wigans says, Amazing!! You are running through an entire programmable system.He also tells that Rising Spirit has programmed the false memories in you making you a killing machine.Ray says on it, this program is temporary! He also discovers his alive wife.Next scene takes place in London city of England where Ray reaches the house of his wife after searching her.He requests her to return back. Gina says, What happened to you? Everything was settled! Now I have my family!Ray asks, When had we met last time? His wife replies, 5 years ago!!Hearing it, Ray is astonished. Then Ray weeps a lot leaving that place.He is driving a car, then immediately Jimmy and his partner crash badly his car with their vehicle.They also start firing on him.

 Receiving a gunshot, Ray's body part is turned into blue colour and Ray gets a chip from there and flees.Jimmy with his partner tries to track him as they fire their gun in the air, the bullets take shape into the cameras to identify Ray's location.Guns are fired on Ray. In return, Ray also starts firing snatching a gun from a police car.His fight is going on with Jimmy. Both are toppled down on the public road. Meanwhile, a coming truck passes over them.Ray does not get any harm and  recovers while Jimmy's artificial legs are detached.After a while, Jimmy stabs a device at Ray's back putting him into unconsciousness.Now KT becomes well wisher of Ray and forbids to obey the command for Wigans given by Harting.Harting makes a disorder in KT's breathing system, consequently, her condition is worsened and later she obeys.She leaves for Wigan's search. In the next scene, KT is in London and reaches the place where Wigans is present.She asks lighter from Wigan for smoking. 

As she smokes, that smoke makes Wigans fainted.While fighting with his security guards, she puts them into death.Coming into senses, Ray is with Dr Harting. Ray says, You made me a killer using me as a weapon. You also tried to show the fake murder of my wife.Dr Harting says, " Revenge is such a tool that makes a man exceptional like you!"Ray says, The people like you only work to break the people like me but you cannot put a harness on us and it will never happen!Suddenly, Dr Harting makes him senseless bringing him into his previous condition.At one side, Dr Harting is programming on Ray while on the other side, Wigans starts his programming.KT tries to help Ray so that she may rescue him bringing at a right place.Dr Harting again tries to create a block in her respiratory system after knowing her planning but access is denied.On the other side, fully armed Jimmy also comes to fight with Ray. Now Wigans controls the programming of Ray.Ray says, I am going for my task completion. 

He reaches a place where Jimmy is with his partner Marcus.Jimmy's other partner also comes to help him. Now Jimmy and Marcus together fight with Ray.But Ray as being a superhuman power hurts Jimmy violently detaching his powerful hand from his body.That hand hits the car of Dr Harting which is being used for escaping.As a result, his car is stopped. Now Ray moves towards Dr Harting. Dr Harting shouts that I was alone who rebuilt you.If I will be no more, your survival will be difficult! But Ray continues to move towards Dr Harting angrily.Taking out his weapons, Dr Harting attacks on Ray. But Ray catches that bullet.On the other side, KT with Wigans continuously keeps the programming of Ray  which is under the control.Many changes are seen in the body of Ray. Now Ray throws the caught bomb on the ground which causes a big blast putting Dr Hartinfg dead.Awakening in the next scene, Ray asks, Where am I? Then Wigans says to him, Relax!!He asks, How are you feeling now? Kt is seated outside while Ray goes outside saying thanks to Wigans.

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