Cast Away (2000) Explained

 The movie starts and we know about the life of Chuck Noland who was trapped on an Island.He remained there for 4 years. The scene starts in a company and we notice Chuck.He takes his work seriously. Officer wants  that every courier should be received on time.He visits out of the country for this reason. There are company branches and he receives appreciation from employees.He tells them the value of time. Chuck is in love with a girl named Kelly.Their relationship is strong so willing to marry. But they cannot marry because of the busy routine of business.Christmas is being near and Chuck has a business tour in Malaysia.He has to go in case of company work. 

 Chuck assures Kelly that he will return back on New year.Kelly says, How will I spend my Christmas?  Chuck takes her consent.Chuck  and Kelly give each other Christmas. Kelly gifts him a watch in which Kelly's photo is fixed.Now  Chuck departs to Malaysia. But a storm burst out  and his aircraft is crashed.And it is a private aircraft of the company. There are also 4 more  persons in the aircraft.And this aircraft crashed down into Pacific ocean. Only Chuck is survived who is flowed with the running water of the sea.Waking up in the morning, he finds himself in a raft.  Chuck is worried seeing no one in the surroundings.Chuck calls there but there is no mark of human being.

He writes a big text "Help" on the ground  so that any overhead passing aircraft may come to help.Night falls and he sleeps. Waking up in the next morning, he checks that his written word "Help" has removed.Now he writes using a wooden piece. He is assured that someone will come for his help.Noticing this mark, they will move here. Now Chuck feels appetite but he gets nothing in the flowed packages of company.Now Chuck hears a sound of something. Looking in his surroundings, he observes a fallen coconut.He comes to know that it is the sound of coconut.

He gets nothing except coconut drink. He survives by drinking it.Chuck has passed three days here. His feet are also injured because of the lying rocks in the sea.He is barefooted. Cutting his pant half, he wraps its piece around his feet so that he may avoid pain.There he notices a peak of a mountain, he decides to climb it up at any cost.He thinks the possibility of climbing it up and estimating, he is able to reach that peak successfully.Now he notices something swimming in the sea. 

Coming down,He is left astonished that it was the dead body of his aircraft pilot.He weeps a lot and arranges his burial. But before burying, he keeps his torch light and shoes.He was habituated to live on this Island. He survives drinking the fallen dew drop on leaves.He wants to catch the fish but cannot succeed.He does not get anything except dew drops and coconut drink. He depends on them while eating.Seeing a ship in the sea at night, he is over excited. He turns on the lights of torch calling but all in vain.Next day, he decides to leave the Island taking the raft that he had.

He had known, there is no one. While escaping, he is drowned into the sea because of the strong speedy waves of the sea.Meanwhile, his foot is wounded and also bleeds. Chuck returns back and rain also starts.Noticing a cave, he moves inside to spend the night there.He turns on the torch . Turning on the torch the whole night,  its battery is lowed.He has nothing like a torch for light. Even he does not know how the fire ignited?Now he comes back and gets a few things in the company package which was flowed with him.Opening it, he only finds one or two useful things for him as skating shoes which have blades at its below side.He cuts the coconut with it easily. Now he can cut anything. He cuts a wooden stick shaping it  pointy.He catches the fish. He cannot eat the raw fish so tries his best to light the fire but in vain.Chuck hits upon a plan as rubbing two woods, he may be successful. And it happens the same as getting success.First time, he feels happiness coming on the beach.

A football is also being seen by Chuck  in the company package and it attained Chuck's blood.He makes eyes, nose and lips on it with his hand shaping it a human face.Making him his friend, he converses with him and keeps it beside the fire for drying.He names it Wilson. There is one more problem aroused there which is his toothache.It is a chronic pain but he never checks it up. Now Chuck wants to pull the tooth and does.And he is fainted with it. He spends 4 years on the Island with the passage of time.He knows the way of survival within 4 years. His appearance is deteriorated with the growing hair of his beard and head.He seems feeble. He was trained too much to catch the fish throwing a stick.Chuck  had become the close friend of Wilson with whom he used to talk.While eating the fish, he hears a sound one day. seeing there, he discovers a steel sheet.

And he hits upon an idea as through this help, he can escape from here.Whenever. he tries to escape but sea waves become the hindrance while escaping.Now he makes a boat cutting the wood of coconut. And he fixes the steel sheet at its front.Whereas making a boat was not an easy task but he decides to escape when the air will be mild.He fixes the steel sheet frontward so that he may push the water  through it sitting in the boat.And he may move ahead. Putting Wilson in the boat, he sails.He faces the big waves in the voyage but the sea distance still remained.He does not know that when will the land be visible?He was optimistic of reaching at house. But it was not a child play.He has to face the worst circumstance in the voyage.He arranges the edible things. He saves fish as food while rainwater for drinking.He gathers the rainwater in the coconut shell. He keeps them safe to use it in difficult times.At first sight, Chuck's football that is his friend Wilson is fallen into the sea.

It has crossed a distance when he knows about it. Jumping into the water, he exerts to save Wilson but  unsucceeded.Returning back into the raft, he weeps a lot. Wilson had accompanied him within these 4 years.Chuck had become touchy with it because it was not just a football for him. So he is saddened because of this loss.Now Chuck was very tired after the voyage of many days.And a ship passes before his raft. The sailor saves him after seeing.Chuck was returned back but notices the change . His friends and relatives had thought that he was no more.And his beloved friend Kelly was married now. She also has a daughter.Chuck goes to meet her and she embraces him feeling pleasure.Now Kelly is married so everything is useless. Their ways are separated.Chuck returns the given watch of Kelly because it is Kelly's family watch.He keeps the photo of the watch. Kelly says to him, You had promised me to return back.Apologizing, he is nearly to go. Kelly is still in love with Chuck but she has her own family so she cannot go.Kelly has the gifted car of Chuck. She returns it back and Chuck leaves taking this car.Seeing him, Kelly becomes sad and runs after him. Consequently, Chuck also returns and they embrace each other.Kelly tells him, I know that you are alive and surely will return. But I had to marry under the pressure of everyone.They express their love for each other. 

Chuck drops her at her house lifting in the car.He says that I do not want to break your relationship. Now Chuck is sitting with his friend and tells him that I had also tried to commit suicide on the beach.While executing myself, the thought of Kelly had touched my thought that I have to go to her.Returning back, I knew that I have lost her. Time taught Kelly to choose her life direction. And she got married.Now Chuck was left alone but life has to move on. 

At the end, Chuck has a left package which he brings from the Island.After drowning the aircraft, many packages come on the shore of the sea.He thinks to open them after returning to the house. But he does not do as such, he comes back to return the package but finds no one.Writing a paper note, he leaves at the door, on which the statement is, "This package saved my life"Then he leaves from there. Now we notice Chuck on the muddy way where he is looking at a map.Where should he go? A coming girl tells him the way.Her car has the same wing mark that a package has.Now Chuck pursues her and she goes to the same house where Chuck had left a paper note.She has also lost her partner. The unity of Chuck and Bettina may be possible in future.Chuck has the ray of hope in his eyes. And the film story ends here.

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