Charlie Wilson’s War (2007) Film Explained

In this movie, the year 1985 is shown.America's Congressman ''Charlie Wilson'' is the main character of this movie.Instead of focusing on politics, he's leading a life full of partying and luxury.''Charlie'' often goes to parties where his politician friends are also present.There, they use drugs too.Charlie's social life gets affected when the Federal Investigation Officer starts investigating him for using Cocaine.Officer gets its proof too.The investigation is underway because Charlie is not serious about his political career.It was necessary to put pressure on him to get them on the right path.

All the pieces of evidence in the investigation are against Charlie.Yet no case is made against them and he isn't given any punishment.Here, a female character is introduced whose name is ''Joanne''This girl is a politician as well as Charli's old friend.She says to him that if you want to do better and something great, then do something special for ''Afghanistan''Because, ''Soviet Union'' has attacked Afghanistan and many people are dying there.Moreover, she convinces him to meet the Army General and President of Pakistan.In fact, America is helping Pakistan in order to fight the ''Soviet Union''cin Afghanistan.Pakistan'' is also helping ''America''.Now, ''Charlie'' has reached ''Pakistan'' and he meets Senior Army Leader there.Pakistan Army tell them that their Dollars aid and weapons aren't enough. We have to train Jihadists.This isn't an easy task so we need modern technology-based weapons.They also talk about the increase in War aid which means they are demanding more money.

Because War means shedding a lot of money like water. irresponsiblePresident of Pakistan also says that because of Soviet Forces attack, Afghani refugees are in worse condition.You should go and see.We have to make work for the betterment of the Refugee Camp in Pakistan. So that Refugees of Afghanistan can lead a better life here.''General'' says that he wants to provide them better ways of living but there is a lack of money for this.''Charlie'' reaches the Refugee Camp. 

Here, he sees many people fighting with worse conditions of their lives.He is very sorry to see their condition and he decides to help him at any cost.''Charlie'' returns back to ''America'' and convinces his seniors to increase funding for those Jihadists through Pakistan.Other than that, he also discusses providing the latest weapons.America is doing this hiddenly but with the help of Pakistan because It doesn't want to reveal itself.The Americans want a low-key approach to breaking down the Soviet Union.''Charlie'' makes his seniors agreed to increase in funding.During all this effort, ''Charlie'' becomes a friend of CIA Officer ''Gust''.He knows land of ''Afghanistan'' and its people well.For breaking down ''Soviet Union'', his startegies helps a lot.

Such as destroying enemy helicopters with the help of Stinger Missile Launcher.America's foreign policy budget was around 5 million Dollars but it is increased 5 times to make it 500 million Dollars.There is a lot of opposition to Charlie, but Charlie is heard here too.Pakistan, Afghanistan and CIA wisely uses their weapons and money and leave too much harm to the ''Soviet Union''.They can't handle it and at last, Soviet Union breaks.Russia is left alone. 

Russia isn't a superpower anymore and America is declared as a superpower.''Charlie'' and his friend ask their seniors that we should build schools in Afghanistan too.We spent 500 Million Dollars on war. Now, we should spend some Million Dollars more to build schools.We should educate children. If we didn't do the same, ''Taliban'' will wash their brain and this will prove dangerous for us.Afghanistan has 40% of youth and if they're not involved with us, it'll be dangerous for America in future.

They approve the construction of schools too.At the end of the movie, ''Charlie'' is appreciated by Government and Army and he is given Awards.Because ''Charlie'' secretly served for his country ''America''.''America'' got success because of ''Charlie'' and his friends's planning.That's why this movie is might named as ''Charlie Wilson's War''.If you liked this short explanation, tell your feedback in the comment section.

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