Dawn of the Dead (2004) Film Explained

 The film begins in a hospital where the doctor and nurse named Ana are observed.The doctor asks her about a patient who has been bitten by someone.Ana comes to know by going to the reception, that patient has now been admitted to the ICU.Ana is surprised knowing it, that he is in ICU only because of biting.Ana leaves from there to her house because her shift had been finished.Sitting in a car , she turns on the radio of the car. Radio was broadcasting some important news.

But she switches the channel of song, ignoring it. Reaching at home, Ana notices her husband who was watching TV while lying on his bed.TV channel begins to broadcast the breaking news when both husband and wife are talking with each other but it is not paid attention.Next morning, Ana's husband checks his room door after awakening which is opened itself.She encounters his neighbourhood injured child girl. She notices her worst condition when she advances a little bit.He immediately runs to her and asks Ana to call ambulance. But that girl bites on his neck , pouncing him.She detaches his skin from his body. Ana pushes that girl outside while dragging her.But that girl begins to attack her hurriedly. And Ana instantly shuts the door.She notices that her husband's blood had been wasted too much. She tries to stop his bleeding to save him but of no use.All lines are busy when she calls emergency contact. She tries again and again but there were still busy lines.Then Ana's husband stands up in normal condition as he was never injured.He attacks Ana as she calls his name. 

Now he had been too strong and menacing. His eyes' colour had also turned.Ana locks herself in the lavatory , saving from him. And she tries to open the window of the lavatory but it does not open.Then the sounds from outside stop coming, leaving everything normal. Ana thinks as her husband has left.She calls him going near the door.  Her husband begins breaking the door and intrudes with this act.Then Ana again tries to open the window and it opens at this time. He catches her when she struggles to jump from the window.In return, Ana jumps and saves her life after hitting him. Going outside, she asks help from her neighbour.But he points his gun at her instead of helping. 

But an ambulance hits him as he begins to move towards Ana.Ana observes her town's worst condition as the people are running here and there wildly.And every place had caught the fire. But it was not only in this neighboring town but the whole city was wrapped in this disaster.At the same time, Ana's husband  comes outside but Ana locks the car door quickly, sitting in it.In spite of this , he begins to break the car glass coming on it and does not leave her.Starting her car, Ana leaves from there. Then the whole sight of city comes on the scene. The whole city was under the  grip of disaster.Then entire city has been destroyed. Ana was not believing her eyes.

 Why are the people biting with one another?At the same time, a man tries to grab Ana's car, coming there. Immediately,  Ana races the car.Her car is crashed with a tree, detracting from the main road. As a result, Ana loses her senses.Coming into her senses, she comes out the car. A police officer named Kenneth points her a gun when she gets off the car.He asks her to utter to know, either she is human being or a zombie. Because Zombies don't speak out.Uttering the word, 'Please', Ana provides an evidence as she is human being. That police officer moves forward believing, she is human being.Ana also follows him thinking she will be secured with a police officer.Gun firing is started on them by someone while passing a little distance. There are three persons as Michael, Andre and his wife.A boy named Andre between them informs them, They fire their gun on them taking them as zombies.The police officer Kenneth moves forward because he had to go at a place Fortpastor.Because his brother was also there. But they forbid him to not visit that place.

Saying it, they had also tried to reach there. Consequently, they are left 3 from 8.They tell as they are going to 'Mall'. Ana and Kenneth also go to Mall, accompanying them.Mall was locked so they begin to break into the backdoor of the hall. At the same time, they are  glimpsed by some zombies.They start to come near them quickly. Then Kenneth and Andre face them but the door lock is still not opened.Kenneth breaks the lock with a gun shot. Coming inside, they lock the door.Coming inside, they explore the whole building. Michael hears the sound of someone from the store room.

While opening the door, he notices a transformed security guard into a zombie is eating someone there.Looking at Michael , that zombie attacks him whose shouting is also heard by others.Then a zombie catches Andre's wife while coming from back side. Kenneth also hurts while saving the life of her.Michael kills that zombie in some way, saving his life. On the other side, Ana fires her gun on zombie which crosses through his head.That Zombie begins to afflict. Getting the perfect chance, they all run to the lift.They reach at the top floor. But that floor is occupied by three security officers who were three in number.They order them to descend to the ground floor. 

But they don't want to go to ground floor because it was insecure.At last, those guards show their willingness for their stay on that floor with them. It was not for the sake of their help but to imprison them.And they also grab their guns. Going inside, Ana bandages Kenneth.Andre notices that his wife has been bitten by a zombie. But he keep it secret and does not share with anyone.They get the information about zombies , watching TV, that zombies may come to an end shooting on their heads.Military officer tells, Forpastor was the same place  which was still safe where Kenneth decided to go . Any survivor may visit there if he wants.

Then security officers go to the ground floor so that they may face zombies.They experiment on a zombie who was about dying in the water as they are killed while shooting on their heads.So they shoot that zombie. And the rest of the people write 'SOS' as an indication on the roof floor. So helicopter may help them directing there.There was a survivor on the front top floor building in front of the Mall who was alone.Then it is noticed that many zombies were surrounding the Mall. 

Security office C.J locks them in an compartment at night to avoid the wrong activity on their part.Next day, a security guard goes to the security room to check through the CCTV cameras,That a delivery truck is proceeding towards Mall speedily. All wanted to save the lives of survivors who were in the truck.But the security guard C.J who was self obsessed was not in favour to save their lives.And he threatens the other security guard to kill him when he disagrees.While discussing it, they snatch their weapons and imprison them. Then they go to save the people who are in the truck.And they signal them to come at the backdoor. Reversing the truck, the truck driver stops truck at the door.Then Michael and Andre come outside to save their lives. And a couple already saves its life, coming on the truck roof.But they inform, there are also 6 people in the truck.

 Now all zombies begin to move towards them.They both fight with them while hitting. But the zombies were in a large numbering, running quickly, they lock the door.They protect all 8 survivors sitting in a truck. Now they had a conveyance of truck so Kenneth begins to go for Fortpastor.But a survivor forbids him saying, Fortpastor has been destroyed completely. There is not a single alive person there.But Kenneth is not convinced from him and begins to leave. Michael stops him telling, We have your more need here!Kenneth goes upstairs in dejection and the front building floor's survivor asks information from him.Now Kenneth reveals , Fortpastor has destroyed and no aid will be arrived here.Contrarily, Ana was checking up a woman survivor among them. 

Ana was unable to understand which infection has caught her even she had no fever.Because her condition was worsening and she was bitten by someone.Ana also treats other male survivor who was also bitten by someone.At the same time, that woman is dead because of her worst condition.They are still confused to understand the situation, immediately that woman gets up.Ana thrusts an iron rod into her eye and kills as she is nearly to pounce her. Then they are involved in discussion.Ana tells them, It is a zombie virus! It spreads through biting. And that male survivor is also infected by it.He will soon transformed into a zombie. Hearing it, Andre is left astonished.

Because his wife had also been bitten by a zombie. He moves to her stealthily.Michael suggests to kill that male survivor. Otherwise, their own lives will also be at risk.Taking a gun, he goes to kill him. Ana informs that male survivor as Michael is proceeding to kill you but he takes it as a fun.Michel informs him coming there, He is a threat for everyone. He will have to die because of being infectious.That male survivor is ready to be dead after hearing it. Reaching to his wife, Andre does not reveal anything before his wife.He just says, her wound is healing now. 

Nicole says valediction to her father.Kenneth was keeping an eye on her father because he was waiting for his transformation into a zombie.As Nicole's father is transformed into zombie, Kenneth  shoots him getting a chance.Now they begin to lead their life happily. There is not the shortage of anything.Andre did not allow anyone to meet his wife.While there was continuing communication between Kenneth  and the front building survivor through a board with written words.And they were all rejoicing. But the zombies were increasing in number outside the Mall, with the passage of time.Once they are all dinning together, the light is gone immediately and the darkness prevails everywhere.

Then Kenneth , Michael, C.U and other security guards go to basement to turn on the generator.They feel the presence of someone there and hear the sounds.  Suddenly, they are relaxed when a dog appears before them.Suddenly, a zombie comes there and bites security guard, catching him .The other zombies also arrive there hearing the shouting of the security guard. And other begin to run in  order to escape.They cannot rescue the life of security guard. And all zombies eat him while holding.They lock themselves behind a locked gate and begin to kill zombies.

Their bullets magazine was emptying, then Michael sprinkles the petrol on the zombies and inflames the fire there.All zombies begin to burn. And their life is secured from zombies. It was the time of childbearing by Andre's wife.She had been fastened from every side. Her wife was taking her last breaths.At first sight, she loses her life. And she again comes into life all of a sudden. Now she had transformed into a zombie.Being alive, she breeds a baby girl. Andre fastened his mouth so no one may visit her hearing her shouting.Now a survivor lady comes at that place and observing Andre's wife, she takes out her pistol.Andre says to her, Will she kill my wife, Keep away herself from his family!But that lady shoots Andre's wife, in return, Andre fires his gun on that lady.

 And that lady fires her gun on Andre while dying.Andre is also dead. Hearing the noises, they all reach there and find everyone dead there.But that baby  girl is alive. Ana uncovers the face of that baby and observes as she is also zombie. It means , she has come into life infected.Ana also kills her. And they all decide to not be the  victim of zombies at any cost.Michael tells, he has seen 2 buses in the basement that may be used to take them away.Then a survivor says, making a fun, Afterward, they will take his boat and run away from there.But all have to agree with this plan reluctantly. They decide that they will at an unpopulated place after sailing on the boat.They arrange everything for their security at that place. Because there was not the shortage of anything.Kenneth  goes upstairs to inform the front building survival, There are only 5 days have left.Survivor tells that he is hungry, But his condition was not drawing the same picture as he could live without taking food for 5 days.

Keeping the edible things and a walkie talkie on the dog, it is descended with the help of rope.And  the front building survivor calls the dog towards him while whistling. He makes his entry through a tiny door.But many zombies also enter through that door. Using walkie talkie, they contact with that survivor and know as he has also been bitten by the zombies.Suddenly, delivery truck starting noises are heard. Nicole is in the truck who drives to the front store for the survival of the dog.They glimpse the same survivor who had transformed into a zombie. They ask Nicole to leave the place or hide herself there.Then they plan to save Nicole through sewerage. They assign a duty to a survivor to stand at the door so the door may open as they return back.They reach at the front of store through sewerage. Zombies sense them as the last survivor creates the noise of gutter lid.They advance them. Facing and killing those zombies, they enter the shop.They find the same survivor who was the shop owner. He had transformed into a zombie.Apologizing him, Kenneth shoots him. 

Then they notice Nicole who was safe and sound.Then they gather many weapons from there while Seejay makes a plan.As throwing a gas cylinder outside, he fires his gun on it which creates a big blast and zombies become the victim.They run to the gutter.  C.J is left behind but comes. Then a survivor survives at the end.Protecting from the zombies, he is fallen into the gutter. As a result, his leg is fractured.C.J struggles to rescue him but in vain. Many zombies approach there.Anyhow, they reach at that door which is locked but their  left survivor was not there.Then zombies also arrive there who were in a large number. Now they were sure about their death.Ana then Ana opens the door coming there, all run to the lift and  move to the basement.Then they begin to go outside  sitting in the buses. There were million of zombies outside who surround them.

They were entrapped among the zombies. Zombies start turning their buses while they begin to kill them with guns and chainsaws.Turning on the gas cylinder, C.J throws it on the zombies. And then he shoots the cylinder having a possibility.A big blast eradicates many zombies, clearing their way. And they escape from there.Kenneth notices a zombie who was hanging at the back side of their bus. Then a survivor starts a chainsaw to kill him.Kenneth had to take a turn on the turning point now. Consequently, losing his balance, survivor falls on the lady survivor.And she is mutilated due to the chainsaw and that man also become the target of it.

And their  bus is also turned upside down. Seeing no bus at the backward, C. J reverses that bus.The self obsessed survivor comes from the bus without helping anyone. Being alone outside, he does not remain alive for a long time.A zombie kills him after pouncing him. Then they all begin to move to the other bus. When Ana begins to go, she kills the self obsessed survivor as he appears.Hearing the firing sounds, other zombies also approach there. Taking the advantage of situation, Ana brings the boat key out from survivor's pocket.While other survivors try to save Ana. 

She runs to the bus, taking the key. All zombies are after her.somehow, Michael pulls her in the bus while C.J shuts the bus door.Reaching at the place of boat, all move to boat. At the end C. J is left behind and entrapped there.He faces all zombies in order to save their lives but soon is caught within a time by the zombies.He sacrifices his life for the sake of all survivors. Having no option, he shoots the gas cylinder and also dies with them.Michael does go with the survivors while other ride on the boat. He was regretfully had been bitten by zombies.He dispatches them through a boat and has a sight of their departure.Ana is unhappy on it Because she was not in favour to leave him alone there but help. she did not want Michael to sacrifice his life to rescue them.Ana is dejected. Moving their boat at a distance, Michael shoots himself putting him into death.And the movie also ends wit his sentimental scene.

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