Death Note (2017) Film Explained

 A boy named "Light" is shown in the beginning of the film.At that time, "Light" is at his school. Suddenly the seasonal changes occur.Winds begin to blow and a notebook falls on the Earth from the sky."Light" finds that notebook and he scrutinizes it.And he keeps it in his possession. Here t is exposed ,This was not an ordinary notebook but a mysterious ancient notebook.

Then it starts raining there. "Light" observes, going inside,That a mischievous student of school is teasing another boy of school.And "Light" forbids him to do as such.While that boy punches "Light" in return."Light" falls on the ground along with his bag."Light" discovers the home assignments of other students from Light's bag.Here the secret of "Light" is revealed that he helps out the other students in their home assignments."Light" is sent to the Principal for this cause."Light" is kept in a room isolated as a punishment.Sitting in isolation, he recalls that ancient notebook.

Then he begins to read that book. It was not a normal notebook,But it was stuffed with the statements of rules.There were also rules and regulations to keep this notebook.This notebook belongs to the centuries ago. "Light" senses awkward, getting this notebook.The mysterious happening begins to occur when he is examining this notebook."Light" observes a weird thing there.It was not a human being but  another creature.It was giving a heinous and  devilish look, having the pointed body surface."Light" is scared too much, witnessing him.But he understands everything later that he is not any creature but a "Death Spirit".And this "Death Spirit" is the owner of this notebook.

"Death spirit" tells "Light" about the reality of this notebook as what it can do.There are some specific notes in this book which have been called "Death Notes".And the keeper of this book is the owner of this notebook.It means, "Light" was the owner of this notebook at that time.The important fact of this notebook is,That written name of any person on its "Death Note" will soon die.The owner of notebook can kill anyone according to his liking.As "Light" can write any way of killing in the notebook after selection.Then the victim will die according to the written statement.But owner will have to follow some of the rules for doing so."Light" does not trust in it right now."Death Spirit" with book is visible before that person who is the owner of the notebook at that time."Death Spirit" tells "Light", You have to write at least a name in the notebook within 7 days.This notebook will be owned to another person if he does not write the name of anyone, disobeying the rule.The condition to write the name of anyone in notebook is,That owner must have in mind the face and real name of that person.

And only one way of death will be written which exists in reality."Death Spirit" says to "Light", You must apply this notebook!Then "Light" looks at that mischievous boy through the room window.Who is also teasing someone at that time and he had also hit "Light".Being agreed with "Death spirit", "Light" writes down the name of that boy in the notebook.He writes the way of death for that boy as his head will be crushed.Then the sight of outsight is shown which is immediately changes.Two cars are collided with each other.While one car had the iron ladders in it with which that boy's head is crushed in reality.Everyone with "Light" is left shocked, witnessing it.Seeing, "Light" had started to believe.That the told facts by "Death spirit" are based on truth.So "Light" is very frightened. "Death Spirit" tells "Light" that,You can do many things with the help of this book.

I will give the ownership of this notebook to another one  if you don't want to have this notebook.Afterwards, "Light" returns to his house.Light's father is seen in the house who was detective.Then it is shown that a criminal had killed Light's mother  a few years ago.But that criminal was wandering freely because of having no evidence.So there was not good association between father and son due to this ."Light" is angered with his father saying, You are not avenging my mother!"Light" used to be upset because of this reality.Then "Light" hits upon an idea  that he may write the name of that criminal in that "death note".And he does the same. 

He writes down the name of criminal in the "Death Note".Then the same criminal is shown who was celebrating a party with his buddies.All of a sudden, he is dead in front of everyone.The father and son are satisfied, hearing the death news of that criminal.Here "Light" avenges his mother,And the relationship between both father and son also restored.Then "Light" thinks, How did this notebook's magic use for the good purpose?"Light" was pondering it, sitting at the school.Then a girls named ""Mia" comes to him."Mia" is the bosom friend of "Light" so he reveals his secret to her.That I have found a mysterious book. Any person is dead whom name is written in it.But "Mia" does not trust it. "Light" shows "Mia" demonstration to prove it.Where a killer arrives on the scene. 

"Light" writes down about the killer in "Death Note".As he will be dead when a car crashes with him.It happens the same because "Light" knew the real name and face of that killer in his mind."Mia " is left surprised , witnessing it.They plan, We are the owner of  a great power so,We will eradicate the evilest persons from this World.Evilest people include as criminals, murderers and such threatening people.For doing so, the face and the real name could easily be explored through internet.So they put the evil people's names in the list.And the evil people also begin to meet their fate gradually.Here it is also revealed that notebook's owner can hold sway over the dying person."Light" had chosen a name for himself which was "Kira".As "Light" used to write the name "Kira" whenever someone died.So the evilest people may leave doing the wrong deed after being terrorized by this name.

That "Kira" has arrived to end all criminals and evilest people.At first sight, this news is gone viral throughout the World.That a serial killer "Kira" has come who is continuing to kill everyone.And some people were favouring "Kira"In this way,  the evilest people will be rooted out from the World.He was actually a killer so police wanted to search for him.There was no evidence against "Light" so it was not easy to detect  him.Then an intelligence investigator is hired to tackle this case.That investigator's name was "L" who was very sharp.He used to mask his face and his real name was also unknown by anyone."Light" and "Mia" were very satisfied in their life.They had killed more than 400 people. "L" descales in a meeting that,Kira! reveal yourself before everyone. 

Being an intelligent, "L" investigates the roots of this case."L" also takes the companionship of Light's father because he was detective.So they may reach "Kira" as soon as possible."Light" and "Mia" are upset because they had not thought  that,It will be conspired to arrest them.Because they were still contented. But L' s arrival had increased their anxiety."Light" asks his father, What will be the punishment of "Kira if he is caught.Light's father tells, Half of the population will demand that "Kira" should be sentenced to death.While half of the population will force to investigate the way how he did it.Knowing it, Light's anxiety is more increased.He also reveals it to "Mia" And he suggests to her that we should stop it now!Because there were many people including "Light" under the suspicion of "L".Because he could approach the data of his father.So "L" assigns a duty of an agent to detect "Light".So he may keep an eye on the activities of "Light".Knowing it, "Light" keeps himself calm down."Mia" feels bad realizing the lack of interest in notebook by "Light".

Because "Mia" was feeling pleasure of doing so."L" had become the hindrance on the way of "Light" and "Mia".But they cannot kill him in spite of their will.Because neither they had seen his face nor they got knowledge of his real name.It was also the rule of the notebook. "Light" and "Mia" are talking over it,That name of all agents should be written down in this notebook who are detecting "Kira".So other agents may be terrorized by "Kira".And they have to close this case reluctantly.It was the suggestion of "Mia" while "Light" was not willing to do any such thing.Because he was not willing to take the life of innocent people.So "Mia" has to agree with "Light".Contrarily, "L" also comes to know that,"Kira" has  victimized those people who have been shown on TV.And "Kira" cannot victimize those whose face and name are unrevealed before him.To avoid the suspicion, "Light" decides that he will not kill people for some days.Suddenly, an incident occurs as all agents commit suicide, jumping off the building.Who were the agents of this case and searching for "Kira".These names had not been written by "Light". Who had written their names?Here the situation is worsened. 

Because "Kira" was just killing the evilest propel till now.People were tagging him hero. But he had killed police now.So he turned into a threat who can take the life of anyone."Light" is troubled because of this incident. He asks "Death Spirit",Have you committed it? Then "Death Spirit" tells, these names have been written by anyone else.Because I cannot do it. Light's father challenges "Kira" in his seminar that,Stop killing the innocent people!Kill me if you have courage! Come before everyone.This news was being watched by "Mia" and "Light"."Mia" says to him in aggression, Write down the name of your father in that notebook!He says to "Mia", How can I kill my father? Are you gone mad!"L" was more wisely tackling this case. He inspects either "Kira" will kill Light's father or not.But it does not happen. Light's father remains alive,So L's suspicion on "Light" is turned into belief.

Because he is also a detective, tackling this case. But he did not become the victim of "Kira".So "Kira" is not anyone else but "Light".So "L" confronts "Light" at night. He attempts to explore from him that,You are "Kira"! "L" also interrogates "Light", revealing his face.He says, Stop doing it now! "Light" leaves, overlooking him.Now the sword of Damocles hangs over his head. He could not kill "L" in spite of his wish."Mia" says to "L", I had a great affection for you.We should do something to avoid this trouble."Light" thinks a lot to keep "L" out of his way.He says, I have seen the face of "L". And L's real name will surely be known by his friend."Light" writes down the name of L's friend in that notebook.And he gets the control of him. Now the notebook's one more rule is revealed here.That person will be secured, getting no harm if the owner burns the person's name page.But "Death Spirit" exposes  "Light", It will be done only for once!Now L's friend was under the control of "Light".But he was also unaware about the real name of "L"."Light" orders him, Know about the real name of "L" at any rate.L's friend tells, "L" used to visit an academy , it is possible that his documents may have his real name.So "Light" immediately asks him to visit academy.

L's friend carries out the order and moves to academy."Light" had planned that knowing the real name of "L",He will burn that page where  L's friend name has been written.And he will be secured. And everything will come on its routine.But "L" is suspected that his friend is missing.He also understands the whole story that "Light" had also taken hold of him to know my real name."L" is distressed on it. And he comes to Light's house without informing.He tells Light's father, Your son is real "Kira"!It is he who has disappeared my friend. But "Light" was not in the state of being suspected.Because there was no evidence against him."L" finds nothing in their house while discovering it , nor that ancient notebook.Because "Mia" had taken it away with her.Then "Light" receives the call of L's friend who says, I have reached academy.And he had left a little time. L's friend is nearly to reveal the name,Then "Light" checks, there is not the page of name but has disappeared when he is going to burn it.So L's friend is dead before telling the name."Light" is dejected on it. 

Then "Mia" reveals this secret in a dance party that,I have torn the name page of L's friend.Moreover, I had also written the name of agents in that notebook.She tells, I have also written your name in that notebook now!And the way of Light's death is this, his heart beat will stop working at midnight, leaving him dead.She says, I will burn the page of your name if you hand over this notebook to me.It means, "Mia" flirts him in order to gain that book.Knowing about the death of his friend, "L" struggles hard to arrest "Light".At last, "L" catches "Light". But "L" says to a cook, standing there, He is Kira!Help me to capture him! But that cook knocks "L" out.

Because he was the defender of "Kira". "L" also takes "Mia" with him while running.Then they come in the swing and caught upward.Meantime, police also reach there."Light" says to "Mia" , You will not touch this notebook if you love me!We will mutually bring things on their correct form.Being greedy, "Mia" disagrees with him. She grabs that notebook from "Light"."Light" says to "Mia" seeing it, You have wronged it at all!Hearing it, "Mia" gets understanding, "Light" will have written my name in this notebook!Their names were on the pages of notebook so both immediately fall down."Mia" is dead at the spot but "Light" falls into the water.Then "Light" is shown in the hospital who had gone into coma.Meanwhile, more criminals are also dead.People notice that "L" had a suspicion on "Light" who has gone into coma.And people are still dying. Then i is observed that,A page is separated from that notebook  when "Mia" and " L" were falling down from the swing.

And it is burnt. And that page had a written name "Light"."Light" had acted wisely. As when he knew that "Mia" had written his name in the notebook,Then he wrote in the book, "Mia" will be dead if she brings back that notebook from him.And the page which has written name of "Light" will be burnt.And "Light" will fall into the water. He had also written the names of the evilest persons in the book.A corrupt doctor makes "Light" deeply unconscious, bringing him out of the water.

Later, the same doctor commits suicide. Then another man takes that notebook.He writes many evil people in that notebook.Afterwards, that man brings that notebook to "Light" who had come out of the coma.After this, "L" is terminated but he discovers Mia's house for the last time.And he gets the name of dead police officers.So all allegations are put on "Mia"."Light" had also recovered completely and also gained that notebook.But he had learnt a lesson that he will not trust anyone from now on.And the movie also completes on this scene.

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