Dracula Untold (2014) Film Explained

 It's an ancient tale, we see a very brave King.He wasn't too old for that. Everyone is in love with him. He's called "Vlad".He goes to Jungle to check on his normal routine.There he finds helmet of his enemy country’s soldier.By seeing this, he understands that enemies have entered his country.He is understood that this helmet is of a spy andthe enemy country must be planning to attack our country.He says that enemies must be hiding on the highest mountain of our country.‘’Vlad’’ and his companions think that we should go to that mountain now to kill their enemiesSo that their message couldn't reach their King.After some time, they go inside the mountain to kill their enemies.But, a ‘’Vampire’’ attacks them there.They try to fight with Vampire but He crushes them all rapidly.Both of Vlad’s companion get killed herebut he was lucky that surviving against him, he came backward.

He was in the Sunlight and Vampire couldn’t come there.Therefore, his life is spared.Nervous King (Vlad) comes back to his Palace.As soon as he reaches the palace, he meets his Priest.He asks him about that Vampire that who was that monster and why he was there?I have never seen a creature like this before.Priest tells him that a devil monster lives in that mountain who has thirst for blood.He killed your companions and he must have drunk their blood till yet.He further tells him that He was a human before but after following Demon’s directions,he had become a monster from a human i-e Vampire.He is trapped in that mountain for many years.And He’ll always be there till he transfers his demonic powers to any other person and makes him a vampire.After it, he can become independent  but till now, he couldn’t find a human according to his mindset.After hearing everything, he asks Priest to keep this a secret and not to tell anyone.Because if people get to know about it, they’ll get scared.It is also a blessing not to know anything.After some time, when King ‘’Vlad’’, his companions and many people are eating food in Castle,a soldier of enemy country comes in their Castle.

Basically, name of enemy country is ‘’Turkey’’.At that time,  this country is very powerful and it collects amount from all small countriesevery year and doesn’t attack them in result.Vlad’s country is also included in those countries who has to give money to Turkey.Like Gold and Silver coins. So that they don’t attack on their country.Unwantedly, Vlad gives him a huge amount of Gold and Silver coins.That soldier takes these coins and he also has another demand.He says that he wants hundred young people to train and we’ll make them a part of our Army.Vlad refuses by saying that, We can’t give you our men.This was a custom of old times which is now over.

Take your coins and go away. I’ll talk to your King myself.After some days, Vlad meets Turkish King, whose name is ‘’Mehmad’’.Here they’re negotiating, but ''Mehmad'' doesn't agree him.He says that he wants hundred men in every condition, in which your son is also included.''Vlad'' thinks about it deeply and becomes very angry.In anger, he kills some of Turkish soldiers with his sword.They were the soldiers, who came to take his son.''Vlad'' didn't want his son to went apart from him so he kills everyone.A close companion of ''Vlad'' comes and says, What did you do?You killed Mehmad's soldiers. He'll seek revenge by attacking our country.He will kill all of us but '''Vlad'' says that he'll find a way.I know how to protect my country. After saying this, he goes to that mountain where Vampire lived.Now he has reached the mountain. He enters the mountain and meets the Vampire.

He asks for some help from him because he has to save his country,his friends, his companions, women and children of his country. So he seeks help from himOn the other hand, Vampire was also in search of a skill and brave person.To whom, he can give his powers and set himself free from this curse of ''Vampire''.So that he can become a normal human again.Here, they both needed each other.'' takes out his blood in a bowl and asks ''Vlad'' to drink this blood.Drinking it, my all powers will be transferred to your body and you'll become this powerful,that you'll be able to defeat even the largest army of your enemy.No matter how many soldiers you have, you'll be able to defeat them easily.That Vampire also makes a deal with him. he tells him everything thatif you don't drink human blood after becoming vampire, in three days, you'll become human again.but if you drink blood of any human, you''ll become Vampire foreverand I'll be completely free from here.''Vlad'' had to do anything to save his country. He accepts his deal and drinks this blood.Drinking blood, he also becomes ''Vampire'' and faints thereHe regains consciousness in the forest and sees that a lot of powers has come into him.

He starts running rapidly and many bats have joined him.He can do a lot of harm to anyone with their help.After it, ''Vlad'' comes back to his Castle and at the same time, many Turkish soldiers attack his Castle.To fight with them he leaves the Castle alone and starts fighting themThere are thousands of Turkish Soldiers and ''Vlad'' is fighting alone with them with his hands, sword and spear.In a short time, ''Vlad'' kills all soldiers.When he's coming back to his Castle, all of his companions get amazed (and say) that how did you do it?All he says is that no one should ask me about itNo one knew this secret of ''Vlad'' of becoming a ''Vampire'' yet.After some time, this message reaches the King ''Mehmad'' of ''Turkey'' that,King ''Vlad'' of ''Transylvania'' has killed thousands of our Soldiers.

''Memad'' says that he doesn't care about it, build an army of one lac more peopleAttack them and destroy them from the roots.They all were planning to attack them but ''Vlad'' sends their dead soldiers to ''Turkey''.''Mehmad'' gets more angry after seeing his dead soldiers and orders to march towards ''Transylvania'' soon.On the other hand, Vlad's wife finds out his secret. He asks her to be relax.Moreover, he says that he can get free from this curse. I'll just have to wait for two days by not drinking any human's blood.To keep everyone safe, he asks his wife and companions to go to the Church near Jungle.He does this for everyone's safety from enemies and even 'from 'Vlad''.He asks them to go and says that he'll join them in night.He doesn't go with them because it's day time and Vampires can't go out in day light.While Vlad's soldiers are heading to the Church but on the way, Turkish soldiers attack them.Many people die due to this attack. In the same time, ''Vlad'' also comes there.He starts killing them one by one.When remaining Turkish Soldiers come back to ''Turkey'', this news spreads like wildfirethat ''Vlad'' is a devil and a Vampire and defeating him is totally impossible.No one can defeat him. Hearing this, Fear settles in the Turkish army.

They don't want to face ''Vlad''but ''Mehmad'' knew that if his army lost its morale, they would never win the war.To Vanish their fears, ''Mehmad'' blindfolds themso that they don't see him and don't get afraid of him.He sends his soldiers for War.Priest of the Church gets aware of Vlad's secret and also his people, that ''Vlad'' has become a Vampire.Because of it, they start hating him and set him on fire by locking him in a room and try to kill him.Because ''Vlad'' is a Vampire, he is not affected by fire, he heals his wounds and come outside.He gets angry on his own people that I chose this life for you and to protect you.I became a Vampire. I had to leave my family for you guys and you are doing this to me.Vlad's wife comes to him and cools down his anger and asks him to be relax. Everything will be fine, she says.While talking, it gets too late and enemy country ''Turkey'' that is, Mehmad's soldiers enters their country.The soldiers get very close to the Castle.He knows that he does not have enough soldiers to fight large number of army.Many bats are in that Church. 

''Vlad'' controls those bats through his powers and attack the enemy army with their help.Because of which, many of their soldiers are killed and ''Vlad'' also enters the Battlefield.On the other side, some of Mehmad's soldiers enter the Castle secretly.In the same castle where his wife and son were.These soldiers kill Vlad's wife and take his son with them.Vlad's wife is falling down the Castle.When ''Vlad'' sees this, he tries to save her. He catches her but has not yet succeededHis wife was about to die. She asks him to drink her blood.If you do this, your vampire power will always be with you. You can save our son.It was last day as a Vampire for ''Vlad'' but if he drinks someone's blood, he'll always be a Vampire.Even though he doesn't want to, he cries a lot and bites his wife's neck and drinks her blood.As soon as he drinks blood, he becomes a vampire forever.This means that the old man living in the mountain is no longer a vampire because this was their deal.Now, Vlad comes to his dying companions and he feeds them his own blood.So that they become powerful too they can defeat the enemy by attacking them immediately.They all attack enemies and ''Vlad'' uses his power to hide sunlight.With the help of bats and clouds, he creates the same environment during the day as nightAll of Vlad's companions start killing their soldiers and Finally, ''Vlad'' and ''Mehmad'' are in front of echother.''Mehmad'' knew that ''Vlad'' is a Vampire therefore, he collects many silver coins in his tent because they are very bright.Secondly, Vampires run away from Silver.

That's why his power is so low hereIn the end, after fight between them, ''Vlad'' defeats and kills ''Mehmad'' with great difficulty.He then frees his son and brings him outside.He asks his companion about the remaining number of people left behind.His companion tells him that, No one except your son.Which means they want to kill their son too for drinking his blood.Because they all have become vampires now and it was ''Vlad'' who made this mistake.Now, one of his companions comes forward to kill his sonbut ''Vlad'' kills his companion by stabbing him with a spear badly.Seeing this, every one gets afraid and stays behind.Priest of the Church comes here and ''Vlad'' sends his son with him so that he can be safe.This is the time of day. He used his power to make it night time.

because there came many clouds in front of the Sun.''Vlad'' uses his power again and removes the clouds from there due to which sunlight starts coming to the ground.Sunlight causes all vampires to burn and they start dying slowly.''Vlad'' was also included in them. All Vampires die there.Vlad's son is made King of ''Transylvania'' that is their Kingdom.In the last scene, we see that Priest of the Church comes to ''Vlad'' and feeds him his bloodBecause of which ''Vlad'' gets alive again.Here, story completes with the sad ending of the Movie. [The End]

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