Fantastic Four 1+2+3 (2015) Film Explained

 The title of the Film is indicating,That four fantastic people have been mentioned in the movie.One of them is "Reed" who is also called "Mr. Fantastic".He possessed the ability as his body had much flexibility.The other fantastic person's name is "Johnny" and he is known as a "Human Torch".His talent was this, he used to transform into fire.The third one was "Ben" who was called " The thing".He used to transform himself into a stone.The fourth one was a girl named "Susan" who used to be invisible.And she was known as "Invisible woman"."Reed" and "Ben" move to an office at the start of the movie.And that was doctor's office. He was astronaut.Actually, Mr. Fantastic Reed used to think,That many changes have been seen on the Earth ,decades ago due to the clouds in space .

There is also a girl named "Susan" who had affair with "Reed".But she has an affair with this doctor named Dr. Doom whom they both  had visited.They had been classmates. But Dr. Doom had grown rich,Because he could risk anything to get money.Reed wanted to explore the space so he talks to Dr. Doom about it.He says, you will have to offer me 75 % if you want to do as  such.Then Reed agrees. Now it is seen that "Reed" and Dr. Doom get ready to fly to space.Then it is witnessed that a space storm is breaking out in the space."Ben" is outside the station. They try their best to rescue "Ben.At the same time , the space station's shield is not activated by them.That space storm affects the inside of the space station.Then it is noticed that they descend on the Earth.Having a bad condition, "Ben" restores his senses after 3 days.And Susan's health condition was also not good enough."Reed" brings for her  sun flowers. "Johnny" is also there.And a nurse checks her body temperature which was high.In the evening, they both go for a walk but his body catches fire because of the strong wind.

He directly moves to ice so he may blow out his body fire.On the opposite side, it is seen that Dr. Doom is in rage.He was thinking that his company is getting loss with the joining of "Reed".But he has also got powers mysteriously that he could move the things without touching them.Then it is shown that "Reed" and "Susan" meet each other at a place."Reed" is saying to "Susan", I am satisfied to see you happy with that new man!"Susan" realizes strangely thinking , he is not feeling bad !She is angered. And she makes herself invisible in furry.She was quite unaware about her power. A bottle is also fallen down in furry by her.But "Reed" catches that bottle, spreading his hand.

He does not let it fall. Here "Reed" also comes to know first time that his body has flexibility.Then "Johnny" also arrives who had also known right now about his body transformation into fire.Then three of them go to "Ben" who had locked himself in a room.He does not unlock the door for them and runs outside, breaking the window.He directly goes to his wife who is scared, seeing him.He is dejected . Next day , he is sitting near the edge of a bridge.Then a man appears there who wanted to commit suicide."Ben" moves forward to save him. But an accident occurs there at the same time.Three of them were going to Ben's house.Four of them begin to stop the occurrence of the accident there.The public is left astonished seeing them but also applaud for them.

Then Ben's wife comes there who puts her marriage ring there, taking it off."Ben" is saddened on it. But "Reed" consoles him saying, Don't worry!We will also be converted into normal being as in the previous time.Now television has started to broadcast their news.The public had started to call them their ideal.Then it is observed that they all four go at a place.And the people were standing there to see them , holding the chart papers.But they were also feeling fear from Ben along with it.He was transformed into stone man.Coming there,  Dr. Doom asks "Susan" to come with him."Reed" attempts to stop them while coming there. But the lights begin to fluctuate because of his annoyance.It means  that man had also possessed the powers.Then "Ben" approaches there who was completely transformed into stone and strongest man.Being afraid from him, Dr. Doom leaves from there.

He had also started to sense as his body is converted into metal.When he shares it with the doctor,The doctor tells him that you will be transformed into metal within 2 or 3 days.I am hearing about this disease for the first time. So I will have to transfer this news to the senior doctors.As this disease may not become the threat of life for anyone.Now that man did not want to reveal it before anyone so he kills the doctor there.Coming back, he begins to stitch the spacesuit that they had to wear in the space.So they may put on these spacesuits according to their powers."Reed" shows to all a machine though which they could again be transformed into normal humans.

But he tells, it has also a threat!Either we will be converted into normal being or we will possess many more strengths.Then it is revealed that some people wanted to dominate Dr. Doom's company.Here that man knows that he possesses such strengths as he can store the electricity.Going there, he puts that man dead, giving him electric shock.Contrarily, it is seen that "Johnny goes outside to perform his bike stunts.Even he was forbidden. While other three want to call him back.Afterwards, they come back to the house.But it observed that "Ben" begins to take interest in a girl while sitting in a  pub at night.Actually that girl was blind. So she begins to talk without any fear, arriving at "Ben" .On the other side, it is witnessed that Dr. Doom used to detest "Reed".

So he sets CCTV camera in his office to keep an eye on him.The he moves to Ben and says, "Reed" does not want to convert you into normal being!He only loves "Susan". Then "Susan" and "Reed" come there.Seeing them, "Ben" leaves after being furious.Being angry, he begins the experimentation on himself, using that machine.But the experiment is failed because of hat machine's low battery.It is seen now that man calls "Ben " again to conduct an experiment on him.During this, he himself sucks up all the radiations which emit from Ben's body at that time.And he becomes more powerful. Here "Ben" loses his power to a great extent.Then that man takes "Reed" into his office,  attacking him.He places him into a cold place. Then he shoots a missile in order to search for "Johnny"."Johnny" notices that missile at a distance, standing with his sister.

He gets awareness that we will be ruined if it is dropped here.Then he jumps off the building.Falling down, he increases his body temperature to an extent that he may fly.He falls aside into water and missile is also exploded there.Now Ben's was having a soft corner for "Reed".He again moves into that machin to save him. And he comes out while transforming into stone man.There is going a quarrel between that man and "Susan" when he goes to that man.Going there, "Ben" beats him brutally and falls down.That man had transformed into metal completely.And he takes a stand to face "Ben". "Johnny" also reaches there.Then "Reed" asks him to emit the fire from your body.And "Susan" also directs the flames towards that man, using her power.That man's body begins to melt because he was made of metal.Then "Ben" throws  cold water on him which freezes him there.Then it is seen, they are very excited how did they beat their enemy down .

Then they go at a party where "Reed" suggests "Susan" to marry him.It is also revealed that Dr. Doom was still alive.Here the "Part I" of this movie completes here.As the "Part II" of the movie starts,It is seen that a gleaming object from space is descending towards Erath.And it is turning the places dark where it is passing.This news was travelling everywhere.Otherwise, there was also another major news that "Susan" and "Reed" are getting married."Susan" was extremely happy for her marriage.While "Reed" wanted to explore which object is darkening the places everywhere.And he was also conducting research on it.Then Susan's brother Johnny comes to him and says,  Arrange a get-together for me before your marriage!Otherwise, I will reveal everything to my sister.That you are not excited for marriage."Reed" says, Okay! I will arrange.Then that gleaming is again observed which is passing over a house.Three of them are celebrating a function there.

Then "Susan" appears with a General. That General brings four of them with him.He begins to tell them something about that gleaming.He says to "Reed", We should build a sensor to discover it."Reed" says, Not now! It is my marriage time.Knowing it, "Susan" is also excited that he also has some sort of excitement.But "Reed" was unstoppable so he begins to build that sensor, hiding himself from "Susan".Now it is observed that wedding ceremony has started and an alarm beeps in Reed's cell phone.It meant that gleaming of the cosmic energy is nearer to them.

As that object is being nearer then the whole city faces the blackout.There was also a flying helicopter for the video recording of the marriage ceremony.It is crashed there. Fortunately, the life of everyone remains safe.Coming there on time, "Ben" stops its crashing.Now it is seen that "Reed" sends "Johnny" after that gleaming.So he may detect what is it. Then a " Humanoid Alien" is observed there.Which has been named "Silver Surfer" in this part of the movie.Above all, that " Humanoid Alien" takes "Johnny " to the space , lifting him from the neck.Then he throws him violently towards the Earth.As being a superhuman, he is survived.He tells about the reality of "Silver Surfer" to everyone, coming on Earth.Everyone had known that they have committed a mistake to touch this object.Now it is noticed that "Susan" is got annoyed from "Reed".

She asks him, Is our future bright with each other or not?Saying it furiously, he moves to her brother whose condition was worst after confronting "Silver Surfer".His powers are transferred into "Susan" when she touches him to check his body temperature.Getting the fire in her body, she is able to fly.Then "Johnny" again touches her so his power is reverted.On the opposite side, "Reed" is shown who is conducting a research on that " Humanoid Alien".He comes to know that the planet did not maintain  more than 8 days where this "humanoid alien" visited.And it devastated. Now we will have to stop it.That "humanoid alien" was living under the Earth while digging.

He had also created many hollows in the surface of the planet.They try to detect where he will create the next hollow, observing the pattern which he is using.They detect it and "Silver Surfer" also appears there."Johnny" begins to run after him and strikes with "Reed".So their powers are interchanged between them.It is observed there that a roller coaster was going to fall due to "Silver Surfer".But "Johnny" lifts it up with his full strength and "Reed" solders it, using his fire power.It is noticed here that "Johnny" is again losing his strength here.Then General approaches there and says, Don't worry! I have called for help.Then Dr. Doom says to them while coming there, I can assist you!And they all four have no other choice except it because the whole World was ruining.

And they needed someone for their help. He says, I have met him,Then he plays the video for all four of them.In which it has been shown that "Silver Sulfur" was telling him, the whole World is soon going to destroy.Afterwards, he attacks him. He reveals all that his powers are related to a boat.Segregating it from the boat, he will be quite weakened."Reed" is got worried thinking how it will happen.Now "Reed" and that man start working against "Silver Surfer".They detect it where this "humanoid alien" is going to create the hollow.He comes to "Susan" when they are making a plan against "Silver Surfer".He says to her, I have not other choice.

Then General witnesses  "Susan" with "humanoid alien", he throws a missile on him.Stopping this , "Silver Surfer" attacks on the military in return.Then it is seen that they disconnect the relatedness of "Silver Surfer" with that boat forever.Military imprisons "Silver surfer". And Fantastic 4 is not allowed to meet him.Then "Susan" thinks of an idea to see him, making her invisible.She observes there that a military officer is maltreating him.Suddenly, someone comes there to meet him and that "humanoid alien" is left alone.Here "Susan" was conversing with that "humanoid alien" in isolation, enabling her."Susan" comes to know while talking with "Silver Surfer" that he is serving for someone.He tells, I have to ruin the planets to secure my life!Then "Susan" asks him, Why did you rescue me from missile attack if you bring destruction.

"Silver Surfer" tells her, You resemble a girl who was my beloved.He tells, my controller name is "Galactus" who is recently arriving here.Then it is observed that he has come nearer the planet Earth.Contrarily, it is seen that General had allowed that man to work on boat.But Dr. Doom betrays them , boarding on the boat.He himself begins to steer that boat.He kills the  General there and leaves while devastating.Now Fantastic 4 is worried and he wanted to bring boat back at any cost.So they make "Silver Surfer" release. Boarding in an airplane, they begin to pursue that man.It is seen here that there is great battle among them.And that evil man attacks "Silver Surfer" with a spear.At this time, "Susan" rescues him , coming in front of him.

Being brutally injured, she was soon going to die.It is also noticed that "Galactus" had reached Earth."Johnny" says to him, I will go to fight with him.Then he captures the powers of other "Fantastic people".Then he fights with them . As a result, his relatedness with boat is ended.But it s observed that poor "Susan" is dead there.But "Silver Surfer" revives her, using his powers.Then he flies to space in order to stop "Galactus".Because he was unable to reach on the Earth completely.There is a great fight between them and "Galactus" is ended with a big explosion.Then everything comes on its routine on the Earth."Reed" and "Susan" again marry in China  and begins to live blissfully.But it is revealed that "silver Surfer" is still alive in the space.And the "Part II" of the movie also completes with it.Now the "part III" of the movie begins and a kid "Reed" is shown in the classroom.Who is expressing his aims. He tells, I want to be like this that,I may teleport myself at any time or anywhere. And I am also working on such a device.Then teacher says to him, Leave the World of imaginations!And tell me again tomorrow what you want to be!He also has a boy in his class named "Ben" who had a great quarrel with his elder brother."Ben" hears a sound as the night falls.

Going into his scrapyard,  "Reed" is stealing his power electronic device.Now "Ben" could punish "Reed" on this stealing,But this electronic device belonged to his brother who used to beat him.So he gives it to him. Here a good friendship bond is developed between them.And they both begin to build this machine together.Then it is seen that a few years are passed and they both have grown up.One day, there is held a science exhibition in their school where they also take their machine there.All were making fun of their device. Suddenly, 2 persons appear there.The girl's name is "Susan" between them. That man says to her, I want to award you scholarship.It was pleasurable to hear by "Read". So he is extremely excited.Then he goes there for study. 

One day, he is in library and "Susan" is also there.He starts to tell her about a book.Then it is noticed , that professor who had awarded "Reed" scholarship,The funders demand the professor to give them a reasonable thing in its place.Then we will be able to help out your firm.Then professor tells them about the device of his student.That you will get much benefit from it.There is also a boy named "victor" and professor leads him to "Reed".And "Susan" is also there. He says to him, Work on this project combing the efforts of all 3.Here it is revealed that "Victor" detests this World.And he wanted the destruction of the World..He is also here because he was interested in "Susan".On the other side, it is observed that professor's son "Johnny" is driving his father 's car.

And he damages his father's car in an accident.In return, Professors asks him to join the project group of the kids with us.Then they all 4 begin to work on that project.Meantime, it is seen that "Reed" and "Susan" had befriended closely.And "Victor" used to envy, seeing it.There project was completely covered. And they choose an ape to conduct the experiment through this device.Their idea included to bring back ape after sending him into space.But the funders of this project suggest that Why not! NASA should be included in it.But no one agrees with it because NASA will be credited for this project in such a way.They say, World remembers that man who stepped at the first time on moon,But no one knows who built that "spaceflight" which led that man there.At the first, We all three will go to the another World.So the World may remember us. 

We will be the first human being to step into another World.And you may include the efforts of NASA later."Reed" wanted to take " Ben" with him.Because both friends had struggled hard together for many years.When they all 4 begin to put their flag , reaching there.Then they view a green light which was inside its surface.And it had begun to spread in its surroundings.Now it is noticed that "Victor" starts to put his hand into that green lava substance.As a result, that lava is burst and they all 4 begin to run.But "Victor" falls into that substance.Now all three try to come back but spacecraft is not receiving the signals.Seeing them,  Susan helps them as they may come back on Earth in some way.The radiations of space also descend on the Earth with them as they arrive there."Susan" is also affected by them. Now the various superhuman strength had penetrated in them.And they were bound at a place. Releasing his hand, "Reed" goes to "Ben".But he notices that "Ben" has totally converted into stone man."Reed" says to him, I will bring the things into their normal form.

Then the funders of this project reach there.They tell, we will revert you but you will have to care us in return.Then they train all three of  them for 1 year.These funders wanted to build their own military  so they were making "Quantum Gate".And they select "Johnny" as a warrior."Susan" reveals it, going to the professor but he does not want any battle on the part of his son.Then he requests "Susan", Call back "Reed" so he may help us, coming here.But they were annoyed with "Reed" who had fled leaving them behind.But professor is dejected here and says, Care to an extent!"Johnny" is your brother. Do you expect his death in any battle?Then "Susan" begins to search for him as being sentimental.And by good fortune, she knows about his location."Susan" asks his help that we have to bake a cake.So he helps "Reed" in baking a cake. Now it is seen that some of the scientists move into that World.And they find "Victor" there. Then they bring "Victor" back with them.

They ask him, How did you survive for a long time?He tells them, There were such types of the radiations which had secured my life!I was getting strength along with it.The spacesuit  worn by him before departing to space had converted into a steel suit,Which had shielded his body completely."Victor" tells, I wanted to start my life and I don't care if this World is ruined for it.Then he begins to hit those people violently, standing near him.And he also reaches that "Quantum Gate" along with it.Professor elaborates, You can also live with us!But he puts professor into death in furry and flies to another World, picking up that "Quantum Gate".Going to another World, "Victor" begins to pull everything from this World.Then it is observed that they all 4 move to another World , using another path,And they begin to fight with him. And they beat "Victor" down there.They had got success in their expedition.And the "Part III" of the movie is also completed on this scene.

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