Feral (2017) Film Explained

 When the movie starts, we are shown a womanwho is tied very harshly.she is very injured and alot of her blood had shed.Due to immense pain, she was making strange sounds.It seemed clear that she is in a lot of pain.but then a man comes and takes out his gunand then shoots her.After this, we are shown six studentswho came here with the intention of visiting the Lake,which was really farther from the population.Two or three days were required to reach therebecause it was much farther and a mountain areaThere was a forest too, which was 50 miles away from population.They all were in medical field which means they all were doctors.They were walking continuously since morning.They had gone so far and had forgotten the way.They were so tired and night was soon to be come.

They stop at a place to pitch their campsand decide to find the lake next morning.One of them, a man named "Matte" was going to propose Brienni.In night, they all were sitting and gossiping  together,when they hears some sound from Jungle.They become really nervousbut Jesse says that they could be Wolves or Dogs, so there’s no need to be afraid.They also get scared of us as we do. Ignoring this, they all went to their campsbut after a moment , Matte comes outside for toilet purposeand on the other side, her best friend Brienni was waiting for him.Matte hears an unusual sound and also sees a creaturewho looked like a human but walked like an animal.

Matte gets shocked by seeing it and thinks what this thing is?Eventually, that creature attacks Matteand rips his belly and then pulls out his intestine brutally.After some time, Matte dies there.Brienni was waiting for him in camp for long timebut he didn’t come back.She was worried for him so she carries the torch along with her to find him.She was calling him out but she also sees that creaturewhich was brutally ripping Matte’s body off.What she saw, she wasn’t able to believe it.Torch falls off her hand and she returns backward while weepingbut that monster attacks her too.By hearing her screams, her other friends come out of their campsand set out to find them bothbut they see that Brienni was injured and faintedbut when they see Matte,they get worried and shockedthat who did this and what happened exactly?Now this was obvious that they were afraid of their end too.

When the morning comes, they meet a man named Talbotwho tells them that he owns a cabin herewhich contains medicine and food supplies.He says that your friend is in critical condition,you can’t take her out in populated areaso take her in my cabin.They hadn’t any other chance.They built a stretcher and take Brienni inside the cabin.Now, they all decide thatJesse and Jules will go back to find some helpand remaining people will stay here with Brienni.Later, one of these friends, a girl takes Talbot with her to show him Matte’s dead bodybut a mysterious thing which they noticed thatMatte’s dead body wasn’t there.There was just a little blood.

They observes that this can’t be a deed of any animal.If any animal had done that,there would be bones or dragging marks at least.but nothing was there.On the other side, Jesse and Jules were rapidly running on their wayso that before night, they can get out of the mountainsbut on the way, they get into a fight.In anger, Jules pushes Jessewhich causes Jesse’s foot to touch the trap and the trap closes.His foot has gotten injured badlyand he was screaming out of pain.He asks Jules to set his foot free.Jules helps him to get his foot out of the trapbut that trap was closed so firmly,so she becomes unable to open it.In pain, Jesse asks her to go back and ask for help.They both have come so far andmuch time was required to go back to cabin.but Jules goes back quickly.There, Alice feels some kind of glitch.She had always doubted Talbot.She tells Gina that I don’t think that this man is good.

Full day has passed now, night has fallen.Jules was lost in Jungle and Jesse was trapped in a trap till yet.Jules feels some kind of movement around her,we are shown that strange creature again herewho was gradually coming near to Jules.Jules hides herself under a tree.She was really afraid because that creature was right above her head.There, we get to know that, this creature is blindwho was getting attracted towards Jules’s smell and voice.There, Alice sees in a cabin thatTalbot was inserting some injection into Brienni’s body.Alice holds a gun and stands behind him.She asks him that what he was doing here and what’s in the syringe?He replies that, These are just Anti-Biotics.Alice asks him to stop thisbut he says that I have no other way except this.Alice shoots his shoulder andattacks his head which results in his injury.when then she hears strange voices from outside.

She goes out to check but what she sees, she gets shocked.At some distance, there is a creaturewhich is looking like a humanbut his movement doesn’t show the same.Inside, Gina  has pointed the gun on Talbotso that he doesn’t move.That man tells Gina that you don't know we are all in dangerand says that you have to shoot your injured friend.Otherwise, no one will stay alive among us.Hearing this, Gina gets scared and angrily asks him to keep quietand shoots in the cabin.Talbot runs out of the cabin.Now injured Brienni, Alice and Gina are left in the cabin.They were not getting what to do.Then, Alice finds a door of basement in cabin.When they both go there, they get shocked by seeing thisbecause it had strange chemicals and medical supplies.There were handcuffs on a bed too.

It seemed that someone was imprisoned here.They both think that Talbot is a serial killerwho torments and kills his victims here.After some time, Jules also arrives at cabin.She was so scared and tired.She tells Alice about that strange creature andtells her that Jesse is in danger and is trapped.Alice gets shocked by hearing this becauseshe has also seen this creature and that man also said the same.Then we are shown that place where Jesse was trapped,that creature comes and cuts his neck.Alice and Jules go to Jesse along with a stretcherbut he wasn’t alive now.

He wasn’t breathing but strangely, his heart was beating.His eye color was totally changed.Alice thought that he was still alive,thy both try to take him back in cabin by putting him on stretcher.The way was too long and they both gets tiredbut finally, in evening, they both reach the cabin.They all were now captured in miserybecause two of their friends were injured.There was no source of bringing help,they were quite far away from populated area and were trapped in trouble.Brienni’s hair and teeth were losing their placebut no one could guess why this is happening to her?Then they decide that next morning,someone will go and seek help andwhen they are asleep Talbot comes back to his home.Jules is asleep so he takes gun from herand points gun at Alice and says,“ Do exactly what I say if you want to be alive!”.Jules attacks him from behind with knife.

When he comes to his senses,Alice asks him that what you were going to do with usand what you’ve done to the people before us?Alice says that we have seen your basement.During this, Jesse wakes up and Gina sees thathe has turned into a wild animal, who was really scary.This creature attacks Gina and runs away from there.Finally Talbot explains them everything that what was exactly happening here.He tells that one day, he came here with his family.He tells that my son went to a Jungleand when he returned, he was very injured.After this, he got ill and he took a lot of care of himbut at night, he transformed.He killed his wife , his daughter and even his mother.

This happens because Feral named virus,when enters into someone’s body, controls his nervous system.At first, this virus kills the human and after it, uses his body for it’s purposebut this virus isn’t active in Sun therefore, in light they look like dead bodiesbut in night, this virus is highly active.Moreover, he tells that he was a doctor too.Whatever you people saw in basement, was true.He captured his family in there.That injured woman who was shown to us, was his family member.He was finding a method to cure this but this virus has no treatment.

Therefore, he killed his family and his son ran to a jungleand then he was transformed into a strange creature.The creature who attacked Matte, he was his sonand all the people who were being attacked by him, are all infected nowand transforming into other creature.Like Jesse and Brienni are injured and Gina will also become that creaturebecause Jesse attacked her.Then he advises Alice that she should handle things wiselyand you are ought to kill all of them.Otherwise, no one will be left alive among usand in night, they will come to find foodand says that we’ll become their foodbut Alice doesn’t agree and says that she will not kill her friends.There isn’t any virus like that.

But which Talbot was saying, was true.After some time, they notice strange changes in Brienniand take her to the basement and tie herbut while doing this, Brienni injures Gina andBrienni was transforming into strange creature.Talbot injects her an injection.Everyone was scared and consider their deathbecause all of their friends have died and they also will have tobut Alice wasn’t ready to accept this.She takes a gun with her and goes to upper floor.All creatures attack the house but Alice shoots each of them.In basement, Talbot cleverly knocks Jules to get faint.

After it, she attacks Alice and ties all of them in basement.When Talbot comes out, his own son who had become that creature attacks and kills him.When Alice gets conscious, she sees that Gina has also fallen a victim to this virusand she was going to attack them but Alice gets succeeded in killing Gina.Alice tells Jules to run but Jesse bites her foot.Now only Alice was left.Not a single normal human was left behind.Jules says to Alice that I don’t want to become like them,please kill me!.'' But Alice doesn’t accept her requestso, Jules shoots herselfand Alice gets out of thereand the movie comes to and end here.(FINISHED)

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