Freaky (2020) Film Explained

 Some young boys and the girls appear as thefilm starts.They were friends. They were enjoying a party and drinking Alcohol there.They were talking about a serial killer.As that serial killer kills the young people, coming at a festival each year.The shocking fact is this, he is still wandering free .It means, he has not been captured.Then two friends move to the house basement to take Alcoholic drink.Where one of the friends observes some mysterious things.Which were going to be used in a witchcraft.He also gets an ancient dagger which is liked too much by him.Then he leaves to take Alcoholic drink.Then he feels the presence of someone there.And he loses the grip of Alcohol bottle and it is broken.There was no one else but a serial killer ,About whom these friends were talking about.

That serial killer pierces the same broken alcohol bottle into his neck,Which causes his death. Then that serial killer was continuously beating the female friend on commode.Consequently, that girl is also ended.Then a male and female friends are seen, coming outside.Where that serial killer finishes male friend, hitting him with tennis racket.Now one girl was survived.She is terrified, witnessing it. Being confused she runs from there.She hides in a cupboard , securing herself from that killer.Then that girl feels that her parents had come back to house.She tries to approach her parents but killer instantly appears before her.And that killer also puts that girl into death at the same time.Unmasking himself, killer goes after stealing the ancient dagger.When that girl's parents return at houseThey are distressed, witnessing the whole situation.Next morning, the leading character of the story named "Millie" comes on the scene."Millie" used to live with her mother and sister in a house.Millie's sister was a police officer. "Millie" meets her friend, coming  at school.

There were also some other students who always used to tease "Millie".There is one boy named "Booker" who had a crush on "Millie".Then everyone receives the news of those friends' murder."Millie" is got late at school because there is a football game there.Millie's mother was going to pick her up from the school.But her mother does not come to pick her up.Because Millie's mother was lying unconscious at the house."Millie" had left alone at school now.And the lights had also been switched off there.Then a masked man appears before "Millie".And he is the same serial killer, holding that ancient dagger."Millie" begins to run away, seeing him there.Because she had known that he is the same serial killer who is proceeding to kill her.

That serial killer captures "Millie" as she crosses a little distance while running.Killer stabs "Millie" with that "Magical Dagger".That killer is also wounded along with "Millie".Killer was unaware about that magical dagger possesses many powers.Then Millie's sister arrives there who was police officer.Observing Millie's sister, that killer runs away.Then Millie's sister brings her into the police station.And police seize that magical dagger as an evidence."Millie" feels awkward after waking up.And it had happened due to that magical dagger.It means that "Millie" and that killer's soul had switched with one another.It means Millie's soul had switched into killer's body while killer's soul had switched to "Millie".So both soul's had exchanged with each other's bodies so they will be called by their souls.As "Millie" will be called killer while killer will be known as "Millie".They both had known what has happened to them.As their souls have transmitted into each other's body."Killer" arrives at "Millie" school wearing a dress which has not ever been worn by "Millie".

And his mission  to come here was this as he will end more people.There "Millie" also comes to her school.So she may get rid of this soul, getting the help from her friends.A girl appears in front of the killer who locks her in a freezer .As being frozen, that girl is dead. Afterwards, "Millie" moves to her friends.It is obvious that her friends are horrified ,seeing her.Because they had knowledge as he is a serial killer."Millie" and her friends confront one another."Millie" dances before her friends .So her friend may trust that she is "Millie".And "Millie" also answers those questions which were secret.Now Millie's friend had believed that she is "Millie".Then "Millie" reveals to her friends about that magical dagger.And she reveals the whole happened incident with her."Millie" also tells them that magical dagger is now in the guardianship of the police.Millie's friends explore about that magic dagger through internet.Where they come to know , that magical dagger is ancient.

And this dagger is used for some sort of sacrifice.The bodies of two persons are switched with each other if there is no any sacrifice of anyone.The souls of both persons will be permanently left in their bodies forever if it is not sacrificed within 24 hours.It means that "Millie" has to stab that killer with this magical dagger.The boy who used to tease "Millie" comes in the lavatory when she is there.He had also stated some heinous comments about "Millie"."Millie" pulls him up, holding his shirt in order to reprimand him.And she warns her saying, I will torment you if you ever tease me in future!That boy is also terrified, considering him a serial killer.Then that killer is shown who visits his teacher.He hits his teacher and lays him on the table.Then the killer bisects his body from the center.Killer was feeling pleasure after switching in Millie's body.Because he was getting delight, killing the others.And he was sure that he cannot be put under any suspicion by anyone.

Then "Millie" and her friends come in front of killer.That killer begins to scream, seeing them.And police also approach there. Now police was pursuing "Millie".So her friends flee, taking her with them.Then the killer "Booker" who was interested in "Millie",He calls him at a place with the purpose to kill.Meanwhile, "Millie" and his friends arrive there.Where "Millie" knocks "Booker" and killer out there.Afterwards, they reach one of their friends.Where they tie serial killer. "Booker" had also restored his consciousness."Millie" tries to reveal to "Booker" that our soul have switched in each other's bodies.As I am "Millie" and he is killer covered in my look.But "Booker" does not trust him. Then "Millie" recites a poem for "Booker".And she had composed that poem particularly for "Booker" and he was only one who knew about it.Now "Booker " has to believe that she is exactly "Millie".Now the dagger is required to switch each other's souls.Millie's two friends accompany her to the police station.One of the friends stays there to keep an eye on killer.

"Millie" and  "Booker" remain in the car while their female friend go inside the police station.Going inside, she tries her best to keep Millie's sister busy while conversing.So she may steal that magical dagger."Millie" is telling "Booker" in the car that I am feeling very good in this body.Because I am feeling powerful and confident.She tells, I am feeling good enough which I never felt before.On the opposite side, That killer runs away, releasing himself.Then "Booker" tells "Millie", I have had a crush on you for a long time.That police officer witnesses that female friend, stealing the  magical dagger.And that police officer orders her to keep that dagger.Millie's friend is still explaining that killer approaches there.Reacting like "Millie", he runs away holding magical dagger."Millie" is also there and lady police officer captures her, thinking of him as a killer.But "Millie" leaves the place after locking her sister police officer.Then killer moves to a party where he kills  three students.Then "Millie" and her friends are also witnessed in the same party."Booker" tells "Millie", You have only 13 minutes left behind!So "Booker" sets the timing on the watch of "Millie".Now they begin to search for the killer.Because they have to stab dagger before 24 hours and 12 o clock.Afterwards, killer also victimizes one more student.And "Millie" is succeeded to find out that killer.

They both confront each other. There is a great fight between them."Millie" beats that killer down as being powerful  in killer's body.Then killer begins to flee while holding that magical dagger.Meantime, Millie's friends grab that killer.And Millie's friends hands her over the dagger so she may run through the dagger into it.But the alarm of 12 o clock rings before she ran through dagger into killer.It means , they have gotten late.1  day has passed completely.Then "Millie" recalls that her friend "Booker" also keeps 5 minutes time up on his watch from the actual timing.

He used to do it so he may not be late for any  task.And "Millie" runs through the magical dagger into the killer.So the souls of them are shifted in each other's body. They switch to their actual bodies.Then the police arrive there and kill the killer, firing their guns on him."Millie" is very excited, coming back to his body.But it is observed that killer is still alive, getting no serious harm.Then "Millie" reaches her house and the killer also comes there to kill her.But "Millie" holds sway over the killer with the help of his mother and sister.An she pierces his body with the wooden piece.So that murderer is also dead. And the movie also completes with it.

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