Freddy vs Jason (2003) Film Explained

 As the movie starts, we are shown Fredy.He was telling that how he used to beat his town kids.One day, townsmen burnt Fredy to death.His game did not end, but he returned stronger.And now when the children fell asleep, he would come to them and kill them.He scared the children and lived by the fear of the children.The more children became afraid of him, the more dangerous he became.Because fear was his real strengthHis terror spread among the people and he killed as many people as possible.But in the end, the people of this town found a way to get rid of Fredy.

They began to think that there is not Fredy and he denied his presence.They stopped being afraid of him and managed to forget him completely.Now it was impossible for Fredy to come back becauseno one was afraid of him and no one remembered him so how could he come back?He needed his strength, the fear of the people, to return.You found a man in hell for this job who could do it.It was none other than Jason because only he could remind people of him.Jason was sleeping in Hell.Fredy goes to Jason in the form of his mother.He asks him to wake up.Go to that town and start killing their children.As Fredy came in the form of his mother so he couldn't refuse his mother.He wakes up and moves forward to his destination.After it, we are shown a girl named Lori who lived with her father.His father wasn't home so her two female friends were with her.Lori's friends call both of her friendsto entertain Lori.Because she was upset.She says that she's missing her childhood friend Will.

Will was one of those people who got missing from that town.No one knew where he is for many years.One of Lori's friends goes to the kitchen and finds the back door open.This wasn't a good symbol because Jason entered through it.Lori was worried about her friends because they were on the upper floor.Jason goes up and kills one of those friends brutally.A friend, who was in the washroom, sees a lot of blood there.Coming outside, she finds her friend dead in a harsh way.They couldn't acknowledge that who murdered him because Jason wasn't there.They get panic and come outside.

A Deputy was passing through there.The Police also reach there.Seeing the condition of the dead body, an officer tells the Sheriff thatI think that it's Fredy's job.Sherif asks them to keep quiet but Lori listens to them.Here, Fredy's purpose is fulfilled.That is, people being afraid of him, were taking his name and remembering him.The Police take them all and investigate all of them.The sheriff seemed worried because he was upset due to Fredy.Everyone knew about Fredy's healing.But Deputy didn't know about him.Because he was a newcomer.No one tells him anything.Lori was upset with the behaviour of the Police.She falls asleep and sees Fredy in her dream.

He had returned now.Seeing Fredy in her dream, she wakes up scared.She becomes relaxed thinking that this was her nightmare.But she didn't know that it was about to come true.Lori's friend falls asleep drinking alcohol.Fredy appears in his dreams as well.He attacks him but he was unable to hurt him.Because undoubtedly he came back but was not strong enough to harm anyone yet.He was waiting to become powerful again.Because Jason was making it easier for him.

Lori's friend wakes up from sleep.He finds his father sitting beside him.He wasn't speaking or moving.As he touches his father, his head detaches and falls down.Jason kills him without giving him a chance to analyze.Later, we are shown a hospital where a boy named Will was watching NEWS on the Television.It was about Lori's house.He's the same Will who was Lori's childhood friend who went missing.When he sees this news, he gets worried.Thinking that if his father had killed Lori.Because he witnesses Lori's father murdering his wife.He shares this with his friend who was with him there.Here, we get to know that they all were victims of Fredy.Therefore, they were kept here in the hospital, far away from the town.The purpose behind was not to tell anyone about Fredy.So that they forget Fredy.Police got succeeded in it as well.Now they were Fredy's victims.

But Fredy didn't kill them yet because they were given a drug which didn't let them dream.If they don't dream, Freddy would be unable to approach them.Will was worried about Lori.Seeing his state, his friend hits an idea.He steals a wallet of a worker which had keys to that place.Both of them escape from there.Lori was trying not to fell asleep.Because every time she slept, she saw Fredy in her dream.Therefore, she prefers going to school.She goes to school despite her father's prohibition.An officer tells Lori's father that Will and his friend have escaped the hospital.He becomes angry when he hears it.Because it was his plan to keep Lori away from him for so long.As Lori reaches the school, she gets to know that another friend died.Police said that he killed his friend first and then his father.When he felt guilt, he attempted suicide.Police were spreading this fake news so that no one discusses Fredy.But of no use.Because Fredy was being discussed a lot.Lori shares her dreams with her other friends that she's seeing Fredy.Other students also hear what she says.

In a meantime, Will's friend also reaches there.As he knew about Fredy so he starts spreading his news everywhere.As everyone was afraid already so including Lori everyone gets very scared.Will comes and shuts his friend's mouth.When Lori sees Will, she gets really happy and gets faint.The principal of the school also comes there.Therefore, Will and his friend had to go.Everyone got to knew about Fredy now.They were also remembering him.Due to this, people started seeing him.He was unable to do whatever he was doing with people in their dreams.Perhaps anything was still missing.Will asks his friend if Fredy has really come then why he didn't kill Lori yet?His friend tells him that he isn't enough powerful yet.He says that people's fear is his strength and he has spread it in school already.Will thinks that everyone knows about Fredy now.His friend has instilled his fear in everyone's heart.So he will definitely try to kill Lori now.Will goes to Lori who was at a party to keep herself awake.He was about to tell everything Lori but her friends take her with them.

Being intoxicated, one of Lori's friends goes into the bushes.She sees her dead friend there.Chasing him, he reaches a factory.She doesn't find her friend there but Fredy.She saw Fredy, this means that she's asleep because the dream world is Fredy's world.She tries hard to save herself from him.She couldn't be saved unless someone wakes her up.In the reality, someone comes to him while she was sleeping.Fredy was about to kill her but someone kills her before him.He was Jason.Jason snatched Fredy's victim away.Fredy is left astonished because she died in the reality.Her dream was also ended, where Fredy was about to kill her.Fredy's plane seemed to be deteriorating as Jason was snatching his victims.He was unable to do anything to stop Jason.Because he woke him up and brought him.This weighed heavily on him.Jason was about to kill a boy.

But that boy burns him down.But it didn't affect him.Burning, he moves forward.And inserts his burning machete across that boy.Seeing him burning and coming out, people get upset.They start panicking and run to save their lives.Lori and her friend see their friend's dead body.Will takes them out from there.After opping them, he goes to drop Lori at her house.He prohibits Lori to go to her house.He says I was kept hospital away from you because I saw your father killing your mother.On which she says that my mother died in a car accident.

Meanwhile, Lori's father comes there and tries to take her inside.Will tries to stop him but on the contrary, he blackmails Will that he'll kill him.Seeing this, Lori gets inside the house.Her father follows her.Lori tells him that I want proof of my mother's death.But he had no answer to this.Lori goes to her room and her father also chases her.To save her life, Lori comes out through the window.Will was already waiting for her outside.They go to Will's friend.Will's friend was in Fredy's world and trying to wake himself up.When Lori and Will reach there, they find the door locked from inside.When they see through the window, they find him asleep.Suddenly his back catches fire.Fredy starts throwing him here and there.Eventually, Fredy kills him with his sharp nails.

Fredy left a message on his back.They both read it which was "Fredy Back".On the other hand, Officer Sheriff was upset about the murders at the party.In fact, he was worried due to Fredy.They were thinking that Fredy is the killer but they didn't know that Jason is doing this.Deputy also comes there.He tells the sheriff that I know who's the murderer.He thinks that how does he know about Fredy as he's new here?But on what the deputy tells him, he gets shocked.He tells that this killer is alike the killer Jason.Here their thoughts are mismatched.Because everyone was considering Fredy but he alone was voting for Jason.After taking Lori's address, the deputy goes to her who was with her friends.They acknowledge the whole story here.That Fredy brought Jason back.

And Jason is doing all of these murders.People will think that Fredy is behind these.People will get afraid of him and remembering him, which will make him more powerful and he'll come back.Now he got succeeded in his plan but he was unable to control Jason.Because he had no control over capturing Jason.During the discussion, Lori falls asleep.She sees Freddy in her dream.He was going to kill her.Lori shouts and grabs his ear.At the same time, Will awakens Lori.She sees that Fredy's ear is in her hand.Because Lori brought him to the reality from dreams.Who knew the way of getting rid of the dreams better than Will?Because he was taking drugs to get rid of the dreams for many years.They go to the hospital to take that drug.One of Lori's friends is separated from them and falls asleep.Then Fredy comes there in the form of a horrifying creature and enters Lori's friend's mouth and possesses him.He controlled him so that he throws away all the anesthetic drugs and he does the same.The deputy and his friend try to stop him from outside.Suddenly, Jason comes there.

Lori's friend is saved but the deputy gets killed.They start running from there.But Lori's possessed friend stood still.He had two anesthetic injections in his hand.As Jason comes close to him, he injects both of the injections in Jason.He did this because Fredy's soul was in him who made him do this.But before getting faint, Jason cuts him into two parts.Fredy and Jason were about to face each other.Because Jason was asleep.Now he has entered Freddy's world.In the world of sleepiness and dreams.Fredy's plan was to make Jason asleep forever.But he didn't know that no one could compete with Jason.Jason comes and breaks both of his arms.But it doesn't affect Freddy.Later, Freddy hits Jason hard.He breaks all of his bones.But still, it doesn't affect him.

Jason throws him away.The pipes there break.Water starts coming out of them.Here Fredy finds out Jason's weakness.That was water. Jason was afraid of water.Fredy takes advantage of it.In the reality, he was taking Jason to a place where her mother died.With it, he was being injected anesthetic injections as well.So that he return after killing Fredy.There was no chance of him winning.Because he was completely possessed by Fredy.Plus, they were running short of anesthesia.When they don't see their plan succeeding, they move on to another plan.That was bringing Fredy into the real world, and he wakes up.Their van gets out of control and crashes as he wakes up.

Jason falls out of the van.When he realizes that he's in the real world, he realizes how much trouble he's gotten into.Because he had come to Jason's world now.Jason weighs heavy on Fredy this time.He takes Fredy away while dragging.An injured friend of Lori had also died.Lori and Will try to escape but Fredy stops them.Lori's friend comes over and starts talking to him.Because there was nothing he could do without getting scared.She was getting succeeded in doing this.But as if to get to Fredy, Jason takes him out of his way.Here, they indulge in a huge fight.Fredy uses his sharp claws on Jason.Jason also inserts a lot of rods in Fredy.But nothing happens to Jason and he breaks all the rods.As they fight, they both reach the bridge.Here Jason was about to end this game but Fredy cuts his fingers.He uses his machete to stab him.He knocks him down and stabs him in the eye, but Jason still does not give up.Lori and Will set the bridge on fire.Jason pulls out Fredy's arm.Fredy stabs him with his machete on his chest.Then the gas tank there explodesThen both of them fall into the pool.

To save their lives from the explosion, Lori and Will also jump into the pool.They come out of the pool happily that everything has come to its end now.Suddenly, Fredy comes to them with a machete in his hand.Fredy tries to kill them when Jason inserts his claw across him.And he falls into the pool.Fredy was still alive and Lori detaches his head by using the machete.Fredy's body and his head get drowned in the water.Here their nightmare had come true and finally ended.They both get out of there.The next morning, Jason comes out of the water in a winning mood.As a reward, he was holding Fredy's head which was still alive.His head passes evil smile and this movie ends here.:)

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