Funhouse (2019) Film Explained

 At the beginning, we see a rich man named Nero.Two girls are in front of him. He asks one of them to kill the other one.Then bring the heart of the dead girl to him.That girl does the same.She didn't wanna do it, but still, she had to.She kills the other girl.She puts her heart in front of Nero.Then she starts weeping after doing this.Nero gives her a bag full of money.The thing was clear here that she did it for money.As she gets the money, she leaves.Nero sees some famous celebrities on his cell phone.He invites them to a live show named 'Funhouse'.We see Nero's house in the midst of the forest.Then we see a boy named Kasper.He was already n funhouse.

We are told that how he came here.In fact he was really famous.He conducted TV shows.But his shows were flop for some time.But then Kasper's manager gets to know about Nero's deal regarding funhouse.Kasper's manager takes his sign.Because the winner of funhouse was going to get 5 million dollars.Kasper signs the agreement.Next day, Kasper was brought into funhouse by kidnappers.He was brought like this so he doesn't get aware of the way to this funhouse.Just like Kasper, more famous personalities were brought here.Total 8 people were present in the funhouse.

At first, they enjoy but their cell phones were taken away from them.Everyone is introduced to echother in the starting.After some time, the show starts.Whatever was happening in Funhouse was being watched by the public.After introducing themselves to the Public, Panda Captain of Funhouse Nero comes there.He tells them CCTV cameras are installed everywhere in the funhouse.Even in the bathroom and do whatever you like.Then the Public will watch you and do its voting. Then the winner will be announced.There was the staff of the funhouse as well.They were observing if anyone is trying to escape or not.Everything was normal yet and they were enjoying it.The first three days, when the public watches them, they get votes.Three days pass there.Nero again comes there as Panda captain.He says that people voted for you.The person who gets the lower votes will be expelled.Their voting is shown on the screen.A girl named Ula gets the most votes.

Because she was so attractive and she did weird things to get votes.Just like this, everyone is told their ranking.Two persons who got lesser votes were a male and a female.Their votes were very lesser as compared to other people.There, the male was supposed to quit.Things were going to get worse from here.Both are taken in a room.The boy is blindfolded.A baseball bat covered with nails is handed over in his hand.He is told to hit the panda hanging on the wall.The game starts.But they do cheating here.That male is hanged instead of panda there.The girl's hands and mouth were also tied.So that she does not make any noise.There was also loud music.So that this girl could not know anything.She could not see because she was blindfolded.On the other side, participants and the public were watching it.That girl assumes that it is a small panda.She beats that boy black and blue.That boy dies in a brutal way.This was the first death, everyone witnessed here.

All participants are afraid to know about what will happen to them.They wonder what's going on here.Because they were helpless and couldn't escape.This funhouse was in the basement in the midst of the forest.His live telecast was being done through a website that couldn't be hacked.Even the Police couldn't find them.So they were unable to run from here.They were trapped here.Nero comes there in form of a panda.He says that if someone tried to escape, he will choose his bad luck.You'll also get killed in a cruel way.Then a boy thinks that he can escape using the window.He was assuming the roof outside the window as the sky.Everyone stops him but he breaks the galss.Coming outside, he acknowledges that it wasn't sky but the roof.He assumed it sky.

Nero comes there again because he warned not to escape.Nero orders to kill him in a brutal way.Then that boy is taken into the same room.He is hanged in front of everyoneAcid is poured on him that burns his whole body.He dies in a brutal way.As this happens, Funhouse gets viral in the whole world,Because they were being killed in front of everyone.unluckily, no one knew about this place.Now only 6 survivors were left there.Nero tells them that if they want to go they should ask the public to give them more votes.Because only votes can save you.Everyone gets scared.Two female gets into a fight there.A girl says to Ula that you are a bad girl who wants to get votes by acting weird.It's wrong.She talks about her character that you are bad therefore you want votes.

On the next day, Kasper's wife is called in Newscast.Obviously, she was a queen therefore she was famous.To save her husband's life. she appeals to people to vote for him.The participants think that they are left with few breathes so why not enjoying life?Nero brings votings again.Those two females who were fighting had the lowest votes.These two girls are sent to the same room.Axe is given to them.It was dark in the room and everything was live using dark mode cameras.Both girls fight a little at first.But Ula stabs the axe into her head.This is how Ula is saved.Everyone was seeking votes from the public to save their lives.Ula asks Kasper to come near to get votes.

But Kasper didn't want to do this.He clearly refuses.Ula's friends see them together.He misunderstands their relationship.Due to this, he starts beating Kasper.This was being watched live.Kasper was nice so he gets a lot of votes.Ula got fewer votes.Ula is taken to that room.She is given a task to match pictures there.But she was unable to complete it and she fails.Ula is asked to spin a wheel.That will tell the way Ula will die.When the wheel stops, they see the most brutal way of Ula's death.Ula is tied there and pulled harshly.Her body parts detach and she dies.Now only 4 survivors were left.They were shown their family pictures.Seeing their family photographs, they get upset.

Everyone had family except Kasper because he had his wife only.Because his parents died in a car accident.Seeing it, the public feels pity for Kasper.They give him more and more votes.The person who got the fewest votes this time was a boxer.Now it was his turn to die.As that guy was a boxer so photographs of four boxers are kept in front of him.The public will choose the person who'll fight with this boxer.The public chooses one boxer against that guy.That guy courageously competes with that boxer and wins.But Nero cheats with this guy here.He sends the other three boxers to the guy.Those three boxers kill the boy in a brutal way.Only 3 people were left now.They needed more votes.Kasper and a girl come near to each other here.A girl named Ct was left alone.The next day, Kasper and his friend win, and Cat is defeated.Cat was an expert in the chess game.

Therefore, Nero plays a chess game with her.But Cat is defeated in this game.She is asked to spin the wheel as Ula did.But that girl was lucky and the option 'pass' appears.That means a person with less voting than Cat, will die.That girl was Kasper's friend.That's how Cat's life is saved.To kill that girl, Kasper is brought.They both are given a gun to kill each other or themselves.The one who kills the other one will get passed.Being fed up, they both shoot each other.

They both die here and Cat is left alone.Because Cat was the one who survived so 5 million dollars are given to her.She is taken out of the funhouse.The police keep investigating Cat for some days.But Cat was unable to tell them anything as she was unaware as well.When the Police doesn't find any evidence, they leave Cat too.Here we acknowledge that Nero is behind this funhouse.But the public didn't know about it.He was so nice in people's eyes.Nero comes home after giving an interview in some shops.Coming home, he finds Cat thereHere a big secret is revealed that Cat was Nero's wife.Nero had set up a plan to save her wife's life already.Because he knew if she is saved, she would be the winner and 5 million dollars will definitely come to Nero.Here the movie ends.Thank you for watching!

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