Ghost Ship (2002) + Slit Mouthed Woman (2007) Film Explained

 The time of 1962 is shown as the film 'Ghost Ship' starts.A cruise ship is shown in the ocean.That ship was costly . A few well off people are seen dancing at party on the ship.There is also a little girl named "Katie"."Katie" was not pleasing at that party and feeling boredom.So she is solving the word puzzle game, sitting at a place.After a while, sea captain makes "Katie" dance with him, taking her.Then a man is seen in ship cabin who was creating turmoil.He  makes problem with the wire cord of the ship.Consequently, a thin wire code passes on the dance floor while touching the people.That passing wire cuts the bodies of the dancers into two pieces.All are dead pathetically. 

Only "Katie" is survived there, having a short height.This "Katie" looks at that captain who is dancing with her.Sea captain's face is also bisected.Witnessing it, "Katie" is scared.Then the current time is shown. A crew appears in the  tugboat of the sea.This crew used to help the ships caught in the waves of the sea, saving them.They are pulling a ship out. And a heavy amount of money was received for this work by them.Being succeeded in their mission, they celebrate it.This crew has 6 members including a lady and the rest were males.There was also a captain among them. 

And crew  members used to honour him as their head.The lady member of crew was "Epps" while others were her companions..A boy named "Jack" comes there when they are conversing with one another , sitting.He tells,  I am a weather forecaster. I have witnessed a caught ship in the sea.And that person will be the owner of ship who  brings it to the sea port."jack" says that I need the 20% of payment which will be got from that ship by them.Because I have revealed about that ship.Then head of crew talks about it to his crew members.Firs of all, all decline to accept this task. They say, We are already working on it!The head of crew tells, The gained material from the ship will be distributed into 6 parts!So all agree on this share out. The head says to Jack,That I will offer you 10 % not 20%. And "Jack" agrees to take only 10%.He says, But there is a condition that I will also accompany you.

Next day, they sail , taking their tugboat.Reaching at that portion of sea, they don't see any ship.It was looking as that ship has disappeared somewhere.All of a sudden, that ship appears in front of their boat.As a result, their boat crashes with that ship.But no one gets much harm. And it was the same ship where the passengers had been dead in 1962."Katie" was also there.The head of crew is informing them, this ship had disappeared before 40 years."Jack" and a crew member stay on their tugboat.While the rest of the members go to explore the ship.Where Katie's  lying word puzzle game is seen there.It is noticed that a demon makes the word "Welcome" from those word puzzle game.It was being sensed as some invisible force is greeting them.The head says, The deck of ship has been destabilized as being rusted.So walk carefully! After a time, a crew member begins to fall because of the breakage of a side.But "Epps" catches him. Then "Epps" notices the little girl "Katie" standing at the below side.Who is disappeared in the blink of eye.Then both are pulled upward.

 "Epps" thinks, That little girl may be her imagination!Nothing else! They also find a digital watch there which seemed mysterious.Because there was no invention of digital watch in the time when ship disappeared.Head says, witnessing it, Someone may have visited here before us!This watch may belong to him. Then he says, We should stay for a while!We will take ship away as the dawn breaks.Then they again return to their tugboat."Jack" asks Head of the crew, How will this ship be reached here?Then head tells the story of another ship.That ship had sailed in the sea in the time of "World War II".The mysterious fact is this, all passengers of that ship had disappeared.

But that ship is still in any sea in present era and it is floating.Hearing it, no one thinks it a true story and takes it as a fun."Jack" asks "Epps", You are silent from the time you visited that ship! What is the cause behind it?"Epps" tells, I have witnessed a little girl in that ship!"Jack" tells, It is usual to hallucinate while sailing. It is not a big deal!In the following day, they come to know that the ship has got a big hole.As a result, this ship is gradually sinking. So they cannot pull the boat.Then they are kept busy on the ship after boarding it.Where they all begin to face the mysterious things."Epps" moves to the empty swimming pool. There were placed bullets' shells.

She again witnesses "Katie" while coming out of the swimming pool."Epps" falls into the swimming pool in fear.So her minor wound bleeds and that swimming pool absorbs her blood.Then "Jack" pulls her out from the swimming pool , coming there.They begin to leave but the whole swimming pool is filled with blood.And dead bodies are floating there.The head discovers a glass of alcoholic drink in the captain's cabin.Head tries to drink it but he glimpses the reflection of sea captain in the mirror.So he is frightened. A male crew member also hears the singing sound of someone.He follows that singing voice.But he does not notice anyone in that direction where the sound is echoing.But a female singer demon is noticed there.She was the same singer who was singing at ship party in 1962."Jack" and "Epps" move to a cabin where the witness many dead bodies in the water.

Dead bodies were of many months ago and rotten.They immediately leave that room. "Epps" says to "jack",We will not stay here even for a second.Then she catches the sight of some placed wooden boxes there.These wooden boxes were stuffed with the gold. "Epps" also calls her other crew members there.There were 10 wooden boxes and all were stuffed with gold.All are excited, seeing this big treasure.A man says , there is something mysterious in the ship because the singing of female is being heard here.He had also glimpsed a burnt cigarette.They don't take it seriously and think his words as a fun.Head suggests, We should return to our boat and leave this ship, collecting all gold.He says, I may not think that there is a need to pull the ship from here.

But ship's invisible force did not want them to leave.It is seen that someone was leaking the gas cylinder of their tugboat."Katie" captures the attention of "Epps", appearing herself again.But another demon takes "Katie" from there.Their boat is exploded as their one of the members starts it.And  one of the companions is dead while two members are wounded in this happening.They were badly caught there.And the  head was putting all blame of this member's death on himself.Because he had led them here."Epps" says to the head, I have solution of a  problem,As we should leave this place after repairing the ship.But there is a argumentation between them which makes them separate.Two members move towards the kitchen in search of food.Finding the food there, they take it.And they are sensing the food tasty.But they observe as they are eating vermin.Knowing it, they begin to vomit. It was not an ordinary ship but a "Ghost ship".There was something wrong. Actually, this ship was entrapping them.The head also starts to see the sea captain. Even though both take alcoholic drink together."Epps" enters a room while searching for "Katie".Their another member reaches at party because of being hallucinated.And his dance partner at party was the same female singer.

Whose singing was being heard for a long time by him."Epps" notices the hanging skeleton of "Katie" in a cabin.At the same time, Katie's demon also appears before "Epps"."Katie" is revealing to "Epps" that I was going to my parents in 1962.Who have been dead now.The sea captain tells the head of crew that we had plundered all gold from another ship.And there was only one survivor left. Sea captain shows a photo of someone.The head is scared and shocked. Contrarily, "Katie" is telling something to "Epps".I need many souls. Getting many souls, my soul will be set free from here.But an invisible force takes "Katie" with him and disappears before she reveals something more.But "Katie" asks "Epps" to flee.On the opposite side, the head wanted to expose the reality to his crew members.As who was in that photo? And who is the responsible of all?But he was able to view the ghost of his dead crew member who was burnt.That female singer leads their member to a place.

Going near her, he falls from the height and is dead."Epps" searches out her crew head. But the head was still hallucinating, seeing his dead member in "Epps".So the crew head attempts to kill "Epps". But "Epps" secures her from his attack.All think as their crew leader is now in his senses.So they lock him in cabin made of iron until their crew leader is normalized.Agreeing with "Epps" all begin to repair this boat."Epps" again encounters "Katie".Being a pious soul, "Katie" helps and reveals to "Epps" the reality while,Bringing her to that night when the whole happenings had occurred.The chef of ship had poisoned the food so many of the passengers were dead.

There were some members of group in that ship who were committing this.Then those group members also shoot the swimmers in pool to death.This was the cause that "Epps" had found the bullets' shells there.Those group members start to kill one another after killing others.They were same who had hung the dead body of "Katie" in a cabin after murdering her.They were all doing to rob the ship."Jack" was the murderer of all.And that photo was of "jack" which was given to crew leader by captain and which left him shocked.And he is the same person who had brought them to this "Ghost Ship".In fact, "Jack" is not a human but a ghost.He collects the souls of people after killing them and then imprisons them.Knowing this fact," Epps" comes to her crew leader.But her crew leader was no more.Because the cabin was filled with water where he had been imprisoned.

"Epps" begins to tell something to her another companion. Suddenly, "Jack" appears there."Epps" pretends as she has no knowledge about "Jack".But she clues her companion to be alert.Then "Epps" moves to search for her lost companion.He was entrapped in an engine room which was filled with water.Meantime, that engine is turned on and that companion is dead while dismembering."Jack" had known that they have recognized him.He moves ahead to kill that male crew member.But that male crew fires his gun on "Jack".Then that crew member comes to "Epps".He tells, I have ended "Jack". "Epps" is going to explode the whole ship.But that member forbids her of doing so while luring her.He says, our gold will also be sunk because of the explosion.

But "Epps" does not agree with him.In fact , this member was disguised "Jack" in the face of their companion."Jack" reveals that I am ghost and takes the life of others after making them to commit sin.And I imprison their soul, taking them with me.And I carved a hook sign on the hand of my victimized people.In this way, they carry out my command. And my group members are killing your crew members.And I brought your crew here to accomplish my task.Which will help me to collect souls according to the boundary level.But all souls will set free if this ship is wrecked.And I don't want the occurrence of this happening.He offers an option to "Epps" as I will not kill you and let you go,If you will not ruin the ship. But "Epps" disagrees and is attacked by "Jack".But "Epps" is succeeded in triggering the bomb with a gun which causes a great explosion.The ship begins to sink because of the explosion in it."Katie" helps "Epps" to come out from there.

"Epps" is witnessing the souls which are setting free from the ship.Then "Katie" gratifies "Epps" and moves to heaven.Another ship's member catches Epps's sight and they help her to save life."Epps" notices "Jack" there who is moving ahead to ruin another ship.He was also carrying the gold to that ship so the people may kill him in covetousness."Epps" shouts , seeing  "Jack" and the movie also completes here with her shouting sound.Now the story of the film "Slit Mouthed Woman" will be explained.The movie starts while showing three students in the school.These students are talking about "Slit Mouthed Woman" named "Onna".Meantime, their teacher named "Kyoko" approaches there as they are talking about this.And teachers ask them to go to their house.All students begin to leave from there. Meanwhile, "Earthquake" occurs there.Then a lady is seen, coming out from a cabin.That masked lady had long hair and a scissors was in her hand.

Her appearance was giving a mysterious look.Then the male teacher named "Noboru" of the same school comes on the scene."Noboru" hears a voice asking question, Am I pretty?Then three kids are shown who had visited there in search of female "onna".Those kids are waiting for that lady.Because they were damn sure that "Onna" comes here exactly at 5 o clock.Those kids are conversing about it.Coming there, "Onna" catches one of the three kids and leaves, taking him.Witnessing it, other 2 kids are frightened.Because of the lost child, it is decided by the school that,Al students should be dropped at their house, making their groups.And this duty is assigned to teachers  "Noboru" and "Kyoko".A girl student "Mika" was unwilling to go home.When "Kyoko" asks the reason to not go at home, little girl says that my mom always torments me!My mom is poor and not good. 

Teacher "Kyoko gets angry on this statement.As a result, "Mika" runs away. So "Kyoko thinks , I should not be angry!So "Kyoko" also runs after "Mika".Meantime, "Onna" catches "Mika" , coming there."Mika" unmasks her in order to rescue herself."Kyoko" is feared ,seeing the face of "Onna"Then "Onna" captures "Mika. Teacher  "Noboru" hears the same question statement ,Am I pretty ? Pursuing the sound, teacher  "Noboru" reaches at a place.

Where "Kyoko" is seated  who is troubled and scared."Kyoko" informs police that she is "onna" who is abducting the kids.Then the scene takes place in school where teachers  "Noboru" and "Kyoko" find a photo.And the photo girl was resembling "Onna".Teacher  "Noboru" tells, This photo is related with past, 30 years ago.He again hears the same question statement voice, Am I pretty ?Pursuing the voice, Teacher  "Noboru" and "Kyoko" reach at a house.And they both enter the house. Going inside, they notice that a boy has been caught by "Onna"."Onna" is going to slay that boy then they both rescue him."Kyoko" kills "Onna" while stabbing a knife.They see that Kyoko's targeted person   is not "Onna" but the mother of that kid.The kid who was rescued recently by them.And "Onna" had bewitched kid's mother.Actually, Onna was not dead but alive and she is released."Onna" used to cough badly while bewitching others.Afterwards,  "Noboru" reveals a great secret to "Kyoko".

He says, In fact , "Onna" is my mom who has passed away before 30 years!Then the scene takes place showing the time before 30 years.Where Noboru's mother "Onna" was not  in good health.Suffering the serious cough, she used to cough every time.She was also psychologically ill along with it.Facing the psychological disorders, she had no control over her temper.So she torments her all three kids.Two kids lose their lives due to this cause. Only  "Noboru" is a survivor.Their mother "Onna also moves ahead to kill  "Noboru" with a knife.Then Noboru's mother is immediately cooled down and says  "Noboru" , kill me with this knife!Otherwise , I will kill you! But  "Noboru" clearly refuses to act as suchHe begins to weep thinking, How is my mother talking about?"Onna" asks him to attack her throat with this knife."Noboru" again refuses to obey it again.

So "onna" begins to lose his temper.She heads to kill  "Noboru". Now  "Noboru" attacks her with a knife.As a result, his mother's face is cut off.It is seen in the current time that  "Noboru" hears the same question statement.And "Onna" had bewitched one of the kids' mother.And "Onna" kills mercilessly one of the three kids whom she brought here.There it is also noticed that he had tied "Mika".The next turn was of "Mika".  "Noboru" and "Kyoko" reach at a house.Its roof was coated red and it was "Onna's house.Visiting there,  "Noboru" recalls that it is our older house 30 years ago.And he had also hidden his mother's dead body.He recalls, going there that they were ordered to attack on the throat by his mother.But  "Noboru" cuts her face rather than to do waht was said.

And he turns her into "Slit mouthed woman".So she is  avenging  of all theses. Both teacher  "Noboru" and "kyoko" search "Mika" in the basement.They are nearly to return. Then "Onna" assault on his son  "Noboru".Then she steps forward to "Mika"."Kyoko" again attacks on her throat. They were thinking that "Onna" is no more.Then "Mika's mother arrives there who had come there in search of her daughter."Onna" also bewitches her. It happened because of an attack on the neck."onna" can lose her life if her son  "Noboru" may slay her. ."Mika's bewitched mother go further to kill her own daughter.Then  "Noboru" attacks her from the backside.

 At this time , he cuts her throat.During this trouble,  "Noboru" is badly injured.He asks "Kyoko" and "Mika" to go outside.They both come outside safe  and sound. Then a great earthquake occurs.So that house is ruined. After a few days,  it is seen,That "Kyoko" goes to meet her daughter and she asks forgiveness from her daughter.Because "Kyoko" used to torment her daughter.Both mother and daughter embrace each other, "Kyoko" begins to cough,Because she had also been bewitched by "onna".And the movie completes with it.

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