Goedam (2020) Film Explained

 A girl named "Kai" is shown in the "episode I".At that time, "Kai" is taking her class in her classroom.There were the flowers on the next seat of "Kai" .This means that student is dead who was the holder of that seat.Later, "Kai"  goes to lavatory , after taking permission from her teacher.Two girls's photos are shown when "Kai"  is out of the room.Those both girls were no more.Suddenly, something strange begins to happen.Because a girl in photo starts smiling.Moreover, she also rolls her eyes.The light starts to fluctuate when "Kai"  is advancing to lavatory.

Then a demon is also seen behind "Kai" .But "Kai"  moves to the lavatory while ignoring the happening in her surroundings."Kai"  is nearly to ignite the cigarette, going in the lavatory,Then the slamming sounds of the adjoined doors of lavatory are heard.As a result, "Kai"  is horrified.When "Kai"  comes out to check as who is there,There is no one. When "Kai"  again begins to ignite the cigarette,Then the sound is again heard.At this time, lighter is dropped by "Kai""Kai"  observes as she bends to lift the lighter,That her adjoining lavatories' doors are opening and closing themselves.It was appearing as someone is detecting,In which lavatory is "Kai" present ?Observing it, "Kai"  is more afraid.A girl demon appears before "Kai" , turning upside down when she is detecting.

The girl's demon says to "Kai", " I found You"!Then that girl's demon ends "Kai" .And it thrusts the dead body of "Kai" in the commode , reversing it.This means, her head is in the commode and she is killed in an agonized way by it."Episode I" completes here.A car driver comes on the scene in the beginning of "Episode  II".Who is driving at midnight.Car driver is feeling giddy at that time.So he falls asleep, parking the car aside.A girl appears there after passing a little time.She gets in the car of driver.That girl says to the car driver, I need to go at a place !There is a hotel. Drop me there!Then car driver writes the location on the "GPS" in order to know where is that place.

But the surprising fact is this, there was no existence of such location.There is not as such place anywhere according to "GPS".Then that girl tells the car driver, I have familiarity about the whole location!I will  direct you! So car driver begins to drive , ignoring more conversation.After a while , that girl says, Take a right turn!But the shocking thing is this, There was no any road.So the car driver overlooks it.But that girl is repeating her statement,Take a right turn! The car driver is annoyed with that girl, calling her insane.He also says with it, I should not have had allowed to sit you in the car.Then it is observed from the side of a car that,There was not any girl in the car in reality.

It means that girl was a demon.Then the longest fingernails appear from the back seat of car driver.The car drive turns back to see but there is no one.Then the demon of that girl comes in the mid of the road and at the car front.As the car driver suddenly brakes the car,The demon of that girl immediately sits in the car.Here it is witnessed, that girl had no eyes in her eye sockets.That demon girl had pulled out the eyes of someone,And she brings those eyes before the car driver.Then that demon girl also kills that car driver.And the car driver's eyes are also pulled out.Here the "Episode II" is completed.A girl named "Sirom" appears at the start of "Episode  III".Actually,  "Sirom" was the great celebrity of social media.Who broadcasts the live show on her channel.

Thousands of the viewers were watching this live show."Sirom" was also earning bread and butter through this."Sirom" is telling to the public that I have recently bought a new house.And she will show the look of the house to everyone, using another camera.Meantime. a teddy bear placed behind "Sirom" is dropped down itself."Sirom" was being told about it by the viewers.Some of them commented, It has been done by any demon!While others were thinking it as a visual deception."Sirom" again places that teddy bear in its place while ignoring it.Then she gives a view of her house, using the other camera.There is something happened  behind "Sirom" once again.

A book is dropped down itself from the bookshelf located at Sirom's backside.There was again the same comment by viewers.Some of them thought it witchcraft while others were thinking it as a visual deception.They were calling it a false trick.But "Sirom" is frightened at this time.The people suggest "Sirom" to run away."Sirom" stops the transmission of that show in fear.But it was not stopped and it was still being captured.And the viewers were still watching this show.Then it is revealed that "Sirom" has played this scary prank for public attention."Sirom" calls her friend,She asks , How was my scary prank!"Sirom" was befooling the viewers while showing it.But she was unaware that the viewers,Which are being attempted to befool, are still watching her live.

Then "Sirom"  begins to capture her photo to add thumbnail, fixing dog filter.But it was awkward that,Camera was also detecting other faces except her.Even though there was no one but the dog filter was also getting other faces.It was sensing as there are many demons.And their faces are being detected.Witnessing it, "Sirom" is terrified in true sense.And she throws the cell phone.Then a demon catches the head of "Sirom".And it hits her on the table violently.

But no demon was being captured in online transmission.Public was also considering it a scary prank which was going on there.But no one detected that it is occurring in actual form.Then a demon is seen which takes the appearance of "Sirom" after killing her.It means that demon had taken the recognition of "Sirom".And she herself sits before the camera for live show.All viewers of live show were still taking it a prank.The " Episode III" also completes here.In the beginning scene of the "Episode 4",Two friends are shown at school.Who were watching a scary video at that time.Considering that video a lie, they go to school.But the school timing was over.In fact, they had forgotten some of their books inside the school.So they enter the school to bring those books.

But one of the friends says, My foot has sprained!So that girls sits on the stairs.And she asks her friend, Bring my books too!When the friend of that girl goes to take the book,She witnesses a scary doll  there which was being kept in a shelf.And this doll had been kept to horrify her by this girl's friend.She has not any foot problem,She had just dramatized the situation to terrify her friend.Here it is revealed that this doll is not ordinary,But it is a haunted doll.Because this doll had been possessed by a demon.But that girl was unaware as it was a haunted doll.This girl ignores it. And she is returning back after taking the book.But a demon of a girl comes out from that doll.

And that demon is chasing that girl while walking horrifically.That girl was coming to the ground floor from the top one.But she was repeatedly approaching on the same building floor.It was looking as she is coming on the same floor while descending from the stairs.And that horrific demon girl kills this girl.And that girl who had kept that doll,She comes upstairs to detect her friend.Then the demon girl is again seen on the stairs.Which is now chasing this girl to end her.The "Episode 4" completes here.The "Episode 5" starts while showing a few friends.They all friends were not humans but ghosts.They were wanting to haunt the school.After this, a girl is shown whose friend has been passed away a few times ago.This girl was dejected at the loss of her friend.Their teacher enters the class,Then she leaves after praying for the deceased girl.All girls leave to their house as the class time is over.But this girl was still missing her friend.She was sitting in the class. Then her dead friend also possesses her.Now this girl was possessed,So she calls her teacher in the class, sending a message.

Coming into the class, that teacher finds,That someone has put the head separately from body , dismembering it.That girl says to her teacher that,This girl's feet are not adjusting with my body.So I have called you here to take your feet.And this girl kills her teacher.And she possesses the lower part of her body after killing the teacher.That girl leaves after adjusting the lower body part of the teacher with her body."Episode 5" is completed here.Actually , that girl had faced an accident .And her body had dismembered in which the lower body part was badly damaged.

So this girl tries to adjust the lower body part of her friend before, after killing her.But she kills her teacher when that part is not adjusted with it.Later, she took the lower body part of her teacher.Doing so, she set all limbs of her body.The video recording of an elevator is shown in the beginning of "Episode 6".A boy is appeared in that elevator.Who was behaving mysteriously.Then that boy places his hands on his ears,As he is bearing a loud sound.Then he sits at a side of elevator  as being afraid from something.At the first sight, that boy is murdered.After this, two police officers approach there for investigation.The mutilated  dead body of that boy is shown in the elevator.

Then both police officers begin to check the recorded video of elevator.A person informs  police officers, coming in the elevator,That the murdered boy in the elevator had posted his status that,He is going to play a "Elevator Game" tonight.He had also written all steps of playing game.How can this game be played?Senior police officer moves to that elevator to check either game is real or false.And  he reads all rules to check this game.The first rule of game included to go into the elevator between 2 am to 4 am.And that senior police officer had gone into that elevator after 2 am.According to the numbers of the building floors,The elevator had to activate up and down.It means that buttons are required to press orderly.And that senior police officer was pressing the buttons according to the rules.He finds no one on the 10th floor.Then he presses the number "4".

There was complete darkness and nothing was looking visible as the elevator door opens.And it was being sensed as a ghost has come there.Suddenly, a looking glass is appeared in that elevator.The police officer is able to see his reflection there.Seeing it, that police officer is very frightened.He begins to press  2nd number to violate the game rule.But an arriving ghost presses the 10th number before he pressed 2nd number.It was quite obvious that this elevator is being activated by the ghosts.And this game cannot be stopped now.Then a ghost is witnessed at the 10th floor in the elevator.That ghost orders police officer, press the number "1"!But that police officer does not respond it.

Being afraid, he was as silent as the grave.That ghost thinks, he is perhaps not watching me!So it begins to leave from there.But that police officer calls that leaving ghost.So it understands , this man is watching me.So it again stops in that elevator.Then it is observed that elevator's door has automatically locked.Then this ghost sounds horrifically.And that police officer acts is such a way as was acted by that boy in the elevator.It means, he places his hands on his ears.Then this ghost reveals its face to police officer.Which was very scary. And police officers sits at a side like that boy.

This ghost hits the police officer in the elevator violently, catching his head.But no ghost was being visible in the recording.The police officer's dead body was also mutilated when it is found.But the most shocking thing is seen here.This Police officer is seen outside the elevator, standing with his fellow.It means that it was the ghost of police officer.Which itself was investigating his case.The "Episode 6" completes here.A family comes on the scene at the start of "Episode 7".

It had three family members including husband, wife and their son.That man's wife is moving to her maternal family with her son.She tells her husband while going that,A few deaths have occurred in the adjoining area.Because they had not set the "Talisman" outside their house.Never remove the "Talisman" outside of our room at any cost!Actually this "Talisman" used to keep away the devil from the humans.Then that man promises his wife that I will never remove that "Talisman".Then that man is seen after two days who returned to his house as a drunkard.

Suddenly that man removes that "Talisman", feeling   strange.As he wanted to check what will happen after removing that "Talisman".Then that man falls asleep there.Then it is witnessed at midnight that blood is flowing inside the room.And some drops of the blood also drop on that man from the ceiling .The blood was in his surroundings when he gets up to check.Then a demonic hand passes from there.It is transformed into a mysterious creature.And that demonic creature kills that man.And "Episode 7" also completes here.Now let's move to the last episode which is "Episode 8".A lady appears at the start of the episode 8.That lady was dexterous in witchcraft.

That lady has an ability that she could talk with the pious or evil demons.This lady had abducted a kid.And she used to serve him food after many days.So he may remain alive.Actually, that lady was going to perform a ritual on this kid.She had separated that kid from his family according to the rule of ritual.Ans she will sacrifice that kid at the time of his death.Doing so , the demon of that kid will be her slave.Then that lady begins to practise the witchcraft .That lady gets a clue when that kid will die.Then this lady decides that she will end that kid before a day of his death.That lady does the same.She kills that kid after stabbing him with a knife before a day of his death.Then the demon of that kid comes in that lady.Now that lady had turned more powerful.

Then that lady resolves other people's problems for some days through the kid's demon.And she gets good earning from it.After a few days, a woman visits this lady.Who tells her problem that my son has lost before many days.I attempted to search him but did not find .She says, I have come to you in search of my son.So I may find my son.The demon in that lady is uncomforted, seeing that woman.Because that woman was the mother of that kid whom that lady has ended.

And his spirit is in that lady. So it begins to feel uncomfortable, seeing his mother.Knowing it, that witch asks that woman to leave.And that woman leaves from there.After that woman's departure, the demon of that kid tears up the the whole body of this lady.And it comes outside.And that kid was like a human being.Before the demon kid could reach its mother,Its mother had already committed suicide after losing his son.So that kid will always remain in the house of that lady.And the "Episode 8" and series complete along with it.

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