Hatchet (2006) Film Explained

 The movie starts; we are shown father and son.Those are sitting on the boat at that time and catching "Alligators".In them, the son goes to the shore for toilet.And when he comes back, he sees that someone has murdered his father.But before understanding anything about this situation, someone comes from behind and cuts him in two pieces only with hands.After this, we are shown "Ben", who came to a festival with some of his friends.Recently, his seven-year-old friend ditched him. 

He was quite upset because of it. He came to that festival only to forget her.But there were more girls in the festival. He was missing her even more by looking at them.There he heard from someone about "Haunted Swamp Tour" and he plans to go there."Marcus" from his friends, who is unwilling to go with him. Both of them go to the shop where these tours were conducted.The owner of shop tells that he does not do tours anymore. The reason for this is that it is not allowed to go there.But he tells them the address of another shop, which was still doing this tour.Taking the address, they goes to the that shop and there they meet a boy "Andrew" who manages such tour.And at the same time there are two models, both of them were going on the tour with their director "Doug”.After the tickets, both of them sit in the tour bus. There were more people who were going on the tour.

Andrew" drives the bus to take the “Swamp”. And all the people go there and sit in the boat."Andrew" starts boat and takes all of them them with him. Then from far away distance man shouted and tries stopping them from going there.But they ignores him as crazy man and move on to their journey."Andrew" giving them a Swamp tour there, and since it was a “haunted tour”, so he was also trying to scare them all.They see a house on the edge of the “swamp”. "Andrew" tells them that this house belongs to the urban legend "Victor Crowley"."He tells "Victor Crowley" was very ugly. Because of this his father himself killed him with the help of a hatchet.And even today "Crowley" cries for his father in this forest.Then "Maribeth" says that both this house and the story he was narrating are fake.Then after going some distance, their boat is trapped in big stones.All those people try removing those stones, suddenly it starts raining.Even after trying so much from those people, the boat does not move from its place.And after a while, boat starts to drown. 

Now, Those people were stuck there.Then "Jim" climbs a tree and tries to reach to the edge.But his foot slips and an "alligator" grabs his feet.He shouts a lot for help but no one helps him. "Maribeth" then takes a gun and shoots the "Alligator".Then they go to the edge one by one.Because those people were stuck in this trouble, that's why they ask for an answer to "Andrew".

And here he exposed. He tells that he does not do any tours. His brother has sent him here for a few money.and this is his second tour.He also says that the first tour was very good and the second tour going bad in which they are stuck.And to switch the matter, he asks "Maribeth”, Where did the gun come from?To which she says, I am here to find someone here.Two nights before, his father and his brother had come here to catch the "Alligators".They did not return home, that's why she is looking for them here. And both of them were the same who had killed by something mercilessly.She says we should go as fast as possible. Otherwise we all killed, and no one listens to her.But they all want to stay there. She says that this is the forest of "Victor Crowley".

Then she narrates the real story of his real life. "Victor Crowley childhood was quite ugly.Because of this father hide him from all to keep alone at home. He was the only one child of him.Father loved him a lot even though he was ugly.Other children, intimidating Victor and made fun of himThat’s why both Father Son lived in a forest away from the city.On Halloween’s night, when Victor’s father was not at home, some children go to his house and make trouble.Those children burn firecrackers and throw them inside the house for letting the victor come outside.But the spark of those firecrackers ignites the house door and "Victor Crowley" gets trapped inside.Shortly, the father of "Victor" comes. 

After seeing him, the children run away.His Father tries very hard to open the door. But he is not able to get success.Then his father takes a "hatchet" and breaks that door.But he did not know that the "Victor" was on the other side of the door.At the time of the door break act, "hatchet" straight into the head of "Victor" and on the spot he dies.Now after losing his son, father had a bad condition.Father lived in his house for ten years, And one day died too. From that day "Victor Crowley" finds his father,and whatever comes in Victors way, he eliminates him/her.

Even after Listening the whole story, no one shows Belief in her.They all were saying that we have left behind the house of “Victor Crowley”.Then "Marybeth" says that it was not the real house of "Victor Crowley".And she shows them his real house which was absolutely in front of them.And to reach the road, they have to cross the house of “Crowly”. They hear a very fearful voice while walking.Nobody wanted to go towards that house.But the condition of "Jim" was deteriorating, then "Shanon" takes him alone and moves towards that house.As soon as they both reach near the house, "Victor Crowley" comes out of the house.By hitting "Hatchet" badly, he divides “Jim” into two pieces."Shannon" tries to run away. But "Victor Crowley" also catches her and kills her badly.

This scene is quite disturbing.Everyone else runs away after seeing her but "Maribeth" seems to be able to shoot her.When "Victor Crowley" moves towards her, she shoots him down.And she runs away from him too. They are all reunited. But there was no "Doug" between them.In another scene we are shown "Doug", who was running alone. Running away, he gets a bump to “Victor”.And "Victor Crowley" kill him too by twisting his neck.On the other hand, they were all trying to escape. But after lot f tries, they again and again come front of that house."Marybeth" then goes to the house to find some weapons, And "Ben" goes along with her also.Here "Maribeth" gets the dead body of his father and his brother. After seeing those, she feels disturb.Seeing dead in such a painful way, she weeps a lot.

 On the other hand, they get a voice of someone in bushes."Marcus" checks, it is a small child of a wild animal and then they become relax.That's when "Crowley" comes there and take the model "Jenna". He runs and uses the "belt Sander" machine on her face.Seeing Crawly, "Maribeth’s" blood boils, gets out of her control and attacks him, with which he falls down."Ben" pulls "Marybeth" and takes her from there. By taking advantage "Andrew" tries to finish the "Crowley".But “Crowley” ruthlessly cuts off his head. And he dies in a very painful way."Jenna" still had a few breathes left.

 But "Victor Crowley" does not give any chance of living to her,and he killed her in a very bad way.By now, they all knew that theu could not escape from here. That's why they plan to kill "Crowley".“Ben” tells them, he saw containers of fuel in “Crowley’s” house. They can burn him and kill him with fuel.They all move towards his house. Outside “Marcus” and “Marybeth” try to get Crowley’s attention.and during this time, "Ben" finds fuel there. On the other hand, the model "Misty" is guarding the outside."Ben" finally gets a fuel can. At the same time, various body parts "Misty" falls on him.

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