HellBoy 1+2 (2008) Film Explained

 The time of 1944 is shown as the movie starts.It was the time when "World War II" had about ended.It was being held between "Germans" and "UN".Leader of Germany Hitler wants to win from UN at any cost.There is also another character named "Grigori". He was the man of "Hitler".There are also two companions with "Grigori" including a male and a female.Here Grigori's male companion wanted to do something great.Actually, he had succeeded to built a tool after a hard struggle of 5 years.It was such a tool that will unlock the portal of the other World.The purpose behind this, is to aid Hitler to become victorious of war.So he starts processing to get victory in his mission.In this way, the portal of other World is unlocked.But they are attacked all of a sudden by UN army.There is a great battle between two forces. The opened portal of another World,Professor attacks, throwing a bomb into it.

 That portal is locked as the bomb explodes."Grigori" is also gone inside with the closing of the portal.Meantime, Grigori's two companions also run away.The professor says who was wounded, The portal of another World had been opened for much time,There may be someone who had come outside!Immediately, they realize  the stirring of someone at their back.While detecting, they find out a mysterious red child,whose right hand is bigger.Professor takes it in his lap, offering chocolate to him.In fact, it was another World's demon kid,Who had arrived here because of the opened portal.Afterwards, that kid is given a name "Hellboy" by army.Time flies and 60 years are passed.Grigori's men bring a man to a "Holy place".He is killed there after bringing him.That man's blood is gathered at a place while following.And "Grigori" again steps in our World who had disappeared into another World.Professor comes on the scene who had grown older and fallen ill.Doctor said, You have only 2 months for your life!After that, you will be passed away.

Actually, doctors wanted to keep professor in the hospital.But professor says, I want to be in my house!Because my son needs me. So professor again comes back to his "paranormal Research Center".Then professor calls his chosen agent to his center after transferring him.First of all, professor introduces agent to a priest.Who predicts, reads books and the mental notes.Professor tells, We searched him in the private cellar.He has a talent to read 4 books simultaneously.Then they proceed further where a senior agent arrives.Professor asks him, Take him ahead with you!They enter a room where "Hellboy" is also present."Hellboy" had grown up but he was still looking boyish and vigorous even after 60 years.Witnessing him, agent is left shocked."Hellboy" asks senior agent, Who is that guy?Senior agent tells, He is your fellow! "Hellboy" says, I don't need any supportive.

Senior agent whispers to other agent, Give him the same chocolate which was given to you by professor."Hellboy" asks seeing the chocolate, Has father come?Senior agent replies, Yes! he has come.Suddenly, an emergency alarm beeps there.They together reach a place where some happening had occurred.That place was "Museum" where a creature had killed many people, approaching there.They go inside the museum. That priest tells "Hellboy", using his capabilities,He is still inside! "Hellboy" asks everyone to wait outside and he himself moves inside.There is mysterious creature inside. At first sight, "Hellboy" puts it into death.psychic species exposes that I have knowledge about this creature as "Hellboy" is coming outside.Actually, it is such a creature which has "Resurrection Powers"."Hellboy" thinks, I have apparently killed it but it is still alive!There is again a tough fight between them and "Hellboy" once more ends it.After this, "Hellboy" leaves from there. His whole team reaches there after Hellboy's departure.psychic species comes to know while touching the placed objects there that,That Grigori and his companions had visited there.

They want to bring "god of evil" to our World.And Grigori released that creature who had been killed recently by "Hellboy" .Knowing all, professor gets worried. psychic species knows after touching the professor that,He is terminally ill. "Hellboy" goes to the mental hospital.Where he meets a girl named "Liz". In fact, Liz was the team member of them.That girl had the " Pyrokinetic powers".There was no any hold of Liz on fire which had already caused much devastation.It was the cause that she was admitted to that mental hospital."Hellboy" says to her, Come back with us!Liz tells, I don't love to stay here,But there may be observed enough improvement  from the time of my arrival here.No accident happened and I am able to hold the fire.Then Hellboy's members come there who take him back with him.There had appeared a scar on Hellboy's arm because of fighting with that creature.psychic species detects the eggs of that creature in Hellboy's wound when he checks him up.psychic species reveals that it can produce eggs in anyone while stinging.They cannot tolerate two things.

 One is brightness while other is heat.The darkness and the dampness are required for the maturation of these eggs."Hellboy" had ended that creature  in a basement. That place had such characteristics.Professor says to "Hellboy", You will go there with overall team members tomorrow.And destroy all kept eggs there! In the following day, psychic species, agent and "Hellboy" reach that location.Reaching there, they begin to search for all eggs.psychic species goes down into the water and witnesses that creature has lain many eggs there.That creature is at that place who struggles to kill psychic species.But he comes out of the water at the exact time.Creature also appears outside and takes the life of 2 agents.Then "Hellboy" reaches there and there is hard battle between him and that creature.And "Hellboy" kills him successfully.But there was also the mighty man of  Grigori on whom no gunshot was affecting.He wounds the senior agents pathetically.That soldier pretends to be dead when  "Hellboy" reaches there.And "Hellboy" considers it truth. 

All were wounded except "Hellboy".These creatures will spread out the World if they don't take any action.And they will destroy everything. Light emits from the killed creature by "Hellboy".It was clear that two creatures will come into being after killing one.On the other side, professor brings "Liz" to that place where he used to reside.Meantime, "Hellboy" comes there who feels excitement, finding Liz there.Because he used to like "Liz" but did not express his feelings to her yet.Contrarily, professor is investigating Grigori  companion's dead body.He pretends himself as he has dead.Professor observes that there is not a single drop of blood in him.It was clear that he was not human.Then professor moves downstairs, It is seen that the companion of Grigori has awakened.Who comes downstairs to the place of professor, putting on his dress.Seeing  him, professor understands that it is a planned conspiracy against them.Professor says, I have encountered the pawn but who is the plotter or its king.Where is he?  Then Grigori is observed sitting there.He satirizes professor, Welldone! It may not happen if you had killed "Hellboy" before 60 years.He says, I show you a view of future! He touches professor's forehead.As a result, professor begins to visualize.

Professor visualizes that "Hellboy's both horns have much grown.The whole World is enveloped in fire. There is a fire in the surroundings.Grigori's same soldier kills him. Knowing it, "Hellboy" returns back.He is dejected , witnessing his dead father.Because he had no one in this World except his father.There is a  note near professor's dead body on which a name of location had been written.Afterwards, all together reach that location.But psychic species is not with them because he was fatally ill.They notice the ruins there and they enter there.Suddenly,  Grigori's man comes before them who had assassinated  professor.And he attacks "Hellboy". And "Hellboy" knew that he is the murderer of his father."Hellboy" was stronger than him. So he kills him, using his strength.At this time, Hellboy's men had been segregated from him.They also find the creature's nest where he had laid many eggs.And there are countless creatures who attach them."Hellboy" also confronts them boldly but it was not a child's play to fight with them.Because they were in large strength along with the power.

When Liz notices it while coming there, she says to agent,Hit me so that I may be provoked! And I may produce fire.And that agent acts the same, hitting on her face  and Liz's hand ignites.Liz asks that agent to hide himself somewhere.And that agent hides himself near the rocks somewhere.Liz eliminates all the creatures and their eggs, using his "Pyrokinetic power".Liz and "Hellboy" also lose their consciousness along with creatures' ending.Coming into senses,"Hellboy" finds himself captured.And Grigori and his men are in front of him there.There was also Liz who was unconscious.Agent was imprisoned. There was also a biggest rock.Which was fallen from heaven and was the portal to open another World.Actually it was lunar eclipse night and the portal could be opened tonight.Grigori asks "Hellboy, Do you know, why your hand is bigger?In fact, It is the key to open the portal of another World.Now it is your task that you will open the portal of another World for us."Hellboy" bluntly refuses it.  Grigori asks, Will you not do it for the soul of Liz?And he transforms Liz's soul into him.Her soul is waiting for you on the other side if you want to see Liz alive again.You will have to open the portal to secure Liz now."Hellboy" tries to damage the locks. 

 Grigori tells, Your real identity has been written on these locks.You cannot damage these locks without calling your true identity.You will have to utter your real name. Speak out your real name!Those locks are unlocked when "Hellboy" speaks out his real name.And Hellboy's horns are grown bigger. There was also a crown of flame on them.He moves to a rock which was the portal of another World.It was midnight and there had been a complete lunar eclipse."Hellboy" puts his hand into the hole of that rock and starts unlocking it.A brightest light emits which leads to the moon.And the portal of another World is unlocked.And the "supervillain" is also released.Now "Hellboy" had to open that lock through which god of evil will step in our World.When "Hellboy" is about to unlock it, Agent says to him , Do you know, who are you?Don't forget your identity! Don't forget who you are!Don't forget who your father was! And he throws the crucifix of his father's rosary.Noticing it, Hellboy recalls his father's wishes, virtue and his own virtue.And he breaks his both big horns which had grown right now.That portal is locked as both horns break off.And he pierces a horn into  Grigori.After that, he begins to leave, lifting Liz. Then  Grigori who is not dead but still alive,He says, What have you done? You have brought into life a new creature after killing me!And a monstrous creature appears from him.At the first, it ends Grigori's female partner then it attacks "Hellboy".

"Hellboy" confronts it and also fights but this monstrous creature is mightier."Hellboy" has a bomb and he lets that creature to engulf him."Hellboy" explodes that explosive when he is completely engulfed by that creature.As a result, that creature is exploded into pieces.Here that monstrous creature is also ended."Hellboy" comes back safe and sound.He comes to that agent and Liz. Liz was still not in her senses."Hellboy" whispers in Liz's ear, Why did I not understand that you were mine and you are mine?Hearing these words, Liz restores her senses. "Hellboy" and Liz embrace each other.Here the "part I" of the movie completes with happy ending.The "part II" of the movie starts from here.The movie starts with the charming evening of "Christmas".When a little kid  named "Hellboy" is gearing up  to sleep with his father.He asks his father, Father! Will you tell me any story?Then his father replies, Why not my son!And this tale was about some people and conventional kingdom's  war.The king's subjects were mysterious creatures and some of them knew how to enchant .

So king prepared the magical force composed of 70 mighty people.That force was going to confront human beings.One day, that king was crowned. It means that he had authority to make the army do what he wants.And this army was given the name "Golden Army".But it happened as that army started to attack mercilessly on the people.Which left king dejected and he repented.As a result, he wanted reconciliation while giving a complete hold of human being over the cities.He ordered his army to inhabit the forests.King wanted to prove it that he needs "Peace" in reality.So he shattered his crown. He awards a piece of crown to human beings,While he kept other 2 pieces. But king's son prince was not satisfied with it.So he left the kingdom. After a time, the current situation is shown.When Prince Nuada was wobbling his spear.Now he wanted to come back. He had a monster who used to carry out his every order.Prince Nuada knows that there is an auction of the ancient things at a place.And crown is also included among those things.That piece of the crown which human being possessed.He was in fit of rage due to this so he sends his people and some creatures to attack them.Then "Hellboy" arrives on the scene and Liz who was extremely furious.She had "Pyrokinetic powers". And she tries her best to resend "Hellboy".Then it is shown that people are much worried because of the happenings,Which occurred at that place where ancient things were being auctioned.

It is also known that Prince Nuada was behind it.But "Hellboy" is blamed for all of this.Anyhow, "Hellboy" comes to know that there were 70 people and no one survived among them.Hellboy's friend was investigating whose plotting is this.He finds some boxes there stamped by king.He notices  the " Tooth Fairies" as he opens the box.Fortunately, he has some powers that he could detect the surrounding events.He comes to know that Liz is expecting a baby as he moves to her.Then "Hellboy" and other people are surrounded by the "Tooth Fairies".But Liz makes them fly , using her pyrokinetic powers.And "Hellboy" comes outside from there. And he observes that there are journalists around him.And it happened the same which he had fear as people will know about his team.Now they had been exposed before the whole World.Now Prince Nuada and his men are shown who move to king for a discussion.King still wished that there should be inhabited with human beings while reconciling.King's daughter was also wished the same and she was favouring her father.But Prince Nuada considered human beings lusty.And they can take our lives in order to dominate here."Hellboy" knows in the evening that news is being broadcast about him and his companions.He is excited but Liz was still infuriated with "Hellboy".Prince Nuada is seen who was still with king.He says, My father! I want to keep the magical kingdom away from the human beings.

Remember! I can do anything for it.King is struggling to explain his viewpoint to him but he ends his father.And he runs away, taking the second piece of the crown.Now the king's daughter and Prince Nuada's sister is anguished.Taking the third piece of crown, she flees from her brother covertly.It is seen that they had a wait of the coming new agent.They wanted to go against "Hellboy". That new agent is so mysterious as it comes.Coming there, he notices "Tooth Fairies" and it pours into them the sparkling thing.So that they may come to life and he may be able to gather information from them.Now "Tooth Fairy" comes into life.But its words were out of understanding which it was uttering.So he continues to explain it. He comes to know,That tooth fairies had come from the realm of magical creatures.They suppose, this location is perhaps under any bridge.Now new agent brings his team where they find creature that,Which directly leads them to the realm of the magical creatures.Now "Hellboy" also reaches there. He feels comfortable , seeing it,That he was not feeling strange there. It means, He was walking among those creatures,As he belongs to their species. A team member notices someone there,Wearing a dress which was indicating her relationship with royalty.That member thinks, Why should I not go inside? I may come to know as who is she.

Then he knows that she is the daughter of king and the sister of Prince Nuada.She had come here to take a secret thing of her father.That member continuously chases her. Suddenly, she appears before him.Here it is revealed that they have same powers.They were getting much understanding each other just by gesticulating.Then it is witnessed that Prince Nuada's  reliable creature attacks  Prince Nuada's sister, arriving there.Contrarily, "Hellboy" attacks him, coming there.He beats him down. Princess is inspired by "Hellboy".She reveals to him, I have the last piece of king's crown!And she had also gained a map which leads to the "Golden Army".New arrived agent did not like princess to join their team.And "Hellboy" takes agent and this thought awkward.Now it is observed that prince Nuada was in rage.Because "Hellboy" had put his reliable man into death.Then he brings out the golden army egg,which is converted into a "Forest god" at first sight.That creature had many tentacles.The fight begins between "Heelboy" and that creature.There is also human baby and "Hellboy" secures him from there.But people still say ill for him. He is thinking, Why is it like this?Then Liz approaches there. "Hellboy" is sorrowful and apologizes her and says, Don't go!Then Liz says him furiously, At last, what do you want?You need to satisfy me or the World! Think at once.

Then princess is shown who places 3rd piece of crown in the book of team member.Then it is seen, a new agent  comes to "Hellboy" and says,Act upon my order! If there is fight between us , obviously, I will be the winner."Hellboy" ironizes, Who had said you as such?Because "Hellboy" had self confidence that he will beat him down.Now the location changes as it is revealed,That prince Nuada has abducted his sister.He had also left a message for "Hellboy that,Bring the third piece of crown if he wants the safety of himself and princess!But prince Nuada pierces spear in Hellboy's body while deceiving as he goes there.As a result, "Hellboy" suffers a bitter pain.The spear was not separating from his body even  an attempt is made to bring it out.Here he expresses to Liz, You are the most important for me!Contrarily, it is noticed that Hellboy's agent finds 3rd piece of crown in the book.And that team had also detected the location of "Golden Army".Now Liz had forgiven "Hellboy" .And she wanted to take "Hellboy" to the location of "Golden Army".So that he may recover as soon as possible.But her team and new agent had the opposite opinion about it.Liz begins to fire on them and there is created a fuss.Now three of them including Hellboy with his friend and Liz set off alone.There they meet a goblin master who assures them, I will support you!But you all will have to give a sparkling thing in return.Then goblin master notices a spear in Hellboy's  body wound.

He says, I will help you if you hand me over the sparkling thing!Then goblin brings them to the giant "Angel" .who had already known about them.He calls them with their real name. Liz requests the angel, Cure "Hellboy"!"Angel " reveals that there will be great commotion if he survives.But Liz requests, Cure him, let him live!That angel was identified as "Angel of Death".Anyhow, angel of death removes the spear from Hellboy's body on the request of Liz.Then he says to Liz, You will have to give him the purpose of life.Then Liz reveals, kneeling down before him, You are going to be a father!And "Hellboy" begins to recover, getting this news.Now goblin master leads them to the "Golden Army".And prince Nuada was also there.Hellboy's friend hands him over 3rd piece of crown.But prince Nuada again double crosses them here.He awaken the "Golden Army" who were in a large number.And "Hellboy" was unable to stop them in spite of his will.

Now they both begin to fight each other."Hellboy" is about to get victory even though he does not end prince Nuada.Princess' body parts were also suffering pain where princes was being wounded.Because their flesh had some sort of the interconnection.Here it is seen that prince Nuada attacks "Hellboy" sustaining himself again.But he falls down again, suffering pain.Here princess thinks of an idea, Why should I not commit suicide?Consequently, prince also suffers pain.So she stabs herself with a weapon.Now it is witnessed that prince Nuada had been ended.Mending crown, "Hellboy" picks it up now.Liz melts that crown while taking from him.As a result, "Golden Army" retreats.Then it is observed those team members and a new agent capture 3 of them them, coming there.So Liz, Hellboy and his friend clearly announce to disunite this team here.It means, they leave this team forever.Then it is seen that "Hellboy" desired to reside a place with Liz,Where they could bring up their baby.But Liz interferes him, Not baby but babies!Then she raises her two fingers,Which indicates that she was expecting 2 babies.Here "Hellboy" is filled with joy.And the movie completes with the satisfactory ending.

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