Hellboy 3 (2019) Film Explained

 It is informed at the start of the film,that it is being battled between humans and some of the creatures.Those creatures has a queen who wanted to root out the humanity.So she was creating chaos. And she had also enslaved many of the human beings.The king of humans wanted to battle that queen.So he moves to that place where she used to live.He plays a trick and pretends as he has come here to surrender.Actually, he had come to end her.King had a sword which could be lifted by him or his chosen human.It was the only  tool which could end the queen.

Now the scene changes showing current time and " Hellboy" appears.He is searching one of his friends who was missing while inquiring on vampires.After a great struggle, " Hellboy" searches him out.But he knows that he himself has transformed into a vampire.The people were facing the life threats because of him.He has to kill his own friend to rescue humanity.Some days are passed and  Hellboy's father calls him .He assigs him a task saying , Some creatures have attacked at a place,And you have to tackle the situation , going there.You have to stop it at any cost. Reaching to that country, he comes to know that,These creatures are the cannibals. He meets some of the people in a club.There is also a lady who begins to reveal about his gone time.You were not normal when you came into life.It was said about you that you will be turned into worst, growing old.

And you will end the World. And the professor who is called a father by you,He wanted to kill you. Being a tolerant, he overlooked the viewpoint of the people.And he brought you up perfectly while taking care.Knowing it, " Hellboy" is sorrowed why people thought him bad.In the coming scene, it is observed that ,An animal like monster steals a box after killing many people.There was nothing else in that box but the head of that monster's Queen.Here it is exposed that king had ended that Queen in the previous times, dismembering her.But it was sensing, seeing her head as she is still alive." Hellboy" and club people of his visited club, move into the forest.

It is shown as these people had come to end that cannibal creature.But club people's betrayal was to kill " Hellboy", bringing him here.Their leader declares to "Hellboy", We will never entrust out country to you!They harshly beat " Hellboy" , saying it.Due to this,  he is badly wounded. Meantime, monstrous creatures appear there.They all kill the club fellows. At the same time, " Hellboy"  holds his ground,And he begins to confront them demonstrating his full strength.And he gets victory in this battle. But he loses his conscious because of being wounded.

Now it is opened , Indeed! the King had killed that Queen in the previous times,But that animal like monster had revived her , getting her head.Restoring his sense, " Hellboy" finds himself in a house.There is also a girl named "Alice".And the same girl had brought " Hellboy" into her house in his unconsciousness.Her parents were no more but she possessed such capabilities,Through which she could link with the paranormal things." Hellboy" had also familiarity with "Alice" from his childhood."Alice" tells him, I don't know why these demons are asking to kill you.You can destroy the World in future.Then " Hellboy" is called by his father. 

He says to him,That a monster has revived that Queen. And you will have to stop her for taking further steps.But " Hellboy" begins to  discuss the past here.He asks him, If you knew that I will end the World after growing up,Why did you let me live ? Then professor says to him, Carry out what has been asked you to do!We will talk about it later! He introduces him with another man who was an agent.He tells, One f the limbs of that Queen is still in one location of that club.

Knowing it, "Hellboy", "Alice" and agent move towards that.Reaching there, they witness that monsters had victimizes everyone,Including that lady who had revealed to "Hellboy" about the passed time."Alice" tells them, the demon of that lady is still present here!She tries to contact with her .Meanwhile, that lady's demon appears from the mouth of "Alice".She tells "Hellboy", The Queen of those monsters have returned back!An she is searching for a King so she may get more power.Remember! Never let her to be mighty. Saying it, she is disappeared.

At the same time, they sense the presence of someone.Going there, they find the same monster,Which had come to bring the last limb of the queen."Hellboy" moves towards him to kill but he begins to feel something strange,As a result, that animal like monster becomes successful to run away.Actually,  "Alice" had been abducted in her childhood by a witch.Ans she was replaced with that monster.Then "Hellboy" had brought back "Alice, making that monster flee.

Due to that cause, monster was still in rage till today.So it was to be on Hellboy's back. Now it is observed that,Queen of monsters had attached all her limbs while performing a ritual.She was revived but still faced instability.On the opposite side,  "Alice" and "Hellboy" are seen who go to meet professor ,the father of Hellboy.His father is investigating on that Queen.Because his mission was to end her as soon as possible.But "Hellboy" asks, Father! Why are you in hurry.He used to think that Queen may not harm anyone.Because she is unstable. 

But his father did not think as such.So the controversy is aroused between them.And "Hellboy" leaves that place. Going outside, he moves into an elevator.But he reaches to another place from there.He encounters that witch there who is saying to the monster at the start of the movie,Collect all limbs of that Queen!"Hellboy" asks her about the same Queen.That witch says, I will expose about her location on a condition!I need your eye in return! "Hellboy" says, Tell me first where she is.She tells, the place where King had dismembered the Queen and her much blood had wasted,And a tree had suck her flowed blood . As being feeble, the Queen will surely will move to that place.So that she may be  mighty again after restoring her blood from that tree.

Now "Hellboy" flees, deceiving her.Then "Hellboy", agent and "Alice" proceed to that place.Now they all are nearer that location but gets off at a distance from that place.But the troopers of Queen were already there who attack them.Now "Alice" and agent begin to halt those troopers.While "Hellboy" goes to that Queen. So he may stop her to restore her blood.But it was too late here. The Queen had already restored her blood.It is also noticed that Queen has turned into strongest being.The Queen says, I give you one more chance!I knew that you are searching for me but I still let you go.I am offering you again, Being united, we will rule over the World!You will have to just support me. But "Hellboy" says to her, You cannot cost me!He rejects her offer. 

Being aggressive, Queen shoots a poisoned arrow to "Alice".Alice's condition goes worsened here. The Queen says to "Hellboy" while leaving,I will surely come back. Because there is a demon in me which will surely be brought out by me.One more witch comes on the scene who had been an old friend of that Queen.They cheated each other which developed loathsome in them.She tells "Hellboy" , coming to him,There is such a magician  who can cure "Alice".That magician was actually the specific man of that King.And he had assisted King to root that Queen out."Hellboy" brings "Alice" to him . And that magician completely cures her.He asks "Hellboy", Who are you in reality?He tells that the king's granddaughter had married with a demon.She bred you. He tells, When you came into life,People said, He is "Hellboy" who will eliminate the World!So the people called you worst. 

That magician more tells, If you are really able to kill the Queen,You will lift that sword belonged to King.Then he appears that sword through his magic."Hellboy" moves to that sword so he may lift it after pulling it from the stone.Bu he begins to visualize something while heading.As he himself is destroying the whole world.He gets worried and be sceptic. Due to this, he is unable to pull out the sword.That sword is disappeared from there. The magician says to "Hellboy",I have grown old enough and it was the last time that I could bring back that sword through my charm.

Saying it, he is dead. Then it is seen,That Queen is creating chaos throughout the country with her troopers.She attacks at that location where Hellboy's father was investigating.Agent receives a message about it and three of them leave to this country.Reaching there, they find many lying dead bodies at that place.Witnessing them, "Hellboy" is gone worried. He was feeling as ,The Queen has also ended his father. Because his father himself wanted to kill the Queen.But "Alice encourages "Hellboy" saying, Don't worry!Your father is still alive!  If your father was dead,His demon was in surroundings and her voice was audible to me!Three of them get an information , that Queen is in a church now.Then three of them move to that church.They notice that animal like monster is present there before.

And he had unexpectedly  turned mightier than previous time.The fight is held and that monster injures agent deadly.And he also goes after "Hellboy".Then it is noticed that agent begins to undergo many changes after being wounded by that monster.Monster's poison was continuously spreading throughout his body.And he had begun to feel awkward. Agent was caring about it from the long time ago,That he may remain safe if something infects him.For this, he was also taking antitoxin. But he cannot cope today and completely infected.So he is transformed into a monstrous animal. Now both "Hellboy" and he begin to confront the monster.There is a tough  fight among three. And that animal like monster is going to ill "Hellboy",The Queen forbids it from the backside. The Queen kills that monster.An she throws "Hellboy" away. That place was the chamber of that King.

There is also that sword. The Queen says to him, Pull out this sword.Here it is revealed that "Hellboy" will be turned strongest if he pulls out the sword.It may also be possible that he may destroy the whole World.The Queen was familiar with reality so insists him to pull out the sword.Then we both rule over the World.But "Hellboy" also rejects this offer here.The Queen brings Hellboy's father there while conspiring.She kills his father in front of eyes because of his rejection of offer."Hellboy" is in a fit of rage and wanted to end Queen at any rate.He furiously pulls out the sword. Here he had turned into mightiest.The mark on his forehead had turned into the horns now.

His sword sets on fire and he becomes most powerful.Now he was looking same as he used to visualize.The portal of hell is also opened from upside when he comes into his fullest strength.All devilish creatures of hell are descended on Earth.They begin to bring devastation. When Queen observes that he is in his fullest strength,She says, I will choose him as my King!Because it is clear , her mission was to rule over this World."Hellboy" had no control over him because of being lured by evil.Then "Alice" makes his father's demon appear there.

And his father calls from the backside. He says, My son! it is under your control.You can either rescue the humanity or root it out. If you decide it today. ."Hellboy" is agitated, hearing the voice of his father.Then he opens the portal of hell with the loud shouting.And he also beheads that Queen. And all hellish creatures with the Queen are left in the hell.Then "Hellboy" closes the portal of hell.Here the movie completes peacefully.Because "Hellboy" had rescued the humanity instead of devastating it.The movie also completes on this scene.

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