High Rise (2015) Film Explained

 The film High Rise starts with Dr. Robert Laying who is present in a demolished high-rise tower building.He has blood on his body.Here, he is cooking the dog on fireIt is unknown at this time what's going on here.Then the story is shown from three months ago when everything was alright.The tallest tower in London is shown here called the High-Rise.This tower is specially designed for people who want a modern living style.Rich people live on the top floor of the tower and ordinary people on the ground floor.That is, the richest people on the 40th floor and the lesser rich people on the 39th floorAnd in such descending order, everyone lives on their own floors.It has all the facilities of the world like a swimming pool, gym, supermarket and school for children.So that they do not have to go out.

And all these people live in this tower, quite isolated from the rest of the world.Dr. Robert shifts to the building's 25th floor and is delighted to have a good lifestyle.Here they meet in a single mother. She also has a son.They become attached to each other in a very short time.In addition, Dr. Robert becomes friends with a documentary filmmaker ''Richard Wilder''.Dr. Robert is a physiology teacher.He is teaching in his class by cutting a human head that one of his students gets faint to see it.This student is sent for a brain scan.Very next day, ''Dr. Robert'' is then called to meet ''Anthony Royal'' on the 40th floor,where the richest people live.Royal has designed this Tower. 

His wife is also shown here who does not give much importance to anyone.He invites Dr. Robert to come to a party which she is arranging a few days later.The day of the party comes and this party is themed on the costume of the 18th century.Which means that everyone had to come dressed in 18th-century clothes.And this is what happens, but Dr. Robert dresses like his daily routine.Because he did not know the theme of the party.Royal's wife and the rest of the guests are very upset to see Robot's clothes.After that, his wife and the same student who fell in the class and fainted disrespect him a lot.He is called bad and he is expelled from the party.

After being expelled from the party, he goes to an elevator but due to an electricity outage, they get stuck in this elevator.''Royal'' have told that there has been electricity load shedding for the last few days,the water has stopped and the pipe which carries trash isn't working properly.All such problems are becoming very common.The story goes on. The medical report of Dr. Robert's student who lost consciousness is okay.Nothing happened to him but to get revenge, Dr. convinces him that he has a brain tumor.The doctor says this because his student had insulted Dr. Robert too on the night of the party.Then we see that his student from the 39th floor under the influence of alcohol and commits suicide.The police also come but do not investigate this matter properly.

So the doctor's friend ''Richar Wilder'' becomes very sadAnd he intends to expose and stop the oppression happening in this (High-Rise) building.No one goes out of the high-rise building and no one comes in.Laws and orders are completely abandoned.Crime becomes very common in High-Rise.The food inside the supermarket also starts to decrease.Because of which people start fighting among themselves.On the one hand, it is suspected that Royal had bribed the police.In order to ignore all these disorders. So that the news in this building does not go out.Dr. Robert, on the other hand, is ashamed of what he told his student that he had a brain tumor.

The doctor has become quite mentally ill and locks himself in the room.He blames himself and becomes mentally unstable.''Wilder'' plans to kill ''Royal'' who has designed this building.Wilder thinks that Royal has a hand in this whole affair.When he comes forward to kill him, he discovers that he also has a son whom the world does not know.He barely gets to his penthouse and shoots him.Because of this, Royal dies and Wilder is shot by a girl too.That's how two deaths happen here.His son is watching all this secretly.There is chaos throughout the tower.

People are fighting with each other. Someone is behind food, someone is behind revenge. People are full of hatred.The poor are killing the rich and the rich are killing the poor.The story of the movie goes back to where it started.When Dr. Robert is inside the destroyed high-rise building.Dr. Robert seems completely mentally unstable.He has lost his mental health.He is talking to himself and the story ends here.What lesson does this story teach us? What is its explanation?The writer says, Where there is a State capitalism, there can never be a political freedom.This means, where one person rules, there is never political freedom.These people do not get the same rights.Hope you liked the movie explanation, if yes, like it.

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