House of Wax (2005) Film Explained

 The film starts at a place where a lady was boiling the wax for making face masks.At the same time, her son comes on the scene who was taking breakfast.Then her husband brings his second son for breakfast. That kid was wayward and uncontrolled.So they have to fasten him to a chair using tape and belts. Consequently, some scars are left on it.Even he scratches his mother's hand with nails in aggression. As a result, he is slapped by his mother badly.Afterward, 6 friends who were moving to watch the football match are shown. They depart for watching math.

The poster of "Trudy's House of Wax" is also visible on the way. They camp stopping at a place where they amuse themselves.One of the friends among them was making video in his camera. The odour is felt by them in that area of forest.But they ignore it not giving much attention. Meanwhile, a truck stops in front of their camps and driver teases them turning on the headlights of the truck.As a result, one of the friends Nick breaks the one of the headlights of truck throwing his bottle.Truck driver leaves the place taking the truck. Then they go for sleep getting relaxed. The main character of the movie Carly wakes  in the night and feels the presence of someone in their surroundings keeping his eye on them.Actually, someone was making their video after stealing their camera. Then Carly's friend Wade takes her coming there.They all get ready to leave  that place in the coming day. While checking the car, Wade knows that someone has broken his 'Fan Belt' of car.

It may be  done by that visited strange person last night. And one of their friends was also worried because of his missing camera.Carly and her friend again feel the odour in the forest. Carly falls into a pit as they go for checking there.That pit was wide and full of dead animals. Falling down into the pit was repulsive for Carly.She shouts and Wade saves her life coming there. In fact, this pit was stinking.Then a strange person arrives there who  had also brought with him a dead deer. He throws it into that pit.Carly had also noticed the human hand in that pit. Carly had shouted seeing that hand. But that strange person assures them that it is plastic hand not human.

He smiles weirdly showing his  mysterious behavior. And he keeps his bad eye on Carly.Then he offers Carly and Wade the car lift to the nearest town where they could also get that required Fan Belt.While others leave  to watch the football match. But they get stuck in the traffic jam and decide to return to the campsite.On the other side, Carly and Wade are frightened  to see the knife in the hand of that man. They get off on the way.They reach an unpopulated town. No one was there except them. Going into the church, they meet a man named Bo who comes outside later.

Bo tells them about a gas station. It would be hoped to get the fan belt from there. And he asks them to visit here again after 30 minutes.Passing the way, they notice a  lady in a house who was peeping from her house.Carly receives a call from her friend whom she says to come after 30 minutes for picking them up.They move into the " House of Wax" for passing their time. The door was labeled" Closed". In spite of this,  he takes Carly into it in the excitement.They notice  the number of the statues inside the house which were made of wax. They were giving a real look, not the statues.They also see a dog there . It seemed to them as a statue but actually it was real dog.Wade was surprised finding him alive. A strange person scares Carly peeping from outside when she is looking in the mirror.Carly is feared. But Wade finds no one while checking outside the house. Then Carly and Wade go to the garage of Bo.But there was no fan belt of their demanded size. And they are nearly going to leave taking the 1 number big size. Immediately, Bo reaches there.He disallows them to go. 

He says, Your required fan belt is available at my house. Both go with him agreeing.They reach near the house of Bo till evening time. Bo had also told them the story of "Trudy's House of Wax" while walking.He tells the family name of this land owners. That family comprises husband who is doctor and a wife named Trudy.And her name was used for naming "Trudy's House of Wax". And their kids left alone after the death of this spouse.Wade moves inside the house for a need while Carly waits outside in a truck.Meanwhile, Carly recognizes this  truck thinking about that truck which was at their campsite. She understands the trick of that man.She had recognized this truck because of its one broken headlight. She calls her friend for revealing the fact but the call is not attended by her friend.She sends a voice message. Honking the truck, Carly signals Wade to come outside.

But all house's lights are gone out. Then a wax masked strange person makes Wades feet wounded appearing there.That man also attacks Wade's body making him senseless. Then the real face Bo is exposed when he comes outside.He tries to seduce Carly, harming her. But Carly successfully escapes from that truck.While escaping her life, she enters the same church but encounters the incredible thing which leaves her astonished.Because all presented people in the church were not real but statues made of wax.But the most surprising thing is this, one statue's arm falls down after its breakage. As its bones, blood and veins were real.It is clear here that they were all human beings which were converted into the wax statue.There was the hand of Bo along with the other one. 

Catching her, Bo takes her into the basement of gas station and fastens her badly.Then he sticks the lips of Carly with the sticky glue. Then the wax masked man again appears who stitches the wounds of Wade taking him into the basement.Then he removes the hair of Wade's face pathetically applying wax on it. While injecting, he is seated on a chair.Clutching him into the big machines, the hot wax is poured over him which seems painful.It means, an alive person was converted into a living wax statue. Here the other person is revealed instead of Bo.He was Vincent not other one and the things were labeled with his name. Moreover, he is the sibling of Bo.

Further, Nick and his friend search them separately reaching at that area.Bo comes outside before Nick from the basement of his gas station where Carly was captivated by him.When Nick asks about his friends, he replies, I have not seen anyone here!On the other side, Carly takes her finger out from the ventilation shaft freeing herself so that she may capture the attention of Nick.But Bo cuts her finger and Nick moves to leave. But getting the chance, Carly opens her lips which was very painful.She calls Nick while screaming. Consequently, Nick becomes attentive.The quarrel is held between Nick and Bo and Bo is little defeated. Nick locks the gas station from inside acting wisely and Bo is left outside.Reaching in the basement, Nick frees Carly. They both come  outside  the basement but Bo is not there before them.Then they come to know that the lady who was looking at Wade and Carly from the house was not real. She was also the wax made statue.

She just used to draw the curtain through mechanism. The purpose behind it was to distract the visitors as someone truly lives here.It was being regulated by Bo. On the other side, Nick enters the house of wax where he finds Wade converted into the wax made statue near piano.Wade was still alive without any realization of his conversion into a statue. Nick tries to help but doing so his skin is also peeled while removing wax.Seeing it, Wade's friend is horrified. There is also Vincent who attacks Nick noticing him.But that blade hits Wade instead of Nick.  As a result , Wade is dead. Escaping from Vincent, he falls into the basement.Vincent  kills him cutting his throat. Then the campsite is shown where the other companions were amusing.Suddenly, their musical player is stopped. While checking it. a friend hears a voice message sent by Carly before a time.Here this friend is also become the victim of Vincent. Then he searches their other friend and also kills her after him.

And he also makes the video using their friend's camera. It is cleared here that he was Vincent who was making their video at that night.Moreover, Carly and Nick visit to a weapon store in the town for taking some weapons.But Bo fires his gun on them coming there. Rescuing their life, they enter the cinema where the number of wax made statues were present.Sitting among them, they save themselves. But Bo searches them arriving there and notices.Nick makes him senseless shooting at arrow on him. Then they go to his house where Wade's statue had also been placed.Carly sees a photo of the conjoined twins there. And these two brothers are Bo and Vincent.Then arriving there, Bo takes out an arrow from his shoulder and arm which causes pain for him.Both brother and sister hide themselves there. Then Vincent also brings the dead body of their friend.

The whole reality is exposed during the conversation of two brothers.Here it is revealed that the the story of doctor told by Bo was about his father.At the starting of movie where the 2 kids have been shown were actually Bo and Vincent.Moving into the basement, Carly and Nick observe the power connections of the entire town.Switching it on and off, the whole town's electricity is restored. It becomes the indication of their presence in the basement.Nick finds his another friend's wax made statue going ahead. Statue's head is detached from the body just after touching.They are saddened seeing the pathetic condition of their friend. Meanwhile, Vincent comes their and tries to kill them.Inflaming the fire, Nick stops him to come near him.

 Then they both go to the "House of Wax" leaving this place.In fact, their house was adjoined with " House wax" where everything was made of wax.Carly is left shocked seeing the statue of Wade. At the same time, Bo attacks them reaching there.On the other side, the spread fire in their house also covers the "House of Wax".And the whole " House of Wax" begins to melt. Bo injures Nick attaching him violently. But Carly puts him into death badly.Vincent was still alive  and he chases Carly to kill her noticing the worst condition of his brother.Carly tries to explain, His brother has used you. Everything can come on its routine if he wants.Then Nicks arrives there and the quarrel begins between them. Here the distorted face of Vincent also appears.Carly hits Vincent down stabbing the knife to him which she has been taken out from Nick's leg. He directly falls on his brother Bo.

And they are conjoined again. the fire was spreading while Nick and Carly were thrusting into the wax. Opening the wax made wall, they come outside saving them.And the whole "House of Wax" is melted. Police officers arrive there Next morning. They come to know that no visitor had been allowed since 10 years.People had no knowledge  of this town even there was no area location on the map.These two brothers were safe from the hands of police for a long time. Nick and Carly go sitting in a car with the memory of their friend in form of video camera.

Then police officer knows receiving a call, that doctor had three sons not two. And third son was that odd person who had lifted Carly and Nick in his vehicle to bring them here.In the last scene, they observe outside the third brother with Vincent's dog who was laughing.But both get the point, he is third brother of them but not the part of game. Here the movie completes.

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