Hurricane_ Mission of Honor 2018 Film Explained

 This movie is based on the real story. In the beginning , it is told that Germany occupied France in June 1940.Basically, the movie starts with the main character named Iwan Rheon who is travelling in a car.And the coming soldiers in the cannon at the back side take him away for investigation.Considering him a watch seller, he is let go. Taking a car, he goes to a site where the number of aircrafts are present.He enters a room there. A coming officer informs him, War is over so it is better to be in France rather than to die in England.Saying it, he leaves.  Standing beside, German fliers are talking with one another.As they say,  Our planning is already complete. At first, We will destroy the 'Royal Air Force'.Then Iwan flies the nearby standing aircraft while sitting there.

Fliers run to stop him but Iwan leaves. In the next scene, pilot officers' place is shown where the air attacks are continued.They are Squadron 303 polish pilots who join the 'Royal Air Force'. They are fighting for the foreign skies.Iwan companions tell him as he arrives that we continued the war until you stayed there.Iwan says, You cannot eradicate them without my help and he begins to smile.In the next scene, pilot officer tells Chief Martial that we are not bombers rather we are fighter pilots.We have shot down many Germans in Poland. And it is the experience of your 'Royal Air Force'.Chief Martial instructs him. Then he leaves saying Yes sir. Next scene shows a RAF team pilot who is sitting in the aircraft.And he is watching the photo of a lady. Then he takes a flight.

 He remains in contact with his fliers from the instructional point of view.There is a continuous firing from an aircraft and he drops down his opponent aircraft bravely.An office is shown where 2 officers are seated. An officer's name is Milo. Coming outside, they notice that Iwan has reached there, taking his RAF team.After sometimes, going there, a trainer says to them, Pay Attention brave polish pilots!!He says, You are welcomed in RAF. Now it is my duty to teach you!Afterward, polish pilots are taught a language because they face the language barriers.After that, they are somehow checked as 'Eye Sight Test'. Then they are brought to the aircraft.

Iwan instructs to open the wheels of aircraft before landing. Then Iwan says, one thing that is in our knowledge is, How to fly?Commander Milo is continuously conversing with them. Then polish fliers say to him, Germans are those who are making the victim of our men.And we are doing nothing. A flier says loudly, My wife and a little girl!! Milo is got angry hearing them.He says, You all can take good flight but other attributes also matter which should be the part of you as 'unity and discipline'.We can win only through these attributes gentlemen! Saying it, Milo leaves to his office.Going inside, he informs his officer that they are facing some issues such as arrogance, irresponsibility and discipline issues.That officer says to him, You are commander and you have the authority. So I am leaving all responsibilities of operation to you while relying on you.You will be responsible. Milo asks Iwan, coming outside, Is there any problem?Iwan replies, Same issues as working in reverse and speed. They notice the landing of aircraft badly.And they move to aircraft while running. 

They notice that aircraft is covered with mud. Flier of that aircraft says coming out, It happens due to the wheels.Here it is revealed that they all are training for a war against Germans. Because they will have to fight against them.On the other side, German pilot officers are shown. They say, 'Royal Air force' has been losing power for the last 2 weeks.And we are stepping in this phase where we are throwing bombs. And they call them victors.And they continue to see the flying aircrafts. On the other side, Milo is shown instructing his polish pilots.While lady pilots are identifying the location. There is Aerial warfare with Germans.Milo quickly commands, Back Home. 

He calls it an order. Some of Germans' aircraft are dropped down.After landing, polish pilots find that many German pilots have been dead. Iwan lands and covers the dead bodies of the dead bodies with a cloth.Saying it, We may be in their place. But the other pilot says, Will he do the same good as you are doing with them.Then he says to Iwan, You are half Swish so have the sympathy for Germans.He says, We have come here to end Germans not to pray for them. Saying it, he leaves.Milo arranges a meeting again and tells, We are going to shoot our enemy. You will have to follow everything strictly.The main officers reads a message for others. He says , Congratulations 303 Squadron!!Then he says, there is need to be ready on your part for the coming day operation.Iwan says, we will be on mission tomorrow. And all embrace with one another excitedly.

All go for training wearing their uniform. Operation is started next day. And lady pilots are taking their duties.Other aircraft starts bombardment on the fighter pilots. But all fight successfully and aerial warfare is started.It is shown that 'Royal Air Force' team remains in contact with one another. And the pilot of air force drops the flying aircraft of Germans.On the other side, Iwan says to Milo, You know that I am the best! He is still telling that Iwan's friend arrives.He moves to 'Royal Air Force' team, taking him. And he says, Look! who is here?All embrace him happily. Iwan comes outside and he is told about the aircraft through a man.That person informs that gun cameras have been installed in the aircrafts and it was your idea.These guns have been reharmonized 150 yards till 137 meters. But it means, You will have to be rear close at a distance.And you will have to hit it. 

 It will be as accurate as a cannon  according to British boys.'Royal Air Force' team's photo is taken in the next morning. Suddenly the siren echoes.It is announced that team should run to their aircrafts. The time of operation has approached.And all take flights. And the firing is started through aircrafts. While lady pilots hold their seats to identify their area positions.Some of the aircrafts are destroyed and then a sign appears with the words, 'Refueling and Landed'.Flight is taken after refueling the aircrafts. The bombardment and firing are stopped from one of the member's aircrafts of 'Royal Air Force'.Oppositions Germans fire on him , leaving him injured and he starts bleeding.His aircraft is dropped into the water after being crashed where he visualizes a victim child girl who is smiling.At last, he is drowned into the water. 'Royal Air Force' team is saddened and silent because they had lost their team member.Officer is reading the book 'Rudimentary polish'.

 Then the aerial warfare is again encountered.An aircraft is attacked when the 'Air Force Team' are on their flight peacefully. All are alerted.Iwan's aircraft catches fire but he successfully comes down using air balloon.While fire is wrapped around the other team member and he gets injured.In the next scene,  polish pilot fighter's party is shown. Addressing to everyone, Chief Martial says that,I want to introduce the hostess of this evening to you. He calls a lady who talks to everyone, coming there.She says, this evening party is for the brave polish pilot officers who fought the aerial warfare in the skies of England for us.Afterward, Iwan says getting angry, You are throwing the bombs in our own cities, shooting and also victimizing us.We are enjoying champagne here and throwing bombs in our cities. They  are butchering us. We are being shot and hanged.He continues to say as such. While Milo keeps him silent, coming there.After a time, Milo comes to that room where the injured pilots are present. One of the pilots' face is also burnt.He says that a remarkable man always grows. 

you should be proud of it.On the other side, one more polish pilot is shown who is sitting while lighting the candles. They are sorrowful because their members are no more.Iwan says to him, coming there, What are you doing here?He replies, I had started to see those people in the aircraft, who were like us.Iwan says on it, There were not people like us but only Germans. Those Germans who had wronged with us.Listen to me, You will have to face them. You are still alive. You are breathing in the war which is the most important thing.Actually, he is encouraging him. Now Milo arranges a meeting with the pilots and all leave to the flight operation.The second aerial warfare is again started and many aircrafts are destroyed.Now 'Royal Air Force' pilot calls to mind the past as an old man is shot down.He is still thinking it that he is fired. Contrarily, Iwan gets worried, witnessing it.

He drops down the opponent aircraft in anger. The fight continues with Germans.Now 2 left aircrafts of polish pilots are observed.  One of them is crashed because of the  deformity of the engine.Now Iwan is left as the only survivor and the firing is started on him. Lady  pilots' eyes are filled with tears seeing the situation of the operation.Now Ivan comes out alive and injured from his dropped down aircraft. And he moves to  the nearby standing aircraft.He checks that his partner is no more. He is in grief and aggression. In this way Squadron leader says to other fighter pilots,It was an exceptional work. and we are proud of them for what they did or continue. 

they deserve a great gratitude.Those officers leave, saying it. The next scene takes place in London of England and the time of 1946 is shown.Iwan is seeing the flying aircrafts. It is also shown that he will move to America within 3 days, leaving this country.In the end, it is told that Squadron 303 were the pilots who got the highest scores in Britain.And 145 polish pilots who were the part of British dropped down 203 aircrafts and constituted the strength of 'Royal Air Force'.

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