Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003) Film Explained

 : "Eat what?": "Eat Us!"♪ Horror MusicCreeper is in fact a dangerous monster who comes every 23 years to kill and eat people for 23 days.As the movie starts, we are told that a monster has awoken up for 23 days after 23 yearsToday is day 22.The same day, we see a kid putting strawmen in his father's farms.Then we see his father named ''Jack'' who's asking him to wind up his work.They had a dog who was continuously barking by looking at someone.Here, the elder brother of that kid was also along with them.He was placing strawmen properly according to his father's orders.There that kid sees a huge and weird strawman.He was staring at it.When that kid goes near it, he notices that his limbs are moving.He gets scared by seeing this and runs to his father and brother immediately.

Suddenly that straw man flies from its place and starts following him.In fact, he wasn't s strawman but ''Creeper'' who came for hunting.The boy was calling his father and brother loudly.Hearing him, his father takes a gun and along with his brother they move towards the farm.On the farm, they see that a weird creature is running with his son.That kid is also trying to set himself free.In a glimpse, that creature flies away in the sky with that kid,leaving his father and brother astonished and they couldn't do anything.The next day, we see a school bus full of students.We see a boy named ''Scott'' there.He sat on the last and he was kind of upset.Suddenly, a tyre gets punctured and management has to face trouble there.Because that road was so far away from the main road and the city and deserted.Signal disconnectivity was the biggest issue there.When the driver checks the tyre, she sees that a sharp tool is inserted in it.This tool is known as ''Shuriken or Throwing star''.

They find a human tooth on that tool.A piece of news was playing on the radiowhich tells that almost 300 skeletons are found from a church.These dead bodies are more than 200 years old.Hearing this news, they get shocked and scared about the old dead bodies.At the same time, the driver comes and ask for help through a walkie talkieBut she doesn't receive any response.Three students are smoking at a distance.At the same moment, a coach comes and sees them doing this.They hide their cigarettes behind them.The coach knew that they were smoking so he just says that it causes cancer.He leaver after saying this.At the same time, that driver comes and starts smoking with them.After some time, she decides that they will continue their journey by using spare tires.and they'll reach their destination.Everyone comes on the bus again and sets off for their journey.On the other hand, we see ''Jack'' who's making a toll to kill the Creeper.Because he wanted to take his kid's revenge.As the night falls, a girl one of those students named ''Minxie" starts dreaming.In her dream, she sees a boy who is also shown in part 1.Later, Jack's son is also shown to ''Minxie''.

They were telling ''Minxie'' that Creeper is coming towards their bus.Then ''Minxie'' sees that Creeper threw another throwing star towards their bus.Another tire gets punctured because of this throwing star.This thing is so strange thatwhen ''Minxie'' dreamt that Creeper threw a throwing star on their bus,then, in reality, it really got punctured.The bus driver orders them to leave the bus.So that coach can lit the flare and seek help.Everyone comes out of the bus.Coach lit flares on the road so that passers-by can help them.When the driver looks at another punctured tire,she sees another throwing star in it which was weirder than the first one.She shares this with a coach.They are left astonished and also get scared.At the same time, Creeper comes and takes that coach away who was liting flares on the road.At that time, no one could understand what happened.The driver and the coach ask everyone to go inside the bus.Everyone does the same.Creeper comes again and takes the driver with him.One of those students sees this and gets scared.When the coach asks him, he says, a flying creature took him away.No one was ready to believe his words.That how is it possible for someone to fly someone away.He says that it isn't a self-made story.He witnessed this scene.

Hearing him, hustle and bustle occur on the bus.That coach tries to relax them all.Suddenly the creeper comes and takes that coach with him.Students try to save him but all in vain and he flies him away.Students get scared after witnessing it with their eyes.They lock the bus from inside.Here comes the Creeper again and he starts staring at everyone inside the bus.He leaves but ''Minxie'' falls again and her eyes get blanked.''Minxie'' dreams about a strawman on the farm again, who was Creeper in fact.Here she sees the boy from Part 1 again who was humming something.Then she asks him what is it doing?On which he replies, he awakes every 23 years for 23 days for food.''Minxie'' asks, ''What does he wake up to eat?''That boy replies, ''To eat us!''Just then she regains her senses.She tells every one about her dream.that she saw a boy who's telling her, that creeper will kill and eat all of us.But no one was ready to believe her.Minxie's mental capacity was so strong that whenever that Creeper surrounded them, she saw those boys.They were a clue of an upcoming trouble.On the other hand, ''Jack'' and his son passes by a car.They see that car's condition is so bad.Seeing this, they understand that Creeper is responsible for all of this.Someone is calling out for help by walkie talkie there.He was one of those students who was asking for help by considering them Police.He says that horrible creature will kill us. Please save us!After hearing this, ''Jack'' and his son head towards the desired location.On the other hand, Creeper grabs a student's head and about to take him with him.

But a girl inserts a rod in Creeper's eye, due to which he leaves the boy.Creeper pulls out the rod from his headHalf part of his head also comes out with that rod but he still doesn't die.He flies away and hits on the bus roof harshly.They think that Creeper has died now.The bus roof was a little broken from which Creeper's one wing was coming inside.One of those students starts making fun of Creeper's wing.Suddenly, Creeper grabs his head and detaches his head from his body.A girl sees that Creeper is detaching his head from his body and throws it.He makes that student's head, his head.After doing this, he flies away from there.As Creeper goes, they take advantage of the moment and head to the safe place.Creeper kills one of those students with his throwing star.After it, he throws his knife at Scott's hand.Due to which his hand is stuck with the tree and all of his friends try to free him.His friends successfully free his hand but still, Creeper takes him away.Her friend screams but left astonished.''Minxie'' has gotten separated from her group.''Jack'' and his son finds her.They both take ''Minxie'' to the bus.Then a student comes insides the bus.There, he sees two students who were already there.They ask the boy if Creeper followed him or not?On which he replies, ''no''. He says we didn't find a safe place so I came back.Suddenly, Creeper comes there and presses his head, due to which he faints.''Minxxie'', ''Jack'' and his son are reached on the location.

''Jack'' attacks the Creeper with a harpoon which makes him injured.And then he goes away.Then three students see a car and they plan to escape by this.Creeper follows them again.That student brakes the car and reaper gets hit by the car.Two people are saved but one's leg gets injured.Creeper's wing, hand, and foot get injured as well.But he tries to kill that injured boy so that he could regenerate his body parts.But at the exact time, ''Jack'' attacks his head with a harpoon.Creeper falls far enough away.♪Creeper tries hard to pull that harpoon out of his head.Then ''Jack'' attacks Creeper's head many timesbecause they wanted to take revenge for his son's death.

But still, he doesn't die but sleeps.Because today was the 23rd day and all 23 days were completed.Then ''Minxie'' tells them that he'll wake up after 23 years again and he hasn't died yet.Then we are shown a scene from 23 years ago.Where some students come to Jack's house to see Creeper.But only his skeleton was there.Then we see ''Jack'' who had grown so old now.Creeper will wake up after 3 days and ''Jack'' is waiting for him.As Creeper will wake up, he'll kill him with his harpoon again.The movie ends here. [Please like and share]

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