Jeepers Creepers 3 (2017) Film Explained

 As the movie starts, we see a running boy.It was so dark there.He was running away from Creeper to save his life.He had a machete knife in his hand.He sees a car coming from the front.He runs toward it.But as he reaches there, Jeeper comes and takes him with him.After some time, that machete knife and a hand fall on the car.It was Creeper's hand.Later, we are shown a time of 23 years later.We see many police officers there.They find a locked truck there.They try hard to unlock it.Finally, they get succeeded in opening it.When they get inside after opening it, they see many dead bodies there.One of those police officers goes inside to check the truck.He gets trapped in a trap.Here we acknowledge that Jeeper had installed many traps in his truck.In the meantime, a hunter named ''Sherif Dane'' comes there.He informs the police about Creeper that he has wreaked havoc in the city.

He gives them his location and tells them that he's still there.Police agree while paying attention to his words.Because they know about the destructions that Creeper did.Creeper's truck is taken from there.In the meantime, Creeper also reaches there.He gets succeeded in freeing his truck from those people.Here we acknowledge that his truck was automatic.It was moving by itself.Creeper was standing on the truck and this was the reason behind this.Then suddenly, Creeper grabs a police officer.Seeing it, another police officer points her gun at the Creeper.Creeper gives that police officer a sign not to do this.He was trying to tell her that if she does this, he'll do the same which he did with that man.He'll kill her too.As he says this, he flees away with that police officer with him, whom he grabbed.That lady police officer couldn't do anything and is left astonished.Later, we are shown an extremely old lady.She seemed really upset.She used to live with her son at her home.They were farmers professionally.They weren't enough financially strong.The cause of her sadness was that creeper killed her son.

She was unable to forget his son.Her son was the boy whom we saw at the start of the movie.He held a machete and Creeper killed him.That lady sees a vision.She sees her son in it who was informing her about the arrival of the Creeper.They had buried one hand of Creeper in their farms.He tells her mother that he is not going to leave his hand here.He will definitely come here and take his hand.Because he did not want to give any part of his body to anyone.So that people don't know about his past and what he was likeThen that lady takes out his hand from there.Then we see a few bikers who were riding their bikes.One of those boys was so rude and he did not treat humans as well as animals well.He came here to hurt animals with his friends.Then he sees a truck parked nearby.This truck was Creeper's property.They think that maybe this is the truck that makes people disappearThey make fun of it.They move forward to the truck.They think that no one is looking at them.So, they should check the truck.One of those boys picks up a stone and throws it at the truck.But that stone hits the truck and comes back which makes the boy injured, who threw the stone.

The door of the truck opens by itself.Those boys find a lot of dead bodies inside it.They get scared of seeing dead bodies.They run away getting scared.That's when a spear comes out of the truck and hits the rude boy's leg.They try hard to take it out but it was continuously pulling that boy towards the truck.Seeing it, that boy cries for help.He asks his friends not to leave him in this trouble.Then, one of their friends run away with a bike.Meanwhile, suddenly, Creeper also comes there.Seeing him, the rest of his friends run away as well.Then the Creeper throws a spear towards them and kills them.The boy who was escaping, Creeper grabs him and flies away.Then we are shown that lady who wanted to check whether the hand is still alive or not?As soon as he takes her hand to his detached hand, his detached hand grabs her hand.Something weird starts happening to that lady.Seeing her state, we couldn't predict what's happening with her.In a short time, ''Sheriff Dane'' also comes there.He also touches that hand.The same happens to him which happened with that lady.Meanwhile, a girl named ''Addison'' along with her friend comes there.But they don't find anyone there.

They think that why not they go outside and check?Just then an injured person comes near their car.They get scared of seeing it.Because that injured person was bleeding.They turn behind and they see Creeper behind their car.They try to run away when they see him.But suddenly, Creeper comes by their car.He seemed to like ''Addison''.Creeper was liking her reaction of getting scared of him.He breaks the car's window and takes ''Áddison'' with him.His friend just stares and can't do anything.Creeper captured her in his truck.There, that rude boy is also shown who was still alive.But then he gets stuck in the truck's trap and dies.Now only ''Addison'' was left alive in the truck.''Sheriff Dane'' was at Addison's house and he finds her location.They chase their truck.A sergeant was also with him.He shoots the truck's tire.But those bullets start reversing.A weird thing is released from the car. As a result, their car gets out of control.On the other side, Police were also coming from the other side of the truck.They were also firing at the truck.But before ''Sheriff Dane'' and those Sergeants could any instruction to the Police officers, they get killed.''Creeper'' attacks Sergeant's and Dane's cars.

Their car gets out of control and tilts upside down.Creeper comes out of the truck and the sergeant starts firing at himBut he doesn't get affected.A bullet hits the Creeper's head.Due to this, his caps fall down and he becomes outrageous.In anger, he throws a hurricane star towards Sergeant.That star hits the Sergeant's gun and he falls down.Creeper was gonna kill the sergeant but ''Sheriff Dane'' calls his name out.Creeper was so angry so he leaves the Sergeant and heads to ''Dane''.Then ''Sheriff'' gets on a nearby on which gun machine was fixed.Creeper attacks the ''Sheriff''.Right then that gun machine gets started.''Sheriff'' fires at the Creeper.But Creeper doesn't get injured much, it just hurts him a little bit.Creeper attacks ''Sheriff Dane'' and kills him.The sergeant was still alive. Creeper leaves without hurting him.Then we see Creeper's truck where ''Addison'' was kept.She hides in the dead bodies.She thinks that Creeper will not be able to find her.But she was wrong. He finds her.He tries to kill her but in defense, she tries to save herself as well.That's when a trap comes out and crosses Creeper's head.Due to this, an eye of the Creeper comes out.Availing the chance, she gets out of the truck in order to save herself.Before the truck door closes, he starts following her.

But he couldn't fly because when ''Sheriff Dane'' shot him, one of his wings got injured.So, he was unable to fly now.Then he goes back to the truck and takes out a spear.As his one eyes also came out so he couldn't see clearly as well.''Addison'' was running to save herself.Creeper follows her along with an axe.Then a bright light appears towards the Creeper. It was of a truck which was coming behind the Creeper.That truck hits him and flies him away.But still, it doesn't affect the Creeper and he survives.''Creeper'' also reaches Addison's house after her.

Then Creeper notices something written there.It said We know who you are.There was also a hand of his which he gives breaks.Because he didn't want to let anybody know his reality.Now only ''Addison'' was the only survivor left who knew his reality.The next day, Addison's friend was going somewhere after saying Goodbye.Then we some pieces of articles in the newspaper.There we see a girl named ''Trish''.Her brother got killed by the hands of Creeper.She wanted to take revenge for her brother.She challenges the Creeper for it that she won't leave him alive.This movie ends with this girl's warning.

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