John Wick_ Chapter 3 (2019) Film Explained

 Underworld people have some rules too.Such as Hotel Continental is a place, where Assassins or Murderers can't kill each other.As per the contract, they are allowed to kill anyone outside the hotel.But inside the hotel. no one can even touch anybody.But in ''John Wick 2'', we see that, ''John Wick'' murders a man in this hotel.Main Administration for managing Assassins, which is names as ''High Tables'' in this movie, labels ''John Wick'' as ''Excommunicado''.''Excommunicado'' means that he is no longer one of us and not our part.To kill ''John Wick'', a $14M (US Dollar) contract is announced.Whoever kills him, he'll immediately get $14M.''John Wick'' gets to know about this too and he has many plans going on in his mind.In this regard, he goes to a Library located in ''New York''.He sees a picture of his wife here and other than that, there are some pendants alsosuch as medals and coins. These medals will help him to live, which we'll see later in the movie.

In this Library, an assassin comes to kill ''John Wick''. Here, a huge fight is shown.In the end, ''John Wick'' kills that assassin with a book.When he leaves the Library, a Korean gang pursues him. This gang is an expert in fighting.''John Wick'' fights them and runs but they don't stop chasing him.Here, we see a senior member of ''HighTables'', whose name is ''Adjudicator''.''Adjudicator'' meets Hotel Manager ''Winston'' and meets ''Crime Lord''.She warns them both to surrender themselves because they helped ''John Wick''Basically, they both helped ''John Wick'' to escape.She also says that if if you don't surrender, you'll have to face its consequences (worse results).Well, surviving against them, he reaches an Auditorium, where he meets a director.Basically, this is the place where 'John'' spent his childhood and had his training.Basically, this director train boys to fight and teaches girls to dance perfectly.When ''John'' asks her to help him, she refuses but ''John'' shows him that medal straight away.In Assassins, having a medal means that you can't refuse anyone who has this.It'll be compulsory to help Medal-Holder in any condition. So, the director agrees.She provides ''John'' safe patches so that he could go to ''Casablanca''''Casablanca'' is a place. ''John'' reaches there safely.Here, ''John'' meets his old friend and Trainer ''Sofia''. She is an Assassin too and a part of Underworld.

''Sofia'' already knows the position of ''John'' and his difficulties.She says that, Sorry John! I can't get into this trouble by helping you.We get to know here, that ''John Wick'' also helped ''Sophia'' many years ago.AT that time, ''Sophia'' has also given ''John'' a pendant, which means that whenever he's in trouble, she'll help him.She says that she'll never break this promise.Pendants are considered seriously there and everyone honors them.After seeing that medal, ''Sofia'' remembers everything and she agrees to help ''John''.''John'' tells that he wants to meet ''Elder'' at any cost.''Elder'' is the most senior Officer of ''High Tables''He runs everything in management.He wanted to meet him because he wanted the contract to be taken back.So that people don't try to kill him and he can live peacefully.''Sofia'' was supposed to help him so they take the address of a local man from their contacts.They meet them because this local man knew the address of ''Elder''.He tells them that you guys will find ''Elder'' in the midst of the desert.If you walk continuously, ''Elder'' will find you himself.That local man demands something because he told them his address.He says to ''Sofia'' that he wants her Dogs. 

Her dogs are so trained and beautiful.But ''Sofia'' is so attached to them so, she doesn't agree.That local man shoots one of his dogs in anger.''Sofia'' gets outraged and shoots that man. Here, amazing fighting scenes are shown.''John'', ''Sofia'' and even Sofia's dogs attack men of that local person.After much fighting, ''John'' and ''Sofia'' escapes from there.The story moves forward and ''Adjudicator'' gets to know that the ''Director'' helped ''John'' to escape.She comes to her and physically tortures her.As a punishment, a big knife is inserted in her hands.On the other side, ''john'', ''Sophia'' and her dogs go to the location of the desert, told by that man.We know that ''Sofia'' only promised him to lead him to the location and not to be with him anymore.Reaching the desert. she says ''Good Bye'' to ''John'' and comes back to her house.Now they show a scene of a vacant desert.''John'' is walking alone in search of ''Elder'' here.He walks continuously but he doesn't see anyone even in the distance.At last, he faints and fell down due to the heat.After some time, a caravan passes by him. 

One of those men takes him to the 'Elder's location.Here, we see ''Elder'' sitting in a beautiful tent in the midst of the desert.Elephants are also around him.Here, ''John'' requests ''Elder'' that I'm trapped in this difficult situation but I don't want to die.I lost my wife and my dog but now, I don't want myself to die.Hearing this, ''Elder'' gives him two options. One is, You've to kill Manager of Hotel Continental ''Winston''.The second option is that If you refuse, we'll kill you here.If we discuss option 2, ''Winston'' is John's best friend. He doesn't want to kill him.But he hasn't any other way.So, he chooses Option 1, which means that he'll kill the Hotel Manager.Their way of agreement is also very strange. For this, ''John'' has to cut his finger,which shows the trust that he's in this agreement and he'll complete it.After cutting the finger, ''Elder'' manages to send him to ''New York'' and he reaches there.On the other side, Lady of High Table ''Adjudicator'' hires a bald man who is a trained assassin and people are afraid of him.Only he can fight with ''John Wick''.''Adjudicator'' hires him. His name is ''Zero''He has to find ''John Wick'' to kill him.Then, ''Adjudicator'' goes to that Local Crime Lord, to whom she had warned to surrender.But he has not surrendered himself yet.As punishment, he hits his body seven times with the help of ''Hunter''.Due to this, this Local Crime Lord gets injured badly.

He is still alive but his condition is worse.Well, the story moves forward, and ''John Wick'' has come back to ''New York''.That bald man ''Zero'' and his whole team pursues him.Here, we see scenes of Motorcycles. They are chasing him on bikes. There, action scenes are shown.The movie's Director has presented these scenes superbly.Surviving against this gang, ''John'' reaches inside the Hotel Continental.We know that no one can kill any person inside this hotel. So, 'John'' is safe here.Here, ''John'' meets the Hotel Manager. He tells ''John'' that I know you've signed the contract of killing me.The manager says that You're my friend and You can kill me.Meanwhile, ''Adjudicator'' comes there and asks ''John'' to fulfill his contract.She asks him to kill the ''Hotel Manager'' but ''John'' refuses.''John'' completely refuses and ''Hotel Manager'' also refuses to surrender.''Adjudicator'' becomes so angry and says that you people don't know its consequences.She says that after a few hours, ''Hotel Continental'' will be deconsecrated and will not be a part of Underworld anymore.

There can be no deal here and anyone can kill any person.There are no restrictions on anyone from now on and it's not a part of High Tables anymore.She says that we'll not be responsible for any contract which is made here.This message is delivered to everyone. To all assassins, all over the world.Now, we see that many people come inside the hotel with heavy guns and their motto is to kill ''John Wick'' and ''Hotel Manager''.This force was recruited by ''Adjudicator'' to kill ''John'' and the ''Manager''.On the other hand, the ''Zero'' gang also approaches the hotel to kill them.Thus gang was under that bald man ''Zero''.On one side, there is ''John'', ''Manager'' and his companions whereas,on the other side, there are armed forces, and the ''Zero'' gang called by ''Adjudicator'' is in this hotel.Here, the best fighting scenes are shown. ''John'' attacks the coming forces with his weapons and kills them.Till yet, men of armed forces have died but the ''Zero'' gang is still alive.''John'' is fighting with the ''Zero'' gang in a room full of glasses around them.Due to which, it is very difficult to find out who is hiding whereAt last, after a huge fight, he kills ''Zero'' too.Seeing this, ''Adjudicator'' makes a plan.

She has known that ''John Wick'' is heavy on all of them.On the other side, ''Manager'' is supplying him with weapons.To fight their team is very difficult.''Adjudicator'' plays politics here. He calls the ''Manager'' and asks him to kill ''John'' because he is with him right now.She says that If you kill ''John'', I'll restore your Hotel.People will come to your hotel and deal. All rights will be returned to you and You'll be the manager of this Hotel.and you'll be given stake in High Tables too.''John'' reaches there as well.They both are best friends so ''John'' gets to know everything about the call of ''Adjudicator''.''Manager'' says that I want to maintain the position of my hotel. I've worked so hard on itand have spent a lot of time on it. He shoots ''John'' and he falls down the roof near a trash can.''Adjudicator'' appreciates the ''Manager'' and goes away.

She wants to see John's body whether he is there or not? But when she goes there, his body isn't there.She says to the Manager that If he stays alive, he'll be a danger to both of us.If he's alive, we'll have to kill him.Then we see a running dog. Basically, its John Wick's dog. He goes near a stretcher on which injured ''John Wick'' is laying.Basically, saviour of ''John Wick'' is that Crime Lord who was attacked by Hunter/Adjudicator.He is a local Crime Lord. Basically, he saves ''John'' because he wants to take revenge on High Tables.He asks him if you are as angry as I am? Do you also want to take revenge?John gets up in the injured condition and says, Yes!Maybe the two of them will take revenge on High Tables together.This is my prediction. If you like this video, please like it.Here, explanation of ''John Wick 3'' ends.

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