Knock Knock (2015) Film Explained

 Happily married couple is shown at the start of the movie.Their kids come to them when they are in their room.They wanted to leave their father surprised because it was "Father's Day".They also get excited with their kids.It means that they are shown as a happy family.That man had the great affections for his wife and kids.That man's wife is a well known artist. She used to sell the sculptures after making them amazingly.She says going outside to her assistant, Place this sculpture into an "Art Gallery".He notices that sculpture has wet clay. He says, I will come back to take it within a few days.His kids had planned a beach trip with their parents because it was "Father's Day".They had to go together but their father named "Evan" had a shoulder injury.So he cannot join them. 

He was also an architect.Now all leave and he is working, staying at home.Then he hears the door knocking . He is shocked thinking who can come late at night.Opening the door, he finds the two standing attractive and young  girls.They say, Our mobiles are wet because it is raining.Our dresses have also got completely wet.May we use your cell phone? Because we have to move ahead for party.Now Evan has been shown as a tender-hearted and agreeable person.He calls them inside while caring about them and hands over his cell phone to them.He also gives them a towel to dry themselves. One of the girls tells, cab driver had dropped us on a wrong address.And we could not go there where our party held.But Evan says, Don't worry, I hire a cab for both of you!Now the forty five minutes had left for the cab's arrival.They say, Alright! We dry our dresses till that time.Because we cannot move to party with wetted dresses.Then Evan says to them, Why not! And he himself comes into the kitchen.So that he may make tea for them. Now those girls enter into another room.They have a look at the music collection of Evan. He tells them, I had been a music teacher.

So he is interested in music. Then they walk throughout the house.They ask seeing the sculpture made by his wife, Who made it?Evan imperiously tells about his wife. It has been made by my wife!I could not join them because of  being wounded on shoulder.So I have stayed at home. Now those girls were looking weird.They begin to chat-up with them. Evan feels irritable.So he takes another chair to sit while standing amid of them.Here it is revealed once more that he was greatly in love with his wife.Here the girls start telling about themselves. They begin to talk mysteriously.As they tell about their beloveds saying life does not exist without them.Being a virtuous person, Evan is not entrapped by them.But he had perplexed thinking, Who has come in his house?Those girls were seeming so irritating to him. They were not letting him go.They start to ask the questions regarding  his family and private life, sitting near him again.Then Evan tells them, How did he meet his wife? How did they get married?But those girls again engage themselves in chat-up.

One of the girls forcefully embrace him. Here Evan was continuously avoiding them.Then those girls tell that they are airline hostesses and continue to have trips like this.Ignoring them, Evan was casting his eyes on his cell phone again and again,As how  much time has left of the cab's arrival.At last, cab is arrived exactly after 5 minutes.Evan sighs but those girls immediately move to the lavatory.Evan instantly goes to hand over their dresses.But those girls begin to seduce him after asking him to come inside.Evan says them after being aggressive, Why do you not understand?That I am extremely happy with my wife. He refuses them saying, I will never deceive my wife!But those girls make him agree while insisting him.Evan notices on the following morning, those girls are still there.They were preparing breakfast in the kitchen.Evan asks them to go but they again behave weirdly.Ignoring his words, they begin to talk socially. At the moment, Evan's neighbour arrives there.She says, You can take my help in making breakfast or anything else because your wife will not be available at home today.One of the girls embrace Evan, coming from inside.

The neighbour thinks, Evan may have a relationship with them.She leaves after getting angry. Coming inside, he notices,That they both had completely damaged his wife's made sculpture.He asks them to go. He threatens them, I will report police!They say that we are below the age of majority. And he will be sentenced for what happened yesterday.Evan says, I will report of burglary. How can you intrude at someone's house?Being frightened, they are ready to leave.Now Evan drops them on their mentioned location.But they remain in park rather than to go inside the house.Actually , it was not their house but had mentioned incorrect address.He was satisfied coming into the house as he has got rid of these girls.But he also worried seeing this as those girls scattered his house.He begins to clean up his house. He again keeps himself busy in his work.He continues to work even though long duration is passed.Suddenly, he hears the glass breaking sound from another room.He notices going there that his family picture frame is cracked after falling.One of those girls arrives there from the back side as he is nearly to pick the photo.She knocks him out while striking something on his head.Restoring his senses, Evan sees that his hands are bound with the bed.

They both start to apply his wife's make up and one of them wears his daughter's uniform.He pushes them back in the fit of rage.Suddenly, his wife makes a video call to him.Those girls say, We will pretend that you are with us while picking the online video call.He is scared thinking  his wife may doubt him as a deceiver.So he agrees. One of the girls seduces him while other girl is recording it on his mobile.But Evan slaps him violently, releasing his hand.He gets freed. Then he goes to hit another girl.Then she strikes on his shoulder knowing about his shoulder's wound.He loses his consciousness in bitter pain. Now both tie him with a chair.They say, we will play a game with you. You will be asked the questions,We will agonize you badly in case of the wrong answer on your part.At the same time, his wife's assistant comes to take that sculpture.

But no one opens the door . When he goes inside, opening the door with a master key,One of the girls meets him and says , I am the niece of Evan.Coming inside, he finds the damaged sculpture.He thinks , observing it, There is something wrong!Then he hears the shouting of Evan. He immediately goes inside,So that he may release him. Suddenly, a sound is heard from outside.He notices coming outside, those mentally unsound girls are damaging the sculpture.He tries to stop them but suffers an asthma attack at  that time.One of the girls steals his inhaler. He is slipped while snatching the inhaler,His head hits with the sculpture which causes of his sudden death.Now both girls paint him while covering.  And they turn him into a sculpture.Evan was still bound in the room. They come again inside and start their game of suffering.Evan was in aggression and shouts while saying, What do you want? Have you both come here to kill me?What was your concern with my family? Why do you come here?You did it wrong taking the advantage of my virtuousness.

They don't react, pretending deaf and don't hear a single word.They say, We will kill you as the dawn breaks out!So the whole store may end! They begin to dig a grave, going outside in the backyard.Then they talk  mysteriously like Evan as he used to play with his kids.Then Evan comes to know that they had been keeping an on them for a few days.They were not normal girls and again start to damage Evan's wife's made sculpture.They begin to make the whole house messy. Then a vessel is also broken.There was a gun which belonged to Evan. Then they again move to Evan.They say to him, We play hide and seek. We will end you if you are found.In case of not searching you, your life will be secured. And we will also leave this place.And Evan hides himself and begins to escape, getting a chance.But one of the girls ties him up while capturing.It was morning time. And they bring him into backyard to take his life.They bury his body thoroughly except his head.They had stripped his mouth. His neighbours had gone somewhere because of vacation.

So there is no one to hear his shouting and crying.One of the girls asks to hit a small sculpture on his head, bringing it.At the same time, she throws it nearer his head.It means that she was just trying to prove as he can be killed in case of her desire.Afterwards, those mentally unsound girls begin to laugh loudly.They tell, We are not here to kill you but it is just a part of the game!Nor we are below the age of majority. We just detect the love and sincerity of the married men for their wives.Then they leave that place. Now Evan's mobile was before him.He checks that they have uploaded their video on the social media.He takes the mobile to delete this post but it is liked mistakenly.And all the viewers were commenting disgustingly , saying ill for it.He begins to scream. It is shown that his wife and kids had returned to home now.His wife notices that her sculptures have been damaged.There were  disgusting comments on his family picture.And all the house was scattered. Evan's son thinks. His father may have arranged a party last night!But his wife was still curious, How does it happen? And the movie completes along with it.

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