Outlander (2008) Film Explained

 As the movie starts , It is shown that a spacecraft is crashed on Earth and drops into a lake.There are two spacemen in the spacecraft. One is survived named  Kainan while other loses his life at the spot.Kainan takes out a special computer from his destroyed spacecraft. It is the computer which will provide the information of that location where their spacecraft had destroyed.Computer downloads all location details into the brain of  Kainan after collecting all information from the brain of the natives.In fact, Kainan is not a lay man  but an alien of another planet whose spacecraft is crashed here.That Computer also downloads the  language of that location with the other detailed information.Taking his weapon, he moves into the destroyed village passing through a forest.

Then he notices the claw mark of an animal. That mark indicates that this claw is not the mark of the Terrestrial animal.Suddenly,  Kainan is attacked by someone  leaving him unconscious. And his gun is fallen into the stream.The attacker was the inhabitant of another village whose name was Wulfric .It is actually an Iron age where the people used to live in tribes and villages. Being warriors was the common thing for them.Wulfric brings  Kainan into his village fastening him. Because he takes  Kainan as the destroyer of this village.He thinks Kainan is responsible for the worst condition of village. The king  Hrothgar of that tribe  has a daughter named Freya while Wulfric is the  nephew of that king along with future king.The king wanted the marriage of his daughter Freya with Wulfric but Freya rejects.Because Wulfric' father was quarrelsome and cruel who had lost his life in a war because of his folly.Freya used to think that Wulfric is as cruel as his father.

 And the owner of the destroyed village is Gunnar.Once upon a time, these two tribes  were considered one. But a war broke out between them because of the father of Wulfric.Wulfric's father had asked help in the war from Gunnar  who refused to help.Wulfric's father loses his life in that war and Wulfric blames Gunnar for the death of his father so he hates him.On the other side, Gunnar's enmity increases blaming Wulfric the cause of the destruction of his village.But Wulfric is blameless. Then King asks a few questions from  Kainan, From where has he come?But  Kainan does not reveal as he is alien and has come from another planet. He is not an inhabitant  of Earth.He just responds, He has come from the remote area and a dangerous animal Moorwen had come on his spaceship during the journey.It is not an ordinary animal but dangerous life taker of human beings. No one trusts his said words when he is telling it.Then the village is attacked by the animal Moorwen. They notice the killing of many people by Moorwen.And it takes many people with it. Observing it, King plans to hunt "Moorwen". Taking with him the soldiers and Kainan, he moves to the forest  for hunting of "Moorwen".Walking at a distance, they notice a cave and enter. They are standing there , the king is attacked by something which is actually a gigantic bear.It is nearly to kill the king that Kainan finishes it stabbing his dagger into the bear which causes its death.Seeing his bravery, they start liking Kainan and dignity of Kainan is increased in their eyes.They want to celebrate the haunting of bear. 

They arrange a party while jubilating.  They think as they have ended "Moorwen".But Kainan knows that it is just a misunderstanding of them because Moorwen is still alive.The village is again attacked next night. Now this attack has been schemed by Gunnar.The war is broken out between both tribes . Consequently, many people are put into death during this war.Gunnar is defeated with his army so they decide to leave the village moving into  the forest.Moorwen attacks them putting Gunnar's  soldiers into death when they are in the forest.Then Gunnar also notices Moorwen and leaves to  Wulfric's village. Then the villagers also notice the coming Moorwen towards  them and they are assured, it is not a bear!Noticing everything, the king is got worried and asks help from Kainan  for its ending.Kainan represents his idea saying, we will make a trap for him! They dig a pit at the Centre of forest which is filled with the oil.They cover it with the grass, woods and bushes. 

They also plan as Moorwen will fall into the pit while attacking them and they will easily escape.They are excited of doing so. Then Kainan reveals his story before Freya.He tells, the planet has  the application of an advanced technology system from where I have come. We are advanced people ! Those people were technically skilled.They also want to inhabit the other planet like this. Then they search for a planet. They find the planet of Moorwen.There were only Moorwens as inhabitants. Moorwens are the dangerous and the gigantic animals.  They are herbivores so do not harm.They are leading their life here. They have to visit in the other planets so they decide to finish Moorwens.They used to think of Moorwen as an ordinary animal so take them easy.They attack the planet of Moorwen throwing fire . As a result, all Moorwens are ended. All Moorwens are eradicated.There, they build a colony of the people like them. And Kainan's family also begins to inhabit there.Kainan had to leave this planet for the  accomplishment of his mission.

 There was a Moorwen which was still alive and everyone was unaware about it.As the other and  Kainan's spacecraft take a flight from there. Moorwen attacks that planet after that.That Moorwen is full of wrath because of  the loss of his land and companions and he  wants to take the revenge.He kills everyone destroying everything. There is also the loss of Kaiina's family.Knowing about it, Kainan  returns back  to the planet. But everything had come  to an end there until he reaches.Then Kainan is moving to his planet after burying the dead bodies of people but Moorwen attacks Kainan's spacecraft before Kainan reaches his planet.Then their spacecraft is crashed. Moorwen visits that village to take revenge from Kainan.While Kainan is also full of revenge for his family.  The villagers are attacked once more by Moorwen . But Moorwen is entrapped according to  their plan.The villagers attack the fire on him as Moorwen falls into the oil and there is a great explosion spreading fire everywhere.Then they take Moorwen dead  but he  is  alive in reality.

 As being tricky, Moorwen has bound many people in the hideout  and he also stays there.The purpose of keeping the human beings there is to breed his generation. He is a triumphant of doing so.A Moorwen takes birth. Moorwen attacks them coming out from the fire. He also kills many people while attacking.The king is no more and the entire village faces destruction. Then Kainan comes to know the way that leads to Moorwen.Finding a way in the well, he moves to Moorwen.  And villagers leave the village after noticing it destroyed.But Wulfric, Kainan and their soldier make a plan to end Moorwen. Then Kainan declares as Moorwen is a very strong animal. All ordinary swords will never affect him to end it.Then Kainan brings a large quantity of iron, moving to his spacecraft. Using that iron, they shape it into a very destructive weapon in order to kill Moorwen.

Then they descend into the well. They observe that Moorwen has captivated a number of people there. He was making them to breed Moorwens like it.Then a Moorwin attacks them coming from the below side. But Freya is able to finish that Moorwen. Now there  is  only the actual Moorwin who is left behind.The actual Moorwin attacks them as they come out from the well and Wulfric is dead as such.At last, Kainan and Moorwen confront each other. Cutting the hand of Moorwin, Kairan throws Moorwen from the mountain.Moorwen is dead and Kainan becomes the king of that planet. Then we notice the activated tracker of Kainan.  And his own companions of planet are coming to take him.Then Kainan thinks that his planet may not be occupied by those people like the planet of Moorwen. Picking up a stone, he breaks that device.

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