Resident Evil 2 (2004) Film Explained

 We are shown that city, underneath which Umbrella corporation was built.Everything got back to its normal state and people were leading a normal life.But people of Umbrella Corporation open that chamber.Those chambers, from which both of the survivors ‘’Alice’’ and ‘’Matt’’ came out.As soon as this happens, infected zombies started spreading around the city.Later, we are shown many cars from the Umbrella Corporation.Some security soldiers come out of these cars.They came here to take a doctor with them.He was the same doctor who made T-Virus.Therefore, those people were here to take him.On which that doctor replies that I’m waiting for my daughter to come.Once she comes back from school, I’ll join you.Those soldiers don’t give him an ear and take him with them.

Later, we are shown his daughter in her school.She had a bag along with her.After some time, the situation of the whole city is shown.Zombies were infecting people by biting them.This virus was spreading in the whole city and a whole city was in an uproar.People were running in a hustle to save themselves.The entire police station in that city got filled with zombies.They kept infecting the people there.A brave female soldier named ‘’Jill’’ was shooting them in the head.Because she knew that if she shoots them in the head, they’ll die.After it, we are shown the last scene of part 1.There, we see ‘’Alice’’ on a stretcher and she was tied.She frees herself and comes out.She sees that the whole city is destroyed and the condition is really worse.All the survivors have shifted into zombies now.They were increasing in numbers.People who were left behind wanted to leave this city.The people of Umbrella Corporation had sealed this city.So that infected people don’t go out of here.Military major of Umbrella Corporation named ‘’Kane’’ was sending people out one by one after checking them.One of Jill’s friends is bit by a zombie in front of the military.People get panic and start running randomly.‘’Jill’’ kills that zombie.Seeing this, Major ‘’Kane’’ acknowledges that this virus had covered the whole city and also come here.He shuts the exit door so that no one goes out of it.

He warns everyone that no one will go out of here.He orders everyone to go back to their houses because it’s useless to stay here.They can’t get out of here.Military threatens the civil that if they refuse and don’t go back, they’ll kill all of them.A helicopter having soldiers of Umbrella Corporation is sent to the city.A soldier named ‘’Oliver’’ along with his team members was in there.They find a survivor girl at the top of the building.They get down in order to save her.‘’Oliver’’ steps forward.He gets succeeded to save her from zombies but he sees that a zombie has bitten her too.Therefore, that girl attempts suicide by jumping off the building so that, she won’t become a zombie.Seeing this, ‘’Oliver’’ and his companions leave.The doctor is brought to Major ‘’Kane’’ then.Because this place isn’t safe from you and this place is very dangerous.He says that I won’t go without my daughter.‘’Kane’’ says that I don’t think that your daughter is still alive.If she’d be alive, our soldiers will bring her safely here.T-Virus doctor access the user ID of Umbrella Corporation in order to locate her daughter.That ID doesn’t work as it was now blocked.Then he accesses the other ID and he gets succeeded this time.Her daughter's location was said to be her school.The school paths were surrounded by zombies.That doctor understands that coming out of school is very difficult.

Then we are shown ‘’Alice’’ who was having some visions.Then we get to know, that T-Virus was injected into her body in a huge quantity.She hadn’t become a zombie yet.She had some trait, sue to which she was so powerful and didn’t become a zombie yet.‘’Jill’’ is seen with his friend and a female reporter.She had a camera.Three of these survivors go to church in order to save themselves.They find a guy with weird nature there.He points his gun at them while saying that he found this place.He says that only I’ll live here and you all should leave.They try to explain to him that this place is safe for all of us and we can live safely here.In the meantime, the father of the church also comes there.He hid someone there.‘’Jill’’ checks the whole church and she finds nothing more than blood around.Meanwhile, that father comes and asks them to leave.Right then, ‘’Jill’’ sees a zombie lady tied with a chair.She was about to kill the zombie lady when the father claims that she’s my sister, please don’t kill her.He was busy saving her sister but she bites his own brother.He gets infected as well. ''Jill'' kills both of them.The man who was already there tries to save himself by splitting up.But then a monster named ‘’Licker’’ made by Umbrella Corporation kills that man.

Later, two more ‘’Licker’’ come there and they surround all three survivors.They move forward to attack them but then ‘’Alice’’ comes there on a motorbike.She shoots them and kills them easily.Three of them get astonished upon seeing ‘’Alice’’ because she saved them with her skills.Meanwhile, in that city, ‘’Oliver’’ and his team members were killing zombies.A soldier gets infected.Their bullets were running short so they leave.On the other hand, ‘’Alice’’, ‘’Jill’’ and other survivors were passing through a graveyard.Dead people rise up from the graves and attack them.But they come out saving themselves.They reach a location and a phone starts ringing.‘’Alice’’ picks up the call.T-Virus doctor was calling and he tells ‘’Alice’’ that I can safely take you out.He puts a condition that in case you bring my daughter out of the school.He was watching over them for a long time.Therefore, he knew that they were capable of doing this.‘’Alice’’ and other survivors accept this deal.

On the other side, we see major ‘’Kane’’ who was turning on a program.As a result, a hybrid zombie which was made by ‘’Kane’’, becomes alive.Hybrid Zombie is sent to deliver the weapons in a helicopter.The rest of his companions see the helicopter there.They start seeking help from the helicopter.But that goes back after leaving two chests there.‘’Oliver’’ checks those chests and these were designed for the weapons but empty.A survivor boy is shown to us.He comes to the soldier team in order to save himself.That hybrid zombie comes there as well.Everyone starts shooting him but the bullet has no effect on him.As this hybrid zombie was made by the Major ‘’Kane’’ so he was controlling him.To check its power, he orders him to kill all the soldiers.He gets succeeded in killing the soldier team.But he doesn’t kill that boy who survived because he wasn’t a part of the soldier team.He was an ordinary man.After killing the rest of them, that hybrid zombie leaves.That boy also leaves.‘’Alice’’ wanted to kill Jill’s friend who was now infected.Because he could turn into a zombie anytime.‘’Jill’’ stops ‘’Alice’’ by saying that you have no need to kill my friend.She says that I’ll kill her by myself when he becomes the zombie.

Then four of them move forward to save Doctor’s daughter.At some distance, ‘’Alice’’ sees that hybrid zombie.He was coming towards them.Jill’s friend takes out his gun and he was about to kill that zombie.But that hybrid zombie kills Jill’s friend.Later, ‘’Alice’’ starts fighting with that hybrid zombie.They fight a lot.As ‘’Alice’’ knew that she wasn’t more powerful than that hybrid zombie, Therefore, she saves herself and escapes.That reporter lady sat in a car.‘’Jill’’ was so upset because of his friend’s death.But suddenly, her friend becomes alive as a zombie.He starts attacking her.But ‘’Jill’’ shoots him and kills him.‘’Oliver’’ was bitten by a zombie as well.He also became infected.They receive a call from that T-Virus doctor.He gives them the same mission to save her daughter.The reporter lady reaches a room where many zombie kids attack her and eat her.‘’Jill’’ comes there when she hears her voice.But those zombie kids had eaten her and left.

Right then, the doctor’s daughter comes out.She tells ‘’Jill’’ that her friend is eaten by those zombie kids.These kids have gone now.Before they come again, we should go.Zombie dogs attack them.But a team member of ‘’Oliver’’ saves them.He was gonna introduce himself but zombie dogs attack and kill him.Then ‘’Alice’’ comes at the right time and saves ‘’Jill’’ and the doctor’s daughter.‘’Oliver’’ also reaches there and they introduce each other.He finds Anti-Virus in that girl’s bag.She tells her that my father made the T-Virus so that I don’t become paralyzed like them.Here, we get aware of the purpose behind the creation of T-Virus.The girl had recovered now but still, she required anti-virus in high quantity.They take the doctor’s daughter with them and leave.Later, ‘’Alice’’ gives that anti-virus to ‘’Oliver’’ and saves him.‘’Alice’’ contacts T-Virus doctor that we have saved your daughter.You are responsible to take us out of here now.

The doctor fulfills his promise and tells them a location.He says that there’s a helicopter, you should go inside it as soon as possible before anyone sees you.If you enter the helicopter secretly, you’ll be safe.Major ‘’Kane’’ hears it all.He captures the doctor.The rest of all survivors reach that location in a helicopter, where the doctor was present.There, they find the doctor in a trouble as well.Major ‘’Kane’’ and his military capture them too.Major ‘’Kane’’ asks ‘’Alice’’ to fight the hybrid zombie.He says I want to analyze who’s more powerful between both of you.But she refuses to fight him.Because that hybrid zombie was none other than ‘’Matt’’ who survived in the last part.He was with ‘’Alice’’ and was many experiments were done on it like her.He was transformed into this hybrid zombie.Major ‘’Kane’’ shoots the doctor and tells her that he was necessary for us but still I killed him.Your friends aren’t even important to me so I will not spare a minute to kill them.

If you want to save your friends, you’ll have to fight that hybrid zombie.‘’Alice’’ unwantedly fights that hybrid zombie that was ‘’Matt’’.He was carrying out Major Kane’s orders because he was under his control.‘’Alice’’ attacks that hybrid zombie many times and injures him by stabbing him many times.She wins this fight.‘’Kane’’ asks her to join him when he finds her more powerful.But ‘’Alice’’ refuses him to do so and doesn’t pay attention to his words.He leaves them here to die and heads to the helicopter.‘’Matt’’ i-e that hybrid zombie came back to his control so he fires bullets at the helicopter.He wanted to save ‘’Alice’’.In the helicopter, the boy who survived hits ‘’Kane’’ and he becomes unconscious.He controls the helicopter.Outside, all survivors free themselves and start fighting these people.There, many helicopters try to kill ‘’Alice’’.

But ‘’Matt’’ sacrifices himself in order to save ‘’Alice’’ and dies.In the next scene, we see a missile thrown by Umbrella Corporation in a city to kill all the infected people or zombies.‘’Alice’’ and all other companions sit in the helicopter and takes ‘’Kane’’ out with them.In a short time, Zombies come and kill Major ‘’Kane’’.They flee away in this helicopter.There is a big explosion in the city and the helicopter loses its control and crashes.Some people of the corporation find the crashed helicopter.There, they find the dead body of ‘’Alice’’ only.‘’Dr. Isaac’’ takes ‘’Alice’’ to a lab of Umbrella corporation and makes her alive by injecting him T-Virus.‘’Alice’’ was unable to remember anything here.Slowly, she starts remembering everything and she comes out of there.''Alice'' was in the control room and starts killing all the officers in a security room.

‘’Alice’’ had become so powerful than before because ‘’Dr. Isaac’’ upgraded her.When she comes out, then her companions including ‘’Oliver’’, ‘’Jill’’ and that boy act like soldiers and take her out of there.They were leaving when a security officer asks ‘’Dr. Isaac’’ that should I let them go?And ‘’Dr. Isaac’’ allows them to go.‘’Dr. Isaac’’ was watching over ‘’Alice’’ attentively.She’ll observe and do everything and inform ‘’Dr. Isaac’’ about every moment.This movie ends here.

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